X1 Extreme Generation, 5 laptop. So what comes inside the box? So we have your ThinkPad Smart feature: pamphlet. Cool.! You have your safety information, pamphlet right! Here.! You have your Windows! 11 pro recovery media entitlement and we have the ThinkPad X1 Extreme Gen 5 Setup Guide. Cool. – Goes over some of the ports and features which we are going to go over, that pretty soon.. You have your heavy gauge power, cable and your 230 watt power adapter.. Now, Im going to take the power adapter and the power cable. Im going to hook it up real quick. And last but not least, we have the Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Extreme Generation, five sporting, a carbon fiber weave top, which is beautiful. All black awesome weighing around 4.2 pounds with a thickness of 0.79 inches. Now for ports and features. If you have the laptop facing you to the point that you are able to open up like this, on your right hand, side, you have, you have one SD card reader, you have two 3.2 USB ports, and this one right here is always on charging. On the Left hand side you have your combo audio jack, an HDMI port and then two Type C, Thunderbolt, 4 ports. And then last but not least, your power port., All right.. So we just went over some of the ports and features on the X1 extreme generation. Five ThinkPad. Were going to hook up the power. Awesome. Were going to open up this beautiful laptop.

. Look at that beautiful 16 inch display, which we are going to go over pretty soon. Power. Button is located right here on the right side at the top. Were going to power this guy on.. Now, on the X1 extreme theres different ways to log in right now is looking for my face to log in or you could use the fingerprint scanner which is actually located and integrated within the power button. And Im actually going to log in with my finger. So lets just place. It there. Bam again. You are able to use Windows Hello to log in to this machine with no problem. All right.. So lets talk about the trackpad on the X1 extreme gen five.. Now the trackpad itself, it just basically works.. I didnt have any issues at all.. I did find myself using a USB mouse, the majority of the time., If you want to know the measurement of the trackpad, it is around 4.56 inches for the keyboard.. The keyboard on the X1 extreme is really responsive.. I do enjoy using the keyboard on these particular thinkpads because they just work. The key distance between them is 0.12 inches.. It is backlit with two settings.. I dont see that the backlit is too bright, but it is there for you to use.. As always, the thinkpads have that Trackpoint signature red dot right there gives you an option to use it if youre not too comfortable with the trackpad., But Im not really comfortable using that trackpoint as well.

And thats. Why? I always go into using the USB mouse., The X1 extreme gen five speakers are located on your right and left side of the keyboard. Theyre, pretty loud. The highest that I got was about 86.5 decibels.. Now, for this display, the display is 16 inches, IPS anti glare non touch.. They do have the touch screen model, which Im kind of happy that Lenovo actually sent me the Non Touch one because I dont like touch screen laptops at all. Resolution on this guy is around 3840 by 2400., The brightness level right now. This is the highest on the brightness level, and this is the lowest that you could get on this particular laptop., And this is the highest., And this is the lowest., And this is the highest.. If you want to know the nit level, it is around 600.. It is HDR enabled, which is awesome. Just make sure that you plug in the power before you turn on your HDR within the windows settings. At the top of the display, you have a 1080p webcam with the privacy guard, which is again, you got to make sure You just dig in there to open it up. And on the left and right hand: side of the webcam. You have your dual mics. Right, now. Im going to show you guys raw footage of me using the webcam and the built in mic using OBS studio.. So lets take a look at that., Oh yes.

, So this is the webcam and also the built in mic on the ThinkPad X1 extreme that Im reviewing for you guys.. This is raw footage. Im not going to modify the audio as well as Im not going to make any cuts on the video in case I make any mistakes., But this is how it looks and feels.. I think when I do, post editing Im going to actually see how it actually looks., But I am doing 1080p 60 frames per second using OBS studios basic settings, and this is how it looks and feels.. It looks like the webcam and the audio might be good for zooming and teaming and doing all types of you know. Meetings with you know your colleagues as well as streaming. So yeah. This is how it feels and looks with the X1 extreme. All right.. So lets go over some of the specifications on the X1 extreme generation five from Lenovo.. Now this laptop was sent to me with these particular settings, but you are able to configure it at the Lenovo site and the price range is going to go up depending on what you get.. We will go over the price range pretty soon so dont worry.. So Im going to hold down the control key shift and escape to open up the task manager.. I am going to expand this a little bit. Lets go into performance. Lets right, click on the CPU change graph to logical processor, and this guy is running a 12th gen intel core i7 12700H processor with a base speed clock of 2.

