At the end of the day, a chromebook is a chromebook and there are plenty of fast, affordable options out there for users, just after utility and speed, first and foremost, but for some users. However, there’s more to the equation of what makes up a great chromebook experience and if you’re like me, things like precise, build quality, higher grade, build materials and extra perks, make a chromebook worth a bit more at the register. That’S generally, the case with the new lenovo thinkpad c13 yoga chromebook a device that comes with plenty of extras and a very robust approach to build quality, but also asks that potential buyers spend a bit more in order to get them for chromebook makers. These days, the audience for this type of device leans more towards the enterprise, but in my time, with the c13 yoga, i really feel there’s a set of users out there, both corporate and consumer. That would really love to have some of the features on offer by lenovo. Here, Music today’s video is brought to you by nordvpn they’re, the vpn of choice for millions of consumers, because they’re frankly awesome at what they do and that’s keeping your browsing safe and secure. Whether you’re at home or out, and about if you’d like to learn more about them and their services head over to forward, slash nordvpn, where you can learn more and get started today under the hood on this chromebook there’s, a lot going on and we’re going To get to all of it, but before we can crack open the lid, we really should take a moment and appreciate the great build quality for what it is.

Lenovo didn’t hold back on this one and honestly it shows the color. This deep blue is stunning and the feel the fit and finish of this chromebook is excellent. All around does the screen corporate absolutely, but it also pulls off the whole thinkpad vibe, without feeling like a clunker from the moment, i got it out of the box i’ve. Just been impressed with the styling the feel and the build quality of this chromebook on top of just looking good and feeling really well made. It also comes with the standard abuse, resistant, mil, spec, 810g certification against shock and vibration and humidity, and all that stuff it’s built like a tank, and it feels like it too. There’S no creaking, no bending no flexing in this chassis, while not the thinnest or lightest chromebook out there, it’s 15.5 millimeters thick and weighs in at 3.3 pounds. It doesn’t feel too large for a 13.3 inch laptop and fits neatly into a bag with no real issues. To speak of yes, there are fan vents, but they don’t look garish or ridiculous, and all the parts of the standard thinkpad build are here, including that cool little glowing dot on the eye in the lid logo. Finishing our tour of those outer portions of the device. You get fantastic and flexible. I o with all the ports. You really could ask for two usb type c. Ports are positioned, one on a side and they’re, not one but two usb type: a ports, a full size, hdmi port, a micro sd card slot, headphone microphone, jack and a kensington lock for additional security.

Put plainly if you need to connect anything to this chromebook, the ports outside kind of, have you covered like other devices, i ended up utilizing that full size, hdmi port a couple times during my review process and i’m glad to see this port making a comeback, especially For student and working class focused chromebooks, all right, so cracking this thing open and getting to some more of the perks that come with the c13 yoga let’s start with the hinge it’s firm, yet malleable, it’s really integral to making the whole device a yoga branded chromebook. I mean lenovo was the first to make these sorts of 360 degree laptops and their experience really does show here. All the standard convertible modes apply but there’s just a firmness to the hinge here that few transforming devices nail this well. This is a great mechanism and really really well built once you do get past that hinge. You’Re met with a very good 13.3 inch, 16×9 1080p screen. The colors are balanced, the viewing angles are great and the brightness is usable in most environments at 300 nits, while there’s a 4k version of this device that you can buy. I still stand by my opinion that 1080p on a 13.3 inch screen is plenty. You don’t really need to pay for all that extra processing overhead that you honestly aren’t benefiting much from with a 4k screen. The bezels are decently small and overall i’m just happy to work on the screen, it’s, not class leading, but it isn’t really a detractor either.

Above that display, you have a not surprising 720p webcam that behaves like a 720p webcam. It gets the job done for video calls but little else and does come with a manual privacy shade, and it can quickly be closed up for assured privacy when the device is turned on or off while we’re talking about cameras. Let’S talk about how great the wide angle world facing shooter is on this chromebook nestled on the bottom, half of it right under the screen. This 5 megapixel camera has been honestly just like a go to solution for our team calls this past month between some actual auto focus and decent dynamic range for a chromebook anyway, this camera has been good enough to actually make it our larger meeting camera every time We set up a shot. I didn’t expect it to be any good at all to be honest with you and was pretty surprised, it’s actually pretty awesome, as i said before, there’s no mistaking this as a thinkpad laptop, and we only see more of that dna emerge as we get into all The features packed into the bottom half of this chromebook let’s start with a very excellent backlit keyboard with lenovo’s signature, rounded keycaps, a lovely amount of travel and just a satisfying click very low noise. I was fast and accurate when typing from this one and found i just enjoyed the overall experience. The other standard, chromebook necessity is the trackpad, and while this one is glass, it is smooth and it has a fantastic click mechanism.

I did find it to be a little bit on the small side, with trackpads only growing in size on just about every laptop out there. The diminutive thinkpad touch surface was just a bit of a letdown but there’s reason it’s, so tiny, and it gets us into some of the additional perks that we see in this particular chromebook. The small trackpad surface sits adjacent to three physical buttons above it, along with a pointer, stick buried right in the center of the keyboard pair them together, and this gives users a different way to interact with this chromebook versus the more stoic trackpad only approach. We generally see with chrome os. It seems. Users are divided on the usefulness on offer here by the red nub. But those who, like it, seem to really like it and i’ve, been made aware that for workers in any sort of glove situation, the pointer stick’s actually very helpful either way you lean. I think it is awesome to see a long standing hardware feature from the thinkpad line actually get integrated into a chromebook, and even if you don’t use the nub, there are plenty of users who still like physical buttons on a trackpad, and this gives you the option Of left right and center mouse buttons, if you’re one of those people for me, i kept it to the trackpad. Only and i use my multi finger gestures that i’m used to and, aside from the cramped space, he was honestly pretty great.

