I don’t see the support of the foldable phone and, to be honest, i’ve always just didn’t, get why people didn’t get why foldables are needed, because this is a almost tablet sized screen that i can fold in half and put into my pocket, and likewise i have A bicycle that also floats in half so it’s a full size bike that conforms to something smaller. I can put in a tight space in hong kong, so foldables make sense because they save space and that’s exactly why i’m so excited about this laptop that i’m. Using this is the lenovo x1 fold and looks like just another regular laptop right, but nope you pull this keyboard out. It is a foldable screen, affordable, tablet, laptop whatever heck. You want to call it alright, guys, i’m back with this exciting device, so the full name of this product is called the lenovo thinkpad x1 fold. So we’ll go over the hardware, real quick, i guess. The first thing you notice is that this is quite a chunky boy. Indeed it is so this thing measures 1.1 inches when fully folded, so that’s, basically thicker than any laptop or ipad tablet on the market. But considering that this is a gen one of a cutting edge product, never before seen in this product category, i think we can excuse the heft for now, because the thickness doesn’t matter as much because the height and the riff is actually the deciding factor of whether Or not, this device can fit into a small bag, and this can indeed fit into you know not just even a laptop sleeve, obviously, but even a smaller bag, because the form factor is not that far off from just a like a traditional novel.

So i mean it’s a little bit bigger, but you know relatively the same size. So if you carry a book around, you can carry this thing around. So, as i already showed off, when you open it up, you get a traditional laptop mode. You have a screen. Oled display right here and a keyboard, this keyboard is removable because it’s super thin and then once you remove that it automatically becomes a 13.3 inch tablet. Now i know the screen right now is flickering but that’s. Just my camera’s shutter speed unable to catch up with the display to my eyes, there’s, no flickering whatsoever and when i shoot my better camera for b rolls there’s, no flickering there too it’s just this particular vlog camera that i use. So this is a 13.3 inch. 2K resolution oled display and viewing angles colors everything look great, except maximum. Brightness is a little bit weak. It only maxes out about 240 nits. So when you’re, using this by the window and the sun shining at it or when you’re trying to use this outdoors, it will be a little bit tough to use. But the beauty of the screen is there’s not much of a noticeable crease. Even when you run your finger through this part where it folds, you don’t really feel the crease that usually would feel on the samsung galaxy fold like i have here, you know on the galaxy 4, you can see the crease as soon as you tilt the display Sideways and you can definitely feel it when you move your finger through it, so this is really nice engineering on the nobles part to completely remove the crease.

You really cannot see unless you’re really digging for it now let’s go over the internal components, real quick. Now this one’s on intel’s core i5, but this is the lake field cpu, so it’s, a hybrid cpu with an integrated gpu, so it’s not as powerful as the typical intel i5 i7s that you would get from a top end laptop like a top end thinkpad or A top end, macbook microsoft service. Any of that, but i’ve used this thing for about three hours so far and everything has been running fine. I was able to write an article on this thing without any issues. I’Ll get to the typing experience a little bit later. So inside is a 50 watt hour battery now that’s, not that large by the standards of most other laptops and so far for me, i you know: i’ve only been using for three hours and i can only tell batteries life’s not gon na, be amazing it’s, not Gon na be a device that can last me all day, because when i unbox the thing and i started using it, the battery was at about like 55 or something after three hours of use is already down to like 20, something so i’m guessing on a full Charge you’re, probably getting no more than like six hours of use max, but the good news is if you need to charge it’s relatively easy, because this thing charged via usbc and there’s, two usb c ports, so there’s one here on the side and there’s, also one What the heck is it it’s down here? So the reason there’s two it’s, because this is a transforming device – you’re not just using this thing on a desk in one position, you could be holding it in tablet in portrait mode or you might be using on a desk like this or you might be using On a desk like this, so that’s, why there’s two ports so no matter which position your machine is on there’s, probably a port that’s, relatively close to your left hand, side now, there’s eight gigs of ddr4x ram in here with storage up to one terabyte, but i Believe this base model starts at 512 gigs.

So, as i said, performance has been mainly okay. My gripes of the performance, whatever they may be right now, are not with lenovo but with microsoft, because windows 10, which is running on here in my opinion, it’s just not a good tablet. Software like if you used an ipad pro or even an android tablet, and you come back to a windows, tablet it’s, just really annoying like the orientation doesn’t switch as smoothly. It takes like a second delay and even when you jump into tablet mode, the buttons are really small. It’S, like microsoft, never really optimized. This for fingers. It’S still meant to be used with a mouse or trackpad, but that’s. Okay, because lenovo has thought of that. With this super thin and lightweight keyboard check out how thin this is, and despite how thin this is you get relatively decent key travels and i’ve been able to type okay on this, you know i’m a really fast touch typer, so maybe that helps and um yeah, Like i said, i was writing an article on this without any issues, so the bluetooth keyboard connects automatically and when it’s in cabinet mode, so you just pull out this little flap as a kickstand pop this on a table. You have yourself a 13 inch screen off which to do work, 13, inches big enough. For most, you know even real office work and because the keyboard separate you can have this. You can place this higher if you like, for better ergonomics.

