, and you know if you really dont want to watch this video and you want to buy. One of these i say, go ahead and buy one of these, its quite good, but it took lenovo for generations to get here and were going to find out how and why now. So you know how it is with laptops. You always think if theyd only done x and y and z these trendy things that people want these days, it could have been a great laptop. But what happens if they actually do do those things so the x1 extreme gen 4 has a new 16 inch 16 by 10 aspect ratio display just that everybody wants replacing the old 15.6 inch 16×9 aspect ratio display in some ways, following in the footsteps of its Little brother, the thinkpad x1 carbon 9th generation beyond that you have high resolution displays, none of which are slouches. You got 2k and you got 4k display options. We have thunderball 4 sure we do, but we have a bunch of legacy ports. So if you look at it versus say the dell xps 15, which is pretty much usbc thunderbolt only well, you do get an sd card slot and you look here. You got two usbas yay. You can plug in your mouse without a dongle first plus right. There youve got hdmi 2.1 2.1 and that will drive an 8k display for those of you lucky enough to own such a thing and an sd card slot and youre like okay, theyre listening.

These are the things that we want and then you put in a bigger battery and then you put in a bigger track pad not that the old one was bad and youre like well. This is starting to look pretty good. So what are these core competencies here? Shall we say of this relatively speaking thin and light mobile workstation? Well, you have intel 11th gen processors inside the 45 watt, h, series kind, i7 and i9 and the graphics – and this is where i say when lenovo first came out with the extreme. They had visions of this being almost a near gaming, laptop kind of thing, but it took a couple of generations of cooling and design to actually get there and to go from middling dedicated graphics to something thats kind of exciting. Now we have rtx graphics and you can use either the geforce drivers if gaming is more your thing on the side for fun, with this ostensibly business laptop and mobile workstation for content creator types, but you can also go with these studio drivers if you wish as Well anyway, rtx 3050 ti at the low end, but you can go to a 30 60, which is what we have and a 95 watt. 30. 60.. So not a slouch in terms of power to a max q, 30, 70 and even it tops out at a max q rtx 3080.. This is getting pretty interesting for something that weighs 3.99 pounds.

You got ta wonder that they shave the corner off of one key cap or something to make sure it fell under four pounds: its 1.8 kilograms uh yeah thats, pretty impressive, its pretty slim too, at 18.2 millimeters and the cooling has evolved too. The x1 extreme has always been a bit on the hot running side because its thin and powerful, but theyve managed to keep this all under control. So you could actually do things like play far cry 5, which i tested out and on ultra settings gets something like 75 frames per second at full hd resolution for a machine thats supposed to be more work, oriented thats a lot of play on the side isnt. It right there, of course, if youre buying it from blender or autocan, all those things that youre supposed to be thinking about an x1 extreme, for it does that quite well without the heavy carry of a full size, mobile workstation. For those who need the most powerful thing ever, you probably have a desktop at work, and this will certainly get you by when youre traveling, if youre at home. All that sort of thing the thermals on this are actually pretty good. Now there theres power management going on here. So if the rtx gpu is going full tilt, be a blender or gaming or whatever it is, then the 45 watt cpu will typically scale back to 35 watts so thats in part how they do the thermal management there.

But overall i saw a good performance without any kind of significant drop off of performance due to thermals and they do let the fan run when it needs to run, which is good. Sometimes you see typically with thinner, lighter ultrabooks fans being kept in check and performance. Thus being kept in check so here, if you are pushing it really hard, you are playing far cry 5.. It will run the fans so but under normal use, youll hear the fans on some occasion, but nothing loud or anything like that. If youre doing productivity work or photoshop or something like that, if youre doing adobe premiere when youre doing exports, the fans will kick on its not going to drown out the room with noise or something and embarrass you sub. Six 5g is optional on this. So no millimeter wave super fast, which would be kind of nice for the laptop. You might see a reason for that, but then again the coverage is so poor, but thats good with a business laptop. We expect to see that sort of thing in terms of expandability internally we have two ram slots, so you can go up to 64 gigs of ddr4 3200 megahertz ram. Now one important thing to note here is: you: can get it configured with two eight gig dimms, two 16 gigs or a single one, so our unit for review unit – this was not a bright idea. I think lenovo sent all the review loaders out.

