But usually when you hear budget friendly, you have to wonder just how good is this piece of tech? Well, lenovo sent us this nice laptop and im gon na tell you all about it: Music! Well, hello, everybody im, matt pruitt, and this is hands on tech here on twit tv hope. Yall are doing well, im, unbelievable as always. Today, i want to talk to you folks about another laptop that i got the chance to play with and no its not a content. Creators laptop so ill go ahead and get that out of the way and and throw up all of my hang ups and just throw that out the window right now, but this is a nice quality laptop. Actually, this is a laptop that is, i think, is more for the budget minded uh consumer, particularly the budget friendly. This is a budget friendly laptop for the corporate person, its always on the go so this i think this is a big fit for you, and what laptop am i talking about? It is the lenovo thinkpad l13 yoga gen 2.. So yes, youve heard of lenovo ive ive raved about lenovo in the past, because weve had the chance to check out some of their laptops. Ive used their laptops in my former days in the world of i.t and ive, always loved the thinkpad and just the the look and the feel of those devices from a hardware standpoint, and this laptop right here, i got to tell you its right there.

In the same ballpark for me as someone that just actually loves the look and feel and the design of the device – and this is the yoga – gen 2 l13 – think pad all right. So what what specifies this from the other uh think pads that are available from lenovo, such as the x1 carbon, which we previously reviewed here on hands on tech? The big thing here that separates it is this is a a multiple device. This is a pc as well as a tablet device rolled into one as in it you can take the screen on it. You cant detach it, but you can fold it over and flip it around. So you have a touch interface on the screen and the keyboard is actually on the bottom on your lap or you can just set it up to be used as if it were a an easel or something of that nature. Giving you much easier access to the touch interface while using windows 10 pro on this? Yes, windows: 10 pro thats. What i said not home edition from a hardware standpoint, uh this tech specs – that is youre, going to get a 250 gigabyte hard drive or you can expand that youre going to get eight gigs of ram or you can expand that up to 16. But more on that in a moment and its going to have this particular model that im working with today is using the uh core i5 quad core intel processor, its clocking in at about 2.

5 gigahertz. So this is again thats, not the upper echelon. Far as tech specs with a bunch of horsepower and things like that, but for the budget minded corporate person thats needing a device that they can just really depend on and rely on for travel or or just day to day, use there in the office or day To day use in the home office because some people are still working from home these days, this is going to be quite capable of that it has a webcam on it. So if you need to do all of those gazillion zoom calls and skype calls youre covered on that. Unfortunately, it is a 720p webcam, but thats plenty enough for those zoom calls and skype calls and if youre not using it, it does have a privacy guard on it. Just you can just toggle with the little switch on the top, and it physically turns off this camera, as in it just covers up the lens thats, a good thing for you. Privacy minded people i enjoyed playing around with this because its its lightweight it has a 13 inch hd display on it for 13 inches and being in hd thats plenty of resolution, its going to look just totally fine for someone thats going to be checking out spreadsheets And slides and things of that nature, and just looking through data again im taking my content creator hat off for this demonstration im im doing my best, i promise, but this it looks good the display on it is a bit glossy um, but i believe thats more.

Just the brand with the lenovo folks uh, they want to have a nice brilliant display and its going to give you a little bit glossy look on it. So you dont necessarily want to use this in bright areas or bright sunlight, because its only bright up to about 300 nits, which is bright in a room but outside, is sort of yeah yeah. I wouldnt necessarily recommend that itll be totally fine on the flight from san francisco back to charlotte north carolina, but just dont take it out to the park on a bright sunny day, all right. So again, i think on this. This is just something that theyre trying to lean towards the people that are budget minded right now, because times are hard for a lot of people with this pandemic that continues to go on uh. Yes, we have a lot of people that are starting to open things up as far as businesses are opening up, but theres still quite a bunch of them that just havent been able to come back yet and those that are starting to come back. Theyre a little bit more cautious because they have to watch their spending and watch their funds and things of that nature – and this is a perfect target for that. For someone thats wanting a device thats going to be pretty capable of handling just regular day to day tasks, a device that flat out looks good devices, thats lightweight and portable.