Another addition right near the trackpad that we always love to see is the inclusion of a fingerprint scanner for better security and faster logins sure there’s, nothing unique about it on the c13 yoga, but it’s, just in a handy spot. It works fast and it was reliable. Every time i went to log in it’s just nice to have these things built in. Finally, we have a unique stylus inclusion on this particular chromebook in the form of a stowable recharging, usi pin it’s the first of many expected usi pens that will live inside the chromebook. They come with and charge up, while they’re in there nestled right up front on the right side. This pin doesn’t feel like anything amazing, but it gets the job done and you never have to worry about where it is or whether it’s charged up like you’d expect any old usi pen works. Fine on this device and the included pin will actually work on other usi compatible chromebooks, but the implementation wasn’t perfect, hopefully only a software issue. The input lag was a bit more than what we’re used to with this type of pin and those lag issues continued with other pins on the same screen and they weren’t an issue. When we took the built in stylus and used it on other chromebooks there’s. Something else causing a bit of pen input, delay and we’re, hoping lenovo gets it all sorted out, but it doesn’t make things unusable by any means: you’ll just likely notice it.

Now we have to talk about these speakers with a side firing setup. I was kind of hoping for some decent sound with some nice separation, but the actual performance was flat out terrible, thin tinny not loud. These speakers are a use only when necessary, kind of hardware. Inclusion and honestly it just stinks. I didn’t expect high fidelity. I don’t expect that in laptops, but when we get nice build quality all around in other facets, i just kind of expect more from the speakers. These are just plain bad, like other enterprise focus chromebooks. The c13 yoga comes in at a variety of configurations and the one we tested had the amd ryzen 5 3500c processor inside we’ve not yet tested the ryzen, 3 ryzen 7 or athlon chips in this line. So i can’t really comment on how those would perform the 3500c was a decent workhorse, regular benchmarks, probably don’t, tell the whole story here since amd does ship with a bit more onboard, gpu grunt than comparable intel chips, at least until tiger lake devices come along, but I did feel a bit of slow down here and there, with my standard workflow keeping 10 to 15 windows open across multiple virtual desks on dual displays: 10th gen intel devices don’t really seem to show any signs of slowdown, but i did see some with this amd. 3500C now that’s not to say it felt slow necessarily, but i just have to say that i did notice some of those stutters from time to time limited to only its internal single screen and the same exact workload.

Performance really did feel a lot better and i could do all i needed without feeling like. I was really taxing the processor too much. Our device also came with 8 gigs of ram and 256 gigs of internal nvme ssd storage. But as i said, this chromebook can be configured in a bunch of ways from the amd athlon gold. 3150C, all the way up to the ryzen 7 3700c. There are a total of four processors to choose from paired, with either 4 8 or 16 gigs of ram and 32 to gigs of internal storage and an option to upgrade to a 4k panel too. Some of those configurations drop the included, pin or fingerprint scanner or world facing camera, so you do want to be sure you really look at all the options before making your selection. If to this point, this device seems like the right one for you when it comes to battery life. This device is solidly in the middle of the pack, expect seven to eight hours of use on a charge, and that should get you through a day’s work, but not much more. For me, as long as i don’t have to hunt down a charger for a standard. Workday i’m pretty happy with the battery on any chromebook. If you’re looking for an absolute battery champ, however, this just isn’t it so we’ve covered a lot to this point and it’s fair to look at a device like the c13 yoga and feel like it offers way more than you get in most chromebooks and you’d be Right to think so, while it may not be the best battery life or the best screen, you can get in a chromebook, it does bring a bunch of unique and useful features to the table that honestly are really going to matter to a lot of users.

That being said, all this stuff doesn’t come cheap and the yoga c13 cost a bit more than what most users are used to in chromebooks, now that’s, not to say it’s wildly expensive. But you need to know what you’re going to run into if you’ve stuck with us this far and this chromebook still sounds like it’s down your alley, starting just shy of 600 bucks for the entry level model that has frankly a ridiculous 4 gigs of ram and 32 gigs of emmc storage. The price only goes up from there from the model we tested. You can get it straight from lenovo for about 850. After what lenovo calls their web savings and for what you get, i don’t feel like that’s outrageous. The model i’d say most should go for is the ryzen 5, with 8 gigs of ram and 128 gigs of storage, and it comes in at just over 800, but that’s a lot of money for a chromebook with only decent performance. When it comes down to it, you really have to decide if a few things matter to you, do you like solidly built feature rich devices, or do you just need a chromebook that performs well if performance and battery and screen are all you’re after something like the Acer chromebook, spin 713 will be faster, have a better screen and last longer on a battery for what a couple hundred dollars less. But if a garage stylus a tighter, build extra input methods, a great camera, fingerprint scanner are on the list of must haves.

For you, then, the lenovo thinkpad z13 yoga chromebook could be worth your attention, but guys that’s it for this one. If you like this video, please give us a thumbs up head down there and hit that subscribe button and make sure to ring the notification bell as well.