Even a wuss like me can toss this about. This is the lenovo thinkpad x1 carbon gen 9, the 2021 model, so its two and a half pounds which is 1.13 kilograms. I mean you dont even need to think about the lg gram. Do you want this already? Well, not much over a kilogram 14 inch laptop now with a 16 by 10 aspect ratio display and despite the fact it is so thin and light its 14.9 millimeters. It has normal legacy ports on it as theyre now calling hdmi usb a you know, theres a reason why people have been loving the carbon for a while were going to look at it now. So you know its up to gen 9.. You might think for a reviewer. Like me, it gets a little boring the ninth time around, but we did miss one or two generations, but lenovo sent us this unit and kind of late granted that, but also because were going to be giving this one away. One of you lucky people giveaway, will happen its separately from this video, so stay tuned for that, but anyway, its still worth covering because we havent done the most recent generation lately and its still a delightful laptop skip to the end. Yes, go if you like this thing go buy, it is, is the takeaway here, but were going to talk about why? So you make sure you make the right decision. First, off im happy to see that 16 by 10 aspect ratio display, which lenovos been doing more and more with think pad models.

We have the full hd plus display and actually its really very nice, with high contrast and its a matte non touch display. So its 1920×1200 resolution thanks to the higher dimension for that aspect ratio, but you can also get it with the touch screen. If you want in a variety of resolutions for those who really want to go crazy, in fact, there is even a 4k plus one with 500 nits. So this one here that we have is rated at 400 nits, whether you get it in touch or non touch. Its pretty much the same panel just with the touch layer added and it measures a bit above that it seems quite bright. Its nicely done, theres. Also, a privacy guard panel option the one you know the limited side, viewing angles for those of you who are doing top secret work and that one is 500 nits nominally because the privacy screens have to be a little bit brighter anyway nicely done there. We have intel 11th gen cpus, you got the core i5, the core i7 and the usual that you would expect to see here and also you have anywhere from 8 to 32 gigs of ram 8, 16 or 32 gigs of ddr4 4266 megahertz ram. That is dual channel, that is soldered, so get it with the amount you think youll need, and it is hinged to the processor his lenovo likes to do. If you want 32 gigs of ram, which might be a little overkill for the average ultrabook user, and then you have to go with the core i7 and you can get the core i5 and corey 7, with or without v pro thats up to you, you know, If you need v or the it buyer for your company, you might be buying vpro for graphics.

We have intel iris, xc, integrated, graphics, no, surprise there, its a very capable laptop folks for those who arent doing heavy workstation level, 3d renders or video editing professionally and all that sort of thing. For most people, its more than performant enough. We have two fans inside were going to take a look at the internals now, so you see how all that works, and here is the gateway to the internals. Just a couple of phillips head screws, unscrew them and by the way you can see the two woofer grilles are here. This is the air intake for the two little fans and the air exhausts out the rear over here and notice. The new hinge design. Now they have a monolithic bar design functionally. I bet that these two areas are still the hinges, but the antennas are now housed in here, which is nice and tidy, and it means, if you grab the top of your display, you wont mess with the reception. So dual fan cooling over here, our heatsink for the cpu and the m.2 ssd. Of course, this platform supports nvme, ssds, pci, e3 and four ours happens to be a three you could put in a four if you wanted to lenovos options right now, and that are a little bit slim for the pcie 4, but an ultrabook. You know its up to you how fast you need it. We have a slot here which would be for the 4g or 5g card.

If you decide to go into that option and wi fi is soldered on right here: intel ax, 201 wi fi six cards, so thats a perfectly fine card, which is a good thing because you wont be upgrading it, given the fact that it is soldered on board. So thats the internals, the usual design with the big battery over here and the woofer, is now exposed. You can see them there pretty good size for a little little laptop for ports. On this we have two usb a 3.2 gen 1 ports, two thunderbolt 4 ports. Yeah that so thunderbolt docks usb c docks. You got the idea there. One of them will be used for charging and we have an hdmi 2.0 port headphone jack and if you opt for the optional 4g or 5g, two different modems, 4g 5g modem options, qualcomm snapdragon x, 55 for 5g and a different brand for the 4g. So then you get a nano sim card slot. There is no sdr micro sd card slot here. That would be one of the small dings on this one for speakers. We actually have quad speakers. We have two tweeters and two down firing woofers, so for a super thin and light business, laptop thats, pretty impressive and the sound is quite nice. Its actually pleasant to watch movies on this thing keyboard is your usual excellent. Thinkpad keyboard mill, std spill resistant. All that sort of thing – but you know its very thin, so the travel isnt going to be think pad workstation level deep, but the tactility is very nice.

The crispness, the feel the concave smile shaped keys. All those things you know that you love about thinkpad keyboard is still one of the best out there for typists and the trackpad is their usual. Quite competent. Trackpad is fairly large. You have the eraser stick pointer for those who prefer than that point to a trackpad. It works just fine, so not sounding pretty good and heat and noise are well managed. It does help that we have two fans and after all – and it is a quad core, ultra bucket its not a mobile workstation or something like that. Well done: doesnt get burning hot to the touch, all that sort of thing. What about battery life? We have a pretty big battery in here, especially for something of this size, its 57 watt hour battery. It comes with a 65 watt, fast charger, so it can charge 80 percent in one hour battery life on this is quite good. Now we have the full hd plus display. If you go for that 4k display, i expect it will shave a couple of hours off of battery run times, but not even trying hard to manage battery life with brightness at a 200 nits doing a mix of productivity work. You know like office slack that sort of thing a little bit of photoshop streaming, video that sort of thing nine hours, no problem. If you watch your battery settings a little bit more carefully and youre doing light work, i wouldnt be surprised if you even hit 10 with this so all day on a charge, thats pretty good too so thats the lenovo thinkpad x1 carbon gen 9, as ever iconic Black super slim and light business laptop, mil, std, rugged uh by the way, if you opt for the 4k plus display youll, get a carbon fiber weave top instead of the otherwise painted matte black carbon finish, but its good looking in that thing pad start away ill Leave it up to you, obviously, its very different from the aesthetic of something like the dell xps 13 or a macbook.

But for those who, like the thinkpad look, is good and in terms of the power and the portability and the build quality and the keyboard. And some pretty decent display options. I mean its hard not to recommend this im lisa from mobile tech review, be sure to subscribe to our youtube channel for more cool tech videos and hit the notification bell.