This thing barely weighs two pounds: if that its super duper thin its got all of the ports that youre going to need its got a touch screen interface and its still coming in at a you know, decent price point port wise. You have an hdmi port yay. You have two usb type: a 3.2 generation ports. You have a thunderbolt port, because this is going to power up via a usbc connection and you have a micro sd card reader. I know most of yall dont care about that, but i love that. I absolutely love having any sort of card reader built right into a laptop but thats a nice option there. You can upgrade this to to have a couple different things, such as a fingerprint scanner for being able to get in without typing in passwords. You can also upgrade the memory on this, but you cant do it yourself. The memory and ram is actually soldered onto this device, so this is uh locked in as if the way like apple does it or a lot of these laptop folks are doing nowadays. If you want to get more than eight gigs of ram, youre gon na have to pay for it uh in a different model. All right so lets talk about the pricing on this. The price of this one that ive been testing out today is eleven hundred dollars because it has the core i5 and it has eight gigs of ram, and it has the intel uh integrated iris graphics, but you can get up to about fifteen hundred dollars.

If you want to buy a core i7 model and get more ram and get more more graphics on it, so you can do that if you want to go down a level to core i3 chipset, you can save another couple hundred bucks and get this started at Roughly a thousand dollars, i want to say it. It starts at about one thousand, twenty nine dollars for the lower end of the hardware specs, but again, depending on what youre doing thats going to be plenty of horsepower. If youre, just looking at google drive and looking at uh, slides in in office 365 and things of that nature, just how much horsepower do you need folks, you dont, you dont, need a lot of processing power to do any of that. If you want to jump into photoshop or or lightroom, or something like that, no you dont want this laptop, but if your day to day is going through emails going through budgets and and going through just again typical productivity stuff, this laptop is totally fine for you. I know my my co host and awesome friend, mr jeff jarvis is high on chromebooks and things of that nature. Yeah chromebooks are an option, but if you want to be in the microsoft world and be able to get into windows and things like that, you need a windows laptop, and this is a really really nice laptop for the price uh. One more thing that i wanted to throw that i want to touch on is the battery life on here.

Youve all heard me fuss about the the way battery life is marketed to us as consumers. It really does drive me nuts, when i have this. This big tank of a laptop sent to me to review and they tout having 12 to 17 hours of battery life. Some crazy number, like that and im like theyre full of it thats thats, not gon na happen, because if you have a big old laptop like that with all this horsepower, youre going to be trying to churn through all of that horsepower and youre not going to Get all of that battery life. What lenovo said on this? One is yeah. Our battery life is roughly eight hours, which is perfect, thats thats thats way more realistic, and it makes perfect sense, considering the hardware thats at hand and considering the type of tasks that are going to be handled on this device again, full hd screen touch enable it Even comes with a stylus, a really little tiny, stylish that you can use on here. That does not require any batteries and you can just tuck it away and hide it into the chassis of this laptop similar to what you would see with. Like the galaxy note line of phones, its not my cup of tea, because its a little too small for my hands, but some folks may find that useful to navigate through the touch display. But yeah. All of that stuff is just its perfect for this pricing point.

So feel free to check this out on the lenovo website. We will have links in the show notes here. I will go ahead and warn you. They are selling out. They are selling out a handful of these models, so make sure you, you really pick through the specifications that youre looking for, because some things just may not be available at the time all right folks. That is going to do it. For this episode of hands on tech, thank you so much for watching the show and sharing the show. I really do appreciate all the support make sure you continue to check out my show hands on photography, each and every thursday on the network, where im going to help you be a much better photographer and better post processor with simple tips and tricks that anybody can Do all right folks, yall, take care, well, see you next time here on hands on tech, but in the meantime, yall just safely continue to create and dominate yall. Take care no ads, just the content, thats what you get when you join club twit, you even get extras like twit, plus our new bonus feed just for members and exclusive access to the club. Twit discord community join now for just seven dollars a month to support twitter as we continue to create top notch podcasts. You expect and deserve just getting started so be one of the first to join as we build club twitch from the ground up, you could be an early member, go to twit tv club twit to learn more and sign up now.

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