So i really like the flexibility speaking of flexibility, if you don’t want to work off a table, if you want to take this to a park bench on a subway train or even on the back of a taxi, then close the flap fold it up like this. Put the keyboard on it, snaps on magnetically and as soon as you snap, the keyboard on the screen basically shrinks in half, and now you have. I don’t know the exact dimensions of this, but this feels like it’s like nine ten inches, so you have a nine inch ten inch screen. So now you have a machine that’s small enough to do work even when you’re on a cramped, bus or maybe you’re. On a plane, this can fit into an airplane tray table now. This tripod, unfortunately, is quite tiny, but i could find that i can still maneuver everything: okay, it’s not going to be the best trackpad to use. So if you have a mouse, you’re still going to want to use that, but i think in a pinch for just like an hour two hours of that time, i think it’s. Okay, now you might have already saw, but lenovo also built a stylus for this machine and that’s. Another technological breakthrough, because you know foldable screens, are supposed to be more fragile. There were rumors that samsung was going to put in an s pen stylus into the photo, but samsung couldn’t do it at the end, because, ultimately, the screen is just a little bit too soft to have a tablet kept jamming on the top without damaging the screen.

I think that’s what samsung is concerned about, but lenovo has figured out a way to get it done. So this stylus works perfectly fine on the screen. I sketched a little bit. I took some notes: everything’s been working fine. Now the latency of this pencil is not as good as the apple pencil like when i’m scribbling really fast. I can see the movement of the pen. Strokes fall behind my actual hand, movement, but it’s, not too bad that it’s distracting and the palm rejection. Software is quite good and the stylus loops into this bluetooth keyboard, just like so and as i already mentioned it snaps on to the tablet like this, then you can fold it, and you have your entire package right here. So with just this small package, it weighs 2.2 pounds so it’s, not too heavy. So with just this entire package, you’re getting essentially a laptop size, screen 13.3 inch or a mini ultrabook device or a tablet with a stylus support. So you can take notes. You can draw you can do whatever heck you want, and this is a level of versatility that i like. Unfortunately, this thing is really pricey. You know gen 1 foldable is always like that, so this device without the keyboard or the stylus just this right here – costs 2 500 us dollars. If you want to get the keyboard and the stylus that’s another like 200 or 300, so you’re looking at something that’s like 2, 800 or 2 900 for this entire set that i’m talking about so this is definitely not cheap and for most consumers this will be A deal breaker, but if you have the money to spend, if you’re into technology and you’re someone who you know your work usage habits, require you to switch constantly between laptop and tablet or you need to work on go a lot.

This still might be worth considering. I mean honestly, this is a demo unit on loan from lenovo, but if lenovo did not know me, this, i seriously was looking into buying one just to test because you know i’m, a sucker for foldable tech. I paid 1400 for the microsoft deal, even though the software is terrible. I paid more than above market price for the original galaxy fold because to me, in my opinion, like i said, the beginning of the video foldable tech is the future. I really like the space that it saves. I have a tablet screen right here. It fits into my pocket. I have a big bike. I can fold it. It fits into a tiny hong kong apartment. I have this thing here: that’s no bigger than a paperback book, but it can give me a 13.3 inch display i’m excited for gen 2, because gen 2 is probably going to be thinner, it’s, probably going to be cheaper, but you know what i wish lenovo would Give us an even bigger screen like this is a 13.3 inch unfolded, maybe give it something like 18 inch and that when you fold it becomes like the size of an ipad air like imagine, if you have this thing, but you can unfold it, and you have A screen that stretches like that i’m really excited for the future and i’m, just glad we have companies like lenovo and samsung that are pushing the tech forward.

This is not for everybody. I know a lot of people are going to scoff at the chip scoff at the price, but again somebody needs to innovate and push the tech ahead. For you know the industry to move forward and i’m really damn glad this thing exists so anyway, that’s about it. For this first look with the lenovo x14: this is not a review because i’ve only been using it for three hours, but so far man i’m loving this thing so i’m gon na have more content coming up. Probably gon na do a full review on this, and now i’m gon na have several other devices that i’m testing right. Now that i can’t talk about yet, but you know maybe in a week or so i have a video up.