. This continues a design that has been around for a long time and it’s got a lot of features that fans of the thinkpad, i think, will like and we’re going to be. Taking a closer look at this business laptop in just a second. But i do want to let you know in the interest of full disclosure. This is on loan from lenovo, so we’re done with this. It goes back to their mothership. All of the opinions you’re about to hear are my own. No one is paying for this review, nor has anyone reviewed or approved what you’re about to see before it was uploaded, so let’s get into it now and see what this laptop is all about. Now the price point on this starts at around 1300 and goes up from there. The model that we’re looking at today is probably coming in around sixteen to seventeen hundred dollars as configured now. This one has an i5 1145 g7 processor installed, that is a tiger lake chip, and it has 16 gigabytes of soldered ram on board now. What’S odd about this model is that there are two ram options that you can configure both of those have the ram soldered onto the motherboard, but they have an open socket for another stick of ram now without a stick of ram installed in that open, socket you’re, Not going to get the best performance out of the laptop because without it it’s running only in single channel mode and these intel chips really want the ram in dual channel mode in order to get the most out of the graphics system on the processor.

So my advice would be if you go with the 16 gigabyte version, for example, get a 16 gigabyte stick of memory to go in it now, if you’re looking to fill out that empty ram slot be sure to get a stick of ddr4 3200 that will best Pair up with the soldered on ram now there are no less than six different display options on this laptop, the one that they sent us, i think, is probably the sweet spot they’re all 14 inches. This particular one is running at 1080p at 400 nits of brightness. It looks great it’s got a really nice contrast ratio things, don’t, look over saturated, so if you’re doing a lot of web browsing and basic office kinds of tasks, i think that this display will work well for that at the top of the line, they’ve got a Fancy 4k display that’s running at 500 nits and supports dolby vision and all that kind of stuff, but that will eat into the battery life a lot more. This one, i think, is probably a good choice, just because it looks great it’s, nice and bright when it’s plugged in, but you can tone things down a bit to get the best battery life out of it speaking of battery life. This will do probably about eight hours in our testing, with the brightness turned down and sticking to the basics. If you do more strenuous activities that will of course, eat into the battery life more significantly, so this will probably get you through most of a work day, but it won’t match some of the lower power consuming devices.

We have looked at from lenovo and others. Now the weight on this one is 3.23 pounds that’s just under 1.5 kilograms, not bad for a laptop of this size. There are two different chassis options: they have a gray model, which is not this one that is running with an aluminum chassis. This one is using their thermoplastic pps and glass fiber mixture for the top of the unit, and then the bottom of the unit has a polyamide chassis, which is a glass filled, material it’s, pretty rigid actually, and it feels like it should hold up pretty well. These are often used in government work, so they’re designed to get beat up a little bit and perhaps the aluminum version might give you a little bit more strength. But i was pretty pleased with the overall build quality here, and the keyboard and trackpad are exactly what you would expect out of a thinkpad. This is the full travel keyboard. Nice and deep you’ve got really nice tactile feedback on these keys. It just feels nice and how a thinkpad should feel this is a backlit keyboard. You’Ve got your nub here, of course, along with a really nice and accurate trackpad, so i’m really happy that some traditional thinkpad keyboards are still out there we’re starting to see them kind of waver a little bit on key travel and some of the other features. But this one really feels pretty traditional to me and, like any good, think pad, there are a ton of ports on this.

One let’s have a look and see what we’ve got here on the left hand side first, so you’ve got two thunderbolt 4 ports. These are full service ports, so they do data in and out power in, along with video output, and these also support usb4. This port here is the lenovo docking port. So you’ve got that if you’re using one of those thing pad docking stations, you have a full size usb a here. This runs at gen, 1 speeds or 5 gigabits per. Second, you have an hdmi 2.0 output, so that’ll support a 4k 60hz display with an hdmi cable plugged in there headphone microphone jack is right here. You’Ve got a micro sd card reader that will keep sd cards flush to the case for cameras and other things that you might plug into it. Here you have an optional smart card reader. A lot of folks in government use those you have another usb a port here and you get gigabit ethernet built right in with no dongle necessary. You can just plug your ethernet in and you’re good to go when you get back to your desk and you’ve got a kensington lock slot for locking it down on a desk. Your fan exhaust is right here. On the right hand, side it does bring in air from the bottom, just note that it will be heard it’s a little bit of a noisy fan when it’s under heavy load. But most of the time i found the laptop to be silent when it’s sitting idle or not being heavily utilized.