3 gigahertz 14 cores 20 logical Processors. Holy crap, it has virtualization enabled. If you are playing around with VMware, Workstation or VirtualBox or Hyper V, youre able to do it on this particular machine. Awesome. Now from memory it is housing, 16 gigs and I think the max for memory is around 32 gigs Or 64 gigs. Im, not too sure for Hard drive space. It is running a solid state drive which is around 512 gigs. And for graphics, the first graphics. It comes with the CPU, which is the Intel Iris, XE, Graphics, card., And then you have a discrete graphics card, which is the Nvidia GeForce RTX 360, which is a beast. Wow. This is beautiful. Six gigs dedicated GPU memory, six gigs., So thats the size of this graphics cards which actually allowed me to do some gaming.. I was able to play Fortnite with no problem on this machine, so no lag at all. When I was using it for video editing and doing a little bit of Photoshop and using Media Encoder to render out some 4K videos. I didnt have any issues on this particular machine.. I actually use Puget Systems, Benchmark Premiere and Photoshop on this machine and it gave it pretty good scores.. I was really happy with the results on this particular machine. Now for heating. I did notice heating around this area and its because right between the display and the keyboard you have the vent and that vent is basically just pushing all of that hot air to the display.

. I got an average of between 93 to 103 degrees of heat around this area, which is not that bad., But the fan noise. I did hear the fan noise really heavy. When I was like starting up Fortnite or I was starting up any particular game or rendering.. You did hear the fan noise really loud around this area, right here. Its between the display and the keyboard. All right.. So we just went over some of the specifications on the X1 Extreme Generation five.. So lets talk about the battery., So Im going to minimize this. Going to open up this guy right here. And I love using Pcmark to run benchmark on the battery life. Ive used this new software that Pcmark released not too long ago, and I ran it five Times and the first test, it lasted around 4 hours and 46 minutes. On the second test. It caught me off guard because it gave me an additional hour of battery life, which lasts around 5 hours or 42 minutes. On the third test, 7 hours and 34 minutes.. So I bumped up two more hours on the fourth test. 8 hours. And on the last test I got 8 hours, which is kind of matching what the fourth test gave me, but it just reduced by one minute which was good.. So I said to myself: okay, to average it out between four or five, I would say about 8 hours. Using a benchmark software, but using the machine every day without plugging it up.

I got 7.5 hours of battery life and thats me basically watching videos editing with premiere rendering out using it for Photoshop going online doing some research and stuff like that. All right. So lets conclude our unboxing slash, review on Lenovos ThinkPad, Extreme X1 Generation, five laptop.. Now off the back. I dont know if you guys, can see it on the video but theres. A lot of you know fingerprint. Around the keyboard that drives me nuts.. It does attract a lot of smudges and fingerprints on this particular machine. For external monitors. I was able to hook up a native HDMI. Small little external monitor. And for the type c ports that you have here, Thunderbolt 4. You are able to use native type c monitors.. I didnt have that, so I had to actually use a Type C adapter and just take advantage of the HDMI port on that Type C. Adapter., But again you are able to hook up three external monitors on this machine.. Just make sure you plug in the power to support that many monitors. Now for pricing. The retail starting price is around 1650 and all depends on how you get it, because you are able to configure the monitor and you are able to configure different graphics card models. As well as bump up the memory and also increase the storage capacity on the X1 extreme Gen, five at the Lenovo site., Now overall experience I did enjoy using this machine with editing, Premiere, Photoshop surfing the net, watching YouTube videos and going to Netflix and all that Stuff on this machine.

, Its a great machine, is a powerful machine.. When I was rendering out and I was playing games, it caught me off guard. That huge noise fan came out of nowhere and its its going to be consistent. Its just going to be there.. So keep in mind that that noise is going to be there every time you do something heavy on this particular machine.. Now, for the size weighing around 4.2 pounds and the thickness of 0.79 inches is not that bad., I dont feel like its a heavy laptop to travel around with.. Overall, hopefully you guys enjoy this video and I catch you guys on the next one.