This is a thin and light business persons machine something youll take with you on Planes. Trains flying across the world go to business meetings and it has a nice military specification. It has good coating on the outside. A little bit on the fingerprint heavy end, which is unfortunate more on that in a minute – and it also has very little in terms of i o, so be aware of that. If you need full size, HDMI and you know hey, maybe we want a bigger display. Go with the 14 inch carton, thats an awesome machine, not too much more expensive. It even went on sale and itll. Give you more in terms of i o. So, on the left hand, side we have a headphone jack and two Thunderbolt ports and on the right, all you have is the power button located right here, which is actually very good, its recessed in so its not easy to hit, and since there are no other Ports, theres really no reason to put your hand here and click around accidentally turn the thing on or off, but in sleep mode, so thats good. It is incredibly thin. It is only 2.14 pounds, so you know walking around with this thing is going to be easy and youre, probably not going to notice that its in your backpack. It also comes with this really small charger, its 65 watts, of course, through USBC, because thats, your only input – and I do have to send this back to Lenovo after review – is done.

So I left the Plastics on, but it didnt melt so thats a good sign. Now the machine did get a little bit warm on me when I had multiple applications open and one browser with multiple tabs. I like to use braid, but in this case I was using Edge because I think most people are going to be using Edge, if not Chrome but hey. I went with Edge because its Chrome, based and anyway or chromium, based, not only being the comments we all pissy on me. So six to eight hours of battery life is what you can expect on this model, which is the 1280p, which has a full 28 watts of power. 16 gigs of RAM soldering on board. That runs at 6 400 megahertz and a one terabyte SSD, which is m.2 2242 Gen 4, its one of those opal drives, so the display is 2K and it gets up to 450. Nits of brightness runs at 60 hertz. There is a way that you can get slightly better battery life. I believe, if you go with the I5 1240p trim and the 5200 megahertz of ram, I think itll run with a little bit less power draw and youll get a little bit more battery life. I dont know how much more maybe a half an hour at the settings in my situation, maybe a half an hour or an hour, sometimes every minute really matters right, although on the other hand you know theres Chargers on planes, so I dont know maybe youd be Fine keyboards fantastic, not as much key travel as something like the X1 extreme Gen 5, but good key travel.

I had no problem typing on it. I felt like home right, its a ThinkPad keyboard and the trackpad is a bit on the small side, but its probably as big as they can make it since its such a small device. This 2K display is only 13 inches, but it looks super good and you can sign into Windows hello. Do that real, quick boom Im in now since its running on intel. If the machine goes into hibernate mode, then it takes about almost 30 seconds to open it up, wait for it to turn on, and then you get logged in thats unfortunate. But this is what we live with the next 86 world. The camera is okay, its rated 1080p. I think its 2.1 megapit megabit yeah – oh my God, brain fart, 2.2.1 megapixels thats, the word Im looking for and its its kind of potatoey its not the best. Now here we have a think shutter. So you can block the camera, it does not disable the camera, just a heads up, but you can block it, and I saw this just the other day. I didnt notice it the first few days, thats, really cool X1 Nano etched right into the bottom right. It feels really cool and it looks good too now, for some reason. You probably saw here how just gnarly the lid has gotten, but the keyboard deck you know not, including the trackpad, the keyboard deck is super clean and its not like Im, not putting my fingers on this thing.

I am and Im a pretty clean guy. So, Im not even sure why the lid got so dirty. It came to me in perfect condition. This is a review unit. It was flawless. I may be the first one to have touched it, but for some reason, whatever theyre doing here for coding is so much better than whats on the lid like just down here. It doesnt pick up fingerprints quite the same way, so they do and they kind of fade away, so the inside looks really clean, but the top. You know if youre a business person you probably want to clean this before you walk into a meeting with like a prospective buyer or customer okay, the keyboard is backlit, it functions great. You have your multimedia Keys along the top with a function lock, and this also comes with the Lenovo Vantage ThinkPad software, so you can get. You know, work through your updates and stuff like that. If you have a warranty, you can manage the warranty through the app which is pretty cool, so yes, 68 hours of battery life. I want to be clear the way I test these things. I just use them for work so Outlook, Microsoft, Office, applications in Chrome and teams, so teams OneDrive those can be battery hogs. In my experience. So if you were to, if you do a lot of syncing with OneDrive like youre constantly in there with a corporate connection, I think that can really mess.

With your battery draw, I wasnt I did. I didnt connect to my business OneDrive only connected to my personal OneDrive and thats, where I got my six to eight hours of battery life. So you might be able to tweak a few things here and there, if you know, really pay attention to the activity, settings or sorry, the activity monitor and tweak some settings. You might be able to get better battery draw better in life, so anyway, thats just out there for your consideration. I do recommend this laptop now. The I5 spec was 16 gigs of RAM and a half terabyte SSD. It does run 2 500, but with Lenovo sales. Like the one happening right now here at the end of October, its 13.85, which is not the end of the world pricing, you can compare this to something like an XPS 13, which is all aluminum and a glass display glass finish instead of matte, and I think Thats, probably about the same price, you know when its not on sale. Now, on the other hand, you can spec it up to an i7 1280p with one terabyte of storage. I think The Sweet Spot, though, is the three thousand dollar MSRP Trend, which is the i7 1260p, with one terabyte storage and 16 gigs of pcie. What is it sorry, LP, ddr5 5200 Hertz at megahertz that one on sale is 1640, which is now more expensive than the XPS, but then youre not dealing with actually like the typical XPS quality issues, so its good.

If youre traveling and you want the ThinkPad, you want some of the military specifications that come with it. You want, like the V Pro processor. Actually, these dont come in V Pro. Do they Im gon na have to check I dont know, but anyway, sometimes organizations who buy think pads on behalf of employees. They could only buy thinkpads. They can only order from Lenovo right like theres, a thing there. Maybe they can, they can buy from other brands.