This way, though, is with one 16 gig module, which might be great because you might buy that and say hey. I can upgrade it myself more affordably and get a 16 gig module for 32 total, but its running in single channel mode, so our benchmarks arent. Quite what they could be because of single channel ram. So keep that in mind if youre ordering yourself and you dont have an interest in upgrading yourself and you want 16 gigs of ram just get a pair of eight. Instead youll get 10 to 15, better performance. Just like that, we have two m.2 ssd slots, full height and the first one supports pci e4. We have a fast pcie for drive and ours and the benchmarks on this are pretty good. We have intel wi, fi 60 thats, the ax 210 card, with bluetooth 5.2 youve got a fingerprint scanner, optional ir camera 1080p webcam, so a little less potatoey than average its not leaps and bounds better. But in these days of zoom calls and microsoft team meetings and all that sort of thing well, take it right. The speaker is now up firing surrounding the keyboard. Just like yes, a macbook pro, so as you might guess, they sound even better too and thinkpads typically have pretty good audio, considering their business laptops. So the base display is what we have. It is no slouch and its the one. I would recommend, if you care about battery life, its a qhd plus resolution so 2560 by 1600 lenovo claims 400 and its a brightness.

We actually measured ours at 442, nits its a pretty bright display, and this is matte non touch. And then you can move up to 4k, which is theres a matte non touch: option 600 nits or a touch option also 600 and its supporting hdr 400.. So you have your choices there. If you need that high resolution, if you want the touchscreen, then you can go with them. The only thing ive noticed in terms of configuration requirements and all that sort of thing is: if you want the rtx 3080 gpu, then right now they tie it to the core i9, at least in the united states, so theres that in terms of pricing, its not That bad its been out for a couple of months now, though, but it starts around 1770 for the price 1770, and that gives you a core i7 and the 30 50 ti gpu. If you want to go up to that configuration with the 3080 and with the core i9, then youre, looking at a little over three thousand dollars that does get kind of pricey its a thinkpad, its a business machine, they do tend to cost more and its the Usual thing pad build quality, so youve got your metal chassis, its carbon fiber. If you do the higher end model, you can get the carbon weave for a niftier. Look on the lid, its pretty darn sturdy, all the usual things that you can say about think pad.

The keyboard on it like typical for a thin pad right is its very tactile, feels very good. They say 1.8 millimeters of key travel. It feels a little shorter than to me. I dont know i had no problems typing with it, but it didnt feel that deep, it didnt feel that different from an x1 carbon trackpad works. Fine, the usual eraser stick pointer its its good now for the battery its a 90 watt hour battery up from the older versions 80 watt hour battery well take that and for our machine, which is the core i7 with the rtx 3060 and, of course, switchable graphics. For light productivity work a little bit of photoshop that sort of thing i had no problem getting it to do about nine hours, which is pretty good. It spends most of his time on intel, integrated graphics. At that point, keep in mind if youre doing live productivity work. There are different charges that are available. If you get the 230 watt charger, then it will support fast charging. It can charge up to 80 percent. In one hour, there are 135 watt, 170 watt and 230 watt adapter options which are tied to which gpu you get, but you can always just buy the 230 watt adapter as an option. If you wanted that super fast charging to get inside its easy enough undo. The phillips head screws, they are all visible, you use a guitar pick or your fingernails and lift off bottom cover captive screws.

They stay in place, and here are the internals battery right there. Your speaker drivers are here pretty loud as a matter of fact. Those speakers two ram slots here, and here we have a module and only one. So this is the second place for a module and the m.2 boot ssd is here in the pci e4 slot. Now. The second slot for a second ssd is under here, as is the connector for the half height wn 5g card. If you go with that option, the wi fi module is here that is soldered on board and one of the reasons it stays cool is obviously. This is a lot of cooling right here. It almost looks like theyre going for a vape vapor chamber, though this is not a chamber. This is just a heat plate here over the hot internals, but well done lenovo, so thats the thinkpad x1 extreme gen4 kind of really reaching the potential that they had always promised. We have some pretty serious, dedicated graphics on board. At this point, youve got intel core i7 and core i9 h. Series processor is a 16 by 10 display with two great resolution options and even a touch screen available to you, a nice selection of ports on here and these days, when so many laptops are going usb c im so glad that isnt the case an optional 5g. A durable build quality and if youre cool with the thinkpad look its classic, you know, then its totally worth a look.

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