Now this will be the first foldable laptop that i have used and i know you’re probably asking aren’t all laptops foldable well, technically, yes, but this oled display on the thinkpad x1 fold will actually fold. There are a group of different ways to use this laptop. You can attach it to a keyboard, but you can also use it like a tablet and in my opinion this is exactly how future tablets will be, where you can just fold them in half and they will take up less space. The thinkpad x1 fold has windows. 10 pro on it, which makes it great for professionals for businesses and myself getting work done, especially with the different modes that this laptop has i’ve, been able to bring it on the go it’s an extremely versatile laptop, and since it is the first foldable pc, it Really is a game changer for work devices. Now we are going to quickly take a look at what comes in the box of the thinkpad x1 fold and then, of course, get some hands on with this foldable laptop let’s get started here is our thinkpad x1 fold from lenovo opening the box looks like we Have our getting started guide pretty standard setting that to the side looks like we have our tablet here. I cannot wait to try this out and actually fold. This looks like underneath we have our warranty guide. Underneath looks like we have our stylus, which again just makes this overall, more versatile let’s.

Take it out of the packaging there’s a look we’ll take a closer look at it in just a second continuing through underneath here is where our keyboard should be. If you purchase the bundle – and here is the lenovo keyboard, it does include a trackpad for a mouse. Take a look how thin this actually is we’ll test all of this out in just a second and then on the left. Here we have a tag that should actually hold that included. Stylus awesome can’t forget the charger lenovo includes this is a 65 watt charger that uses usb type c, really happy. Lenovo is using type c. This gives you a lot more feature options on your laptop on to what you came to see the thinkpad x1 fold wow. The back actually feels really nice there’s a little bit more grip than i was expecting flipping it on over. Now we are going to power. This up and while it turns on let’s, take a closer look at the hardware and look down at the bottom. We have our usb type c slot. I am really resisting the urge to fold this for the first time. Continuing through on the right side is an array of some different microphones. You have your volume rockers and your power button up towards the top want to make a note of how thin the thinkpad x1 fold actually is. We’Ve got some ventilation and speakers. We have a sim card slot for 5g connectivity, where you could take this laptop just about anywhere and a second usb type c slot on the back.

We’Ve got our lenovo logo and a hinge, and this hinge isn’t for the folding screen. This is for the built in kickstand, and it is now closed and opening it on up we’ll test this out in just a second, but really happy that lenovo included. This makes this much more versatile, just not having to hold it up and want to make note of the back. It has a leather feel to it and leather grip and in the upper right upper right hand, corner there’s that thinkpad x1 logo. A quick look at the front would like to make note that this outer bezel has a good amount of grip to it. So, while using it carrying it around whether horizontally or vertically, i feel very comfortable holding it. Considering the amount of grip that’s not only on the front but also the back and don’t forget, you do have a webcam for those video meetings that you have. Okay now i am really excited i’ve held off on folding. It let’s fold it for the first time. So, as you can tell there’s the screen hinge and folding it closed there we go reveals intel core i5 logo. It honestly feels like i’m, just holding a book right now very easy and portable should fit in a bag. Very simply now let’s go ahead and open. It back up and you’ll notice that this will start to close, really cool engineering behind this laptop and the hinge mechanism.

This hinge feels very premium. You can tell there are magnets involved to help keep it secure. Now, let’s take a look at all the different modes that are offered with the thinkpad x1 fold from lenovo and how it really will improve productivity. The first and most obvious mode with the thinkpad x1 fold is of course, tablet mode, and this takes full advantage of the 13.3 inch display and keep in mind. This is an oled display, similar to what you’ve seen on phones. I really do wish more laptops would have oled displays i’m glad lenovo included. One and don’t forget. You have windows 10 pro installed on here, so you have a full desktop experience that you can take advantage of with windows. 10 pro you can install your full office. Suite you can manage microsoft teams, you can get all of those projects completed. Maybe even do a video chat through teams and some of the benefits of windows. 10 pro is that it has a bit locker device encryption, which means if your device is lost or stolen. You can put everything on lockdown windows 10 pro also has built in security, productivity and management features, which is exactly what you would expect from the thinkpad lineup from lenovo. Our next mode is really easy to get to from using it in tablet mode. So just sort of tilt the displays in a little bit you’ll see the crease start to show up which separates the two displays and they have a lenovo mode.

Switcher that pops up allowing you to snap apps on the right or left hand side to easily multitask and while using it in this mode, it really does feel like i’m reading. I have a left and right hand side which, coincidentally enough is great for reading books. When i do have a book open, i can have one page on the left side and another on the right side and that built in dual screen mode really does enable multi tasking whether you’re watching a presentation and taking some notes on the other side. Just having those side by side, apps is great to separate them, but also be able to access them right away. Now, for my workflow it’s been great to have video calls on one side and my email on another, especially when i’m watching presentations, sometimes there’s lulls, and i can just get some emails done and out of the way while these presentations are going on now, you can Use the on screen keyboard that windows 10 pro includes. However, i find when i’m typing out longer emails or even note taking typing on this keyboard is much more satisfying and it fits really well with this tablet laptop. This brings us to our next mode and that is essentially laptop mode. So watch what happens when i set the keyboard down. It snaps the os up towards the top of the display, and there are magnets that recognize the keyboard is a t, is attached and will put us in this mode and we can start typing.

You also have the option to use the touchscreen fully or you can just use the trackpad to maneuver through with the mouse, using all of the gestures that windows 10 pro includes. This laptop mode is fantastic. When i’m on the go, i’ve typed up long emails in an uber i’ve written some scripts, i’ve taken notes during meetings, it’s great to have this full keyboard at my disposal and check this out lenovo. This is incredible! I’M! Really happy! You did this! This keyboard sits in the hinge inside of the laptop check that out it’s fully closed now with that keyboard in there and then, of course, you have the stylus still attached to that keyboard. Everything is completely compact and ready to go well done, lenovo and with it being so compact, it doesn’t take up a lot of space in a backpack, a bag potentially a smaller purse, a lab coat or it’s just really easy to carry around. Like you have a book now that you’ve seen these different modes, i want to take a look at what enhances those other modes such as tablet mode, such as the laptop mode with the included keyboard you don’t just have to set the keyboard on the thinkpad x1 Fold there is a back kickstand to prop up this laptop. This kickstand stays secure with magnets. However, it’s really easy to just bring out and set your laptop down and again, while using it in tablet mode.

You can have it sitting in front of you, maybe you’re, watching a video, and you want to just set it down. You do not have to hold it while it’s in tablet mode and, as i was saying you don’t just have to attach this keyboard to the laptop. You can have the kickstand up and be extremely productive, using that 13.3 inch display while typing on the keyboard and using the trackpad and keep in mind you don’t just have to use it horizontally. This kickstand will also hold up the laptop vertically, so anyways that’s everything. I want to talk about for now with the thinkpad x1 fold from lenovo. I have to say the hardware is incredibly well done from that hinge to the outer covering it’s very thoughtfully, designed it looks premium. It feels premium and it’s extremely functional with that outer kickstand. With that rubberized feel on the outside of the display, making it much easier to hold on to when you’re, using it in tablet mode. All of that and the ease of portability. It really is like having a book in my hand, which is great when i’m really working from anywhere, i can be mobile. I can work from my desk. I can go outside. I can go to a coffee shop. It really is very versatile, so anyways. I hope you enjoyed the video drop, a comment, and let me know what you think about this foldable laptop. I love it again.

I really think this is the direction that all tablets and portable laptops should be going.