. The unit that lenovo sent over for review is specked. Accordingly, we’ve got an intel core. I5 1145 g7. Under the hood 16 gigs of ram a half terabyte nvme, ssd, intel, iris, xe, graphics and a 13.9 full hd ips panel – that i think is right around 400 nits when it comes to brightness. So, who is this for essentially, what you’re about to see is an ultrabook for business users that do not want to buy into something more expensive like the x1 carbon, and this can be outfitted in several different varieties. You can actually even get a dedicated graphics card. This, of course, does not have it, as i mentioned, we just have iris xe, but that is still completely competent and beyond it being more affordable. As i stated, this is also about retaining traditional thinkpad design, so the x1 carbon of course, gives you a little bit more flair, it’s more of a luxury product, i would say in the business world, whereas this again is all about giving you more of a traditional Thinkpad look and feel, and at 1300 us dollars again starting point with, as mentioned a little over three pounds of weight. I think this is going to be appealing to a lot of business users, so let’s get this stuff out of the way. Let’S, take a look at the machine and it pretty much is what you would expect uh. You know matte finish, you know fairly simple straightforward.

We actually have pretty solid. I o uh, but before i get to that, let me get rid of some of uh. The packing materials here – and you know it is something where just to remind everyone what the x1 carbon looks like these are very similar, yet very different machines, because the x1 carbon uh pricier and again a little bit more design centric. I think really all about trying to give consumers something slimmer, something a little bit less business esque, but still retaining the entire thinkpad look and feel, but focusing on uh the t14 gen 2 let’s open this up. I will, of course, show you the i o webcam top center matte finish on the display and, of course, we’ve got a bezel. So for those of you who hate the bezels well they’re here to stay at least on the second gen t14, the keyboard that’s. One of the main reasons you’re entertaining the thinkpad to begin with, is that it still is without much argument the best in the business when you are inside, of a specific line like this, a tremendous amount of key travel, really all the flexibility and options that a Business user could want, you can see. We have up firing speakers right here, along with that power button, fingerprint scanner v pro certified. You can inspect this out with the core i7. The 16 16 gigs of ram, i believe, is soldered because in the specs that i got there is one dim and i believe, uh that first dim is soldered.

So there is the ability available to upgrade that but be aware you can, i think, spec this out with a 4k display, believe it or not and i’m, not sure what battery life is going to be like but i’m, not expecting anything crazy, because that’s, not really What this machine is aimed at being again a more affordable version of the x1 carbon and with traditional thinkpad design language, so the display looks good, at least as far as i can tell i’m going to put this through the paces. But let’s go ahead and by the way there is a privacy switch for the camera. Let’S go ahead and take a look at the i o. This is driven by a 65 watt charger, so that’s what’s here in the box i’m, going to leave that out because i’m not expecting anything new or crazy. There, kensington kensington lock an ethernet port type, a usb port. By the way you can spec this out with it comes with wi fi 6e on board intel’s latest chip, but in the event you want 4g capability. You can get a wireless radio make sure you customize. That, though, even though the slot, i believe, is already empty you’re going to want lenovo to actually wire that in nothing on the front other than that privacy switch. That, as i just pointed out, is for the webcam and then this is where all of the action happens. We have a card reader, so this already, you know, appeals to me as a user.

That really does not love machines, and i can say that with my heart in it that don’t give you a way to read cards. So here it is a micro sd card, headphone, microphone, combo jack, hdmi out, another type, a port, and then we have a thunderbolt, 4 port and basically lenovo has retained their docking capability. This can support essentially every dock that has been around for the last several years. That lenovo pitches in tandem with these sort of machines and then of course, yet another thunderbolt 4 dock that has the charging icon because well that’s what they expect you to do with that port, but pretty solid. I o again ethernet on an ultrabook. There is, i believe, what would be the slim sim slot uh in the event, you actually go with the 4g chipset on board and you know pretty straightforward again at 300 us dollars, you are getting, i think, a pretty solid machine, lightweight, nothing flashy, but that’s. The premise of the thinkpad t14 14 inches. I think that the obvious initial early critique anyone could give is that the bezels could be smaller, but that’s, not this machine isn’t about trying to be sexy and appeal to the general consumer. It’S more about one size fits all for business and i think that’s, where this gets employed a lot, so large corporations that are looking for again a lightweight competent machine to give to staff. This pretty much fits the bill and why would they want to spend more on something like the x1 carbon there’s, no reason at all and considering the multitude of configurations, the fact that you can get a dedicated gpu on here, i think it’s, the mx450 a 1650.

Essentially, rebranded less vram. I think, but don’t quote me on that. The point is: is that the fact that they even give you uh an actual dedicated gpu option is impressive, but overall this is meant to be a workhorse, something that employees and people alike in general. Can take with them and get work done, and that is really its purpose and i think if you aren’t looking or don’t need the x1 carbon, then this is a pretty good looking option again: the x1 carbon. You know a little bit thinner a little bit lighter and i think a little bit sharper overall, but is that really what everyone is looking for? Definitely not, and the x1 carbon high gloss there. If you didn’t notice is still trying to point that up still pretty beefy on uh, the actual bezel, so it’s not like the t14 is on another planet. Yes, the bezels are a little bit bigger, but is it really worth the conversation i’m not saying i prefer uh one over the other but food for thought, considering the discrepancy, the difference in pricing overall, so different machines, different strokes for different folks, but they both promise To be solid, ultrabooks, so we’ll see how the t14 gen 2 does again. Essentially the budget version of the x1 carbon.