We have something really special to talk about its the worlds. First, foldable pc, i mean how cool is that yes, thinkpad x1 fold? This is not a new product, it was originally released last year, but it is the only fold up. Computer out there that can run windows we will discuss later. Why is that? Yes, we are getting more foldable phones, they are getting better and they look less like a concept, but this right here can actually run windows 10 or even windows, 11 and all its apps. If you go and pull this one out at the subway or business meeting, you will surely make some hits turn lets closely explore what this full double tablet. Slash laptop mean for an industry and its future Music. I think what lana would try to demonstrate here is how far we can push deck right now and what is actually possible to make. I mean this is definitely not a mainstream device. I mean look x1 phone ranges from 2500 to 3 thousand dollars, which is a lot for any laptop, but we need to remember that samsung sells galaxy fall 3 for almost 2 000 and thats just a phone, not a full fledged windows laptop. Originally, this device was supposed to run windows 10x, which was supposed to be modified version of windows, 10 for foldable and dual screen devices; microsoft later killed 10x and moved on to windows 11.. This is why the manufacturers with dual screen devices have to figure out their own solution for managing both screens and its ui, but we will get to that a bit later right lets look at the design.

First, when closed, it looks like some kind of fancy book. Wrapped in leather, it does feel heavy and a bit bulky in the hand. It actually weighs around 1 kilo when closed theres a small gap, but when you have a hardware, keyboard attached gap just disappears into this almost seamless book like shape. We have these rubberized edges, which reminds me of other thinkpad devices, and we also have this shiny part here, which gets completely covered when tablet is fully opened. Hinges are probably the most important part of any foldable device, and these hinges here are good. They feel sturdy and they operate very smoothly at the same time, at the back side, theres a kickstand which again feels high quality and has the red microfiber finish in case you didnt know red is a signature color for think pads. When we open the kickstand, we can see this tiny door behind here. That indicated, you can perhaps upgrade ssd or even memory later on, but actually you can only access. Some internals here for service purposes, theres a lot of magnets here to help whole tablet and kickstand closed, but that also means some very satisfying. Click sounds: if we look around edges, we can see some exhausts speakers, but also two usb c ports: a volume rocker lte and 5g nano sim card slot and quad microphone array thats. It theres, no usb a no hdmi or micro sd card slot. When we open x1 fold, we can see decent oled panel and some chunky bezels, which once again are made of this rubberized material, which actually helps to hide the area where the hinges are.

Bending lenovo also managed to squeeze an hd 5 megapixel infrared camera, but as expected yet another downgrade from a typical thinkpad. There is no privacy shutter. So i think we can see a pretty clear pattern here of maybe way too many compromises and downgrades when compared to those full fledged one hour, thinkpad business machines right. So if you dont want to use software keyboard, you can get this tiny, optional. Hardware keyboard despite thinkpad name, this keyboard is not just small but also very shallow and trackpad is microscopic. Also, there is no red track. Point dont get me wrong its fully usable for quick messages and emails, but absolutely not for long typing sessions. It also attaches magnetically to the tablet and when you do so like this ui automatically shifts to the upper part, which is pretty neat its a bit buggy, but it works in most cases by the way. All of this is programmed by lenovo, since, as i mentioned before, windows doesnt support dual screen devices from default, its called lenovo mode switcher, and it works even when the hardware keyboard isnt attached. As soon as you attach the keyboard to the x1 fault, it will transform into this tiny, but very bulky laptop feels very 2005. There is almost nowhere to rest your palms and then there is that tiny trackpad. You can forget about gestures and rapid scrolling. There is one thing which i cannot get over and thats micro usb charging port used on this optional hardware, keyboard im, not sure this is due to thickness limitation, but it is still a massive drawback, theres, also no backlit.

I have also noticed that, on perfectly normal surface, like a desk keyboard has no grip at all and it slides all over the place. Some tiny rubber feets could fix this, but hey we cant have everything. At least you can get the hardware keyboard which magnetically attaches to the tablet main start of the show, of course, is this beautiful 13.3 inch oled panel with 2k resolution. It covers 95 of dci, p3 color gamut and, of course, it bends and because it bends it does have this crease in the middle, which we are now used to from foldable phones. Because of this colors do shift a bit in the middle, so forget about photo editing, of course, because its an old panel, it does look absolutely stunning from any angle. It is extremely vibrant and bright enough with brightness of 300 nits, but its a glossy panel. Matte finish would be much nicer. I mean look at it because you would also be using this as a tablet. It will attract tons of fingerprints. 300 nits its not a lot for oled panel. There might be a technical limitation to this form factor. Aspect. Ratio is 4×3, which works well for tablet. Device bezels are also reasonably thick for something you would most likely be holding in hands. Ensuring the firm grip. Shame that, except this cheap band here, is nowhere to store the pen no silo or magnetic attachment with surface duo. 2 users can magnetically attach pens and charge them at the same time.

This could be a problem, especially for users who want to rock tablet and paint combo. Only no hardware keyboard also did. I mention that pen, just like hybrid keyboard is also optional. If this device does anything well its, how versatile it is, it can be a classic tablet for drawing sketching or shining documents. It can be used as a book for reading when styling bended it can be used with either hardware or software keyboard. As a tiny, clamshell laptop, this mod is a bit ridiculous, but it works just fine. It has a kickstand, so you can use it as a media consumption device while still being able to use this tiny keyboard connected by bluetooth. I mean i dont think theres a more versatile windows laptop or tablet out there. Yes, i have mentioned the number of compromises, but using this device in those scenarios i just mentioned feels very fresh and liberating usually at this point we would benchmark x1 fold against its main competitors, but since this device is unique and not built to break records, lets Just talk about how it performs in a typical day, to day tasks, we have an i5 from intel here which uses special hybrid technology, whopping, eight gigs of lpddr for x, ram and 265 gigabytes of storage. You can get x1 fold with up to one terabyte of storage. X14 has the tpm 2.0 chip required by microsoft to run windows 11.. So specs are what you would expect from first gen foldable, pc perfectly usable, but no workstation level specs.

Here: okay battery life is well ill, just say right away, its not great lenovo claims 8.5 hours, but we could only get around three to four hours of actual use, so yeah not great. I would also not recommend to use this machine for compiling codes, editing, videos or obviously gaming, but for lighter office tasks. It is perfectly usable. It is especially enjoyable to use for media consumption thanks to the vibrant oled display. Okay, do i think that we will see other manufacturers coming up with foldable computers anytime soon, no or at least not until they will figure out how to make this thinner and, most importantly, cheaper? It might seems like i have criticized this device a lot throughout this review, but i actually think its very cool and im glad that lenovo is pushing boundaries of whats currently possible and how we perceive laptops. I mean for past 30 years or so companies have been recycling same formula of keyboard, trackpad and screen in clamshell. Chassis x1 fault breaks away from this, and yes, it is far from perfect, but it is a very first step in the new direction im sure. If lenovo is preparing gen 2 of x1 fault, it will be improved in many ways as im sure they learned a lot during development of gen 1.. There is also an aspect of software. We would need a tailor, made windows for these dual screens or, in this case a foldable screen to fully utilize whats possible with this new form factor.

It definitely depends how you will look at x1 fold and if it would actually fit your workflow because its absolutely not for everyone. This brings us to the end feel free to check out our other thinkpad reviews. We will link them down below if you enjoyed this video, make sure to hit that like button leave us a comment down below.