So right now it’s totally silent and if i pull up a web browser and do some light work on it, it shouldn’t kick on too loudly there either. You got your webcam here at the top still 720p. Unfortunately, but it looks okay for a 720p webcam. I took a little video with it earlier so, if you’re doing your zoom calls and stuff, this should work. Fine for that and like most lenovo laptops, you’ve got a shutter mechanism here at the top to block the lens. So you don’t need to use tape. If you want some privacy, you also have some biometrics on this one, including a fingerprint reader and a windows hello, camera here for face recognition. These are options, so you’ll have to look and make sure the one that you’re pricing out has those things installed. But you do have some good biometrics on this one and it’s compatible, of course, with windows 11 when it comes out later this year, let’s take a look now and see how it performs so let’s begin with some web browsing we’ll just load up the chrome browser Real quick and go to the nasa.gov homepage everything pops up very quickly. As expected. Again, we don’t have a touchscreen on this model, but you can see just how fast everything renders in and it’s a very good experience. We’Re running right now on my wi fi 6 network. There is wi fi 6 built in, but of course you can also use the ethernet.

If you want to go that route a little bit earlier, we tested out youtube running one of our videos that are 1080p at 60 frames per. Second, it was able to play back that video successfully with no drop frames. So i think, if you’re looking to watch netflix and other video services on here, you shouldn’t have any problems with that at all and on the browserbench.org speedometer benchmark test, we got a score of 176.4, which is right around where i would expect this laptop to perform. Based on some of the other, similar processors, we’ve looked at in this generation, so all in so far, it’s performing quite well let’s. Take a look now at some games and see how it does with those so let’s take a look at red, dead redemption 2 that we ran a little bit earlier. This is 720p at the lowest settings and one of the issues you’ll run into when you don’t have that second ram slot occupied is that you won’t get the most performance out of games like this. So this is probably running around 20 frames per second or so again, with only one stick of ram installed, but if we had two, this would likely perform a little better, probably around 30 frames per second at 720p at the lowest settings. Now we also ran gta 5 at 1080p, lowest settings, and here we were just under 30 frames per second around 25 to 30, most of the time, depending on what was going on and again, if we had a second stick of ram installed in that slot.

We’D probably do a little bit better than 30 on this game and then fortnight we ran at 1080p at the lowest settings and the frame rates were kind of all over the place. Typically, it was hovering around 50 or so, but you’d see a little more consistency out of this game again, if you had both ram slots occupied now in fairness, think pads have never really been gaming devices, but the iris graphics on the new intel chips have really Come a long way and are allowing people to play sometimes aaa titles at decent frame rates at low resolution settings. They also have an nvidia gpu option on this laptop it’s. An mx450 and that’ll give you a slight bump over the highest end. Intel configuration if you want to go that route, but of course, that graphics option will come at the cost of some battery life. So there’s always trade offs here, but it’s really fun to be able to play games on a business laptop now and on the 3dmark time spy benchmark test. We got a score of 1050 again, that is with that ram slot unoccupied. And if you take a look at the think book, 13 sg2, we looked at recently that’ll. Give you a sense as to what kind of performance gains you would get if you had a second stick of ram installed in this machine. So again, dual channel memory really makes a difference here now. Thermals on this are pretty good.

It does get rather warm, but not alarmingly. So, and we ran the 3d mark stress test and there we got a score of 98.9 percent. That is a passing grade, which means that you shouldn’t see too much thermal throttling when this machine is running at full load. So it’s going to, i think, perform very consistently and it’s able to keep itself cool, provided you are keeping the vents cool on here as it is running related to gaming. It does have upward firing speakers that are located here in the back. They do have some dolby configuration for the audio, but it doesn’t sound all that great it’s rather tinny. So i think if you’re going to be listening to music or something you’ll want to plug in some headphones or use some bluetooth headphones. But it does, i think, provide adequate audio quality and clarity for doing web conferences and that sort of thing all right. One last thing to take a look at, and that is its linux performance. We booted up ubuntu 21.04 and everything ran properly on it. It was detecting video, audio bluetooth and wi fi without any issues. We got it up on the internet, no problem, so all together, it’s, probably going to be a good option for operating systems other than windows. If you want to go that route and altogether, this is a very nice thinkpad, i love the keyboard on these things. It’S really a pleasure to type on it.

It doesn’t look all that modern, based on what we’re, seeing from lenovo and other manufacturers, but sometimes it’s nice, to have something that is consistent. And if you like, that feel of a thinkpad, this one will certainly get you there with that nice, deep keyboard, travel and all of the other things that think pads are known for, including the little thinkpad light here on the top lid. That is going to do it for this look at the thinkpad t14 gen 2., and until next time this is lon seidman. Thanks for watching this channel is brought to you by the london tv supporters, including gold level supporters, chris alegretta, tom albrecht, jim calliger, hot sauce and video games and brian parker.