Let us start by having a look at the specs of this model, so it comes with an amd. Ryzen 7 cpu 16 gigabytes of ddr4 ram has a 15.6 inch full high definition, ips anti glare screen. A 512 gigabytes of pci express, solid state disk has a built in 720p high definition, webcam, a fingerprint reader which is integrated in to the power button. A backlit full keyboard has a gigabit ethernet port wi fi 6 bluetooth 5.1 and comes with windows, 10 professional Music. Pre installed, there are a number of differences from the thinkpad e15 gen 2, which i reviewed in one of my previous videos. I will put the link to that video in the description and this think book e15 gen 2., bear in mind thinkpad thinkbook. There is a big difference. One of those in your face. Differences jumps out once the lid is open, there are no dedicated left right click buttons. Nor is there a track point jam in between g h and b keys. Some may argue that the dedicated buttons, and especially the track point, are not being used anyway, so not having them actually gives the laptop a cleaner, more minimalistic. Look. The chassis, too, is different, as is the lid cover design and so are the ports on the left. There are two usbc thunderbolt ports followed by an hdmi, a single usbi and a 3.5 jack for analog headphones or analog external speakers. Looking at the front of the laptop, only the webcam privacy shutter is visible on the lid.

On the right side is the four in one card reader, another single usb, a port followed by the gigabit ethernet port and a kensington lock socket. The hinge at the back looks very similar to the thinkpad e15 gen 2, but is somewhat more curvy Music. The belly right beneath the lid hinge is a single rubber foot, covering almost the full length of the chassis to help plant the laptop firmly on any surface. There are two more at the front for even more stability. Next to the stereo speakers now, let’s have a quick look at the keyboard and specifically the backlight. It has three settings two levels of brightness and off. I did my best to try and capture the levels as accurately as my camera will allow me and what you see in the video is actually very close to how it would look to your eye. There is only a slight difference between the dim and bright settings. I do not see an issue with the level of the bright setting, but the dim may prove to be a bit too bright in a dark room. Music. The 15.6 inch ips anti glare full high definition screen, does not disappoint sharp with decent level of maximum brightness. Complemented by bright and rich colors, the viewing angles too are very, very decent. Oh and one last thing definitely worth mentioning. I am not certain as to why lenovo’s spec sheet for this laptop says up to seven hours of battery use, because i was not able to get more than four in reality.

In conclusion, it is easier to complain about what i didn’t like, rather than things. I liked because i liked pretty much everything but the trackpad and the speakers. The trackpad could be a bit larger, but that’s a subjective opinion. The speakers, too, could be better and the reason i’m saying it is because the sound is very flat. There’S not a lot happening, and i have actually seen thinner laptops with much better sound, so i do know that it is possible, but other than those two things that i’ve just mentioned. Considering the price, i would not complain about anything else and that’s a wrap for this one thanks so much for watching if you have been – and if you happen to enjoy this video, please do not shy away from clicking the like and subscribe buttons i’ll catch.