So this is the first convertible from the thinkbook lineup and that’s one of the things that makes it uh the most interesting to me, because i’ve always appreciated thinkpad convertibles. I i really like i’ve appreciated thinkpads in general, so if you’re, if you’re not familiar with think book right, think is the business brand from lenovo, you got think pad, you got think stations um and now you have think book which is still it’s still pretty new It’S aimed at small to medium sized businesses came out a couple years ago and i think of it as the anti think pad right, because you look at the thinkpad and there are some very clear things that are antiquated about it. Um – and i know like – and i read the comments on this stuff – i know people disagree with me. Uh there are people that love the track point still right. You know that little red nub that lets you control the pointer on the screen. Yeah that’s the track point: um it’s, ancient it’s, a relic from the age of when windows touch pads were bad. You know um and and it’s still on every single thinkpad that comes out. You know uh and, and the thing is like i – i know people disagree with me because all the stuff like lenovo would change it. If it was that simple, but there are thinkpad loyalists that love everything about think pads and don’t want change.

Um same thing like with that black body, you know um that we see from thinkpad, so i think that it’s, like a newer, modern, take on the business laptop, so we’ve we’ve, seen like the 13s, the 14s, with the first few um. I just recently reviewed the 15p, and i you know these things. I love them. Uh they’re, wonderful, pcs, but they always have these weird shortcomings. Uh like when i reviewed the 13s and the 14 that’s you couldn’t charge from the usb type c port and i’m like wow. This thing would be perfect, except for this really like this deal breaker, you know um and though i mean they weren’t expensive, they were pretty mid range around six, seven hundred dollars great value for the price, the 15p um. You know that came with a uh 4k display, you know so a lot of stuff that’s that’s really good about it. Had a 45 watt processor dedicated graphics, um, you know it’s good stuff. So this is the 14s yoga and it’s the first convertible since lenovo started using uh thinkbook and that you’ll see some similarities to a thinkpad, um, convertible and – and you know, a lot of stuff that’s new and one of the things that’s new. That you’re about to see is that it comes in this beautiful color it’s called of this blue. Now, by the way, if you’re worried about charging through the usb type c port, you absolutely can.

With this. There are two usb type c ports. One of them is thunderbolt 4 and the other one is not, but it still supports power delivery, so you should be able to charge through either one. So this is the abyss. Blue thinkbook, 14s yoga. It is beautiful. You see it’s got this two tone, design and that’s, something that we’re seeing more from from think books over, say the past year um. I saw it with the 15p that i reviewed now, if you don’t like it. It also comes in your regular mineral gray, color, which you know it’s it’s fine. I i like silver and gray, laptops it’s like it’s cool but it’s like it’s, a dime doesn’t. You know like there’s. There are millions of silver and gray laptops out there. I love to see a nice blue like this, which you won’t see on thinkpad, except for the chromebook that i recently unboxed right, um. So yeah i mean just the look of this looks awesome weighs about three and a third pounds so it’s not particularly light um. It is made of aluminum, which is a heavier material, so that’s just the way it is, but it’s it’s, just beautiful, and you know it’s funny. I did i actually when, when when they, when lenovo said they were sending it to me i’m like please tell me that you’re sending me a this blue, apparently it’s a limited edition, color um. I love it.

Um and it’s also like the rest of the thinkbook lineup, really is just that uh mineral gray type of color. So this is something that’s a little different. So let’s take a look. Okay now we have. We have a usb type, a port over on the side. Here it is usb 3.2 gen one, and so that means you’re gon na get five gigabit per second speeds uh, rather than 10 gigabits per second, that you’d get from 3.2 gen 2. um power button. Here we have a pen all right, so this is a similarity that you’re going to see the thinkpad convertibles that always have that that pen included so i’m. A big fan of this method, for instance uh. Like a microsoft surface book, you have a a full sized pen that gets attached to the side and so like that’s that’s, the the one drawback to having it stored inside the device. Is that it’s a smaller pen? But i personally like it because i like that it’s just always with me: it doesn’t fall off in my bag it’s, so it does charge and and it’s just always charged. So you always have it when you need it and it’s uh. It makes it nice and easy i don’t know i mean if you’re, primarily a tablet user. You i mean you can always invest in a third party pen. So, like the the options there, i personally prefer the pen garage method like that on this other side.

Here, like i said, we do have two usb type c ports. One of them is thunderbolt 4.. One of them is not. It is usb 3.2 gen 2. So you do get that 10 gigabits per second speeds. Now you also get with this port it’s it’s. A pretty full port it’s display port 1.4 and you get powered power delivery. So you can use this. You can connect to it just um. You know a 4k display hdmi over here. This is 1.4 b. I laugh because it’s weird like they, they really went all in on the ports over here. Well, almost all, and they could have done two thunderbolt four, but i digress um. You know because uh hdmi 2.0 – i i don’t, really understand why we still see hdmi 1.4 b but um so yeah you could do 4k, but i think um at 30 hertz or something that’s. You know you’ll want to stick to full hd or qhd um, and then, of course, we have another usb type, a port. This one is always on. So that means, if you’re, if the laptop plugged into power, you can still use this to uh charge a device. Even if it’s not powered on and then 3.5 millimeter audio jack, by the way, the thing about thunderbolt 4, which is nice uh, 40 gigabit per second data transfer speeds. You can connect uh, two 4k monitors on a single port or or one 8k monitor you can plug in an external gpu.

So there’s a lot of a lot of stuff that you can do with with thunderbolt 4. um. You know i i most think books. I don’t even think had thunderbolt 3, but if you, if you had a device that had the full spec of thunderbolt 3, you actually um you’re not getting any benefit with thunderbolt 4 um. So it was the base spec that you’re really getting a real improvement. So, like the thing the thing about it was you couldn’t really tell what you were buying so now, it’s pretty clear what thunderbolt 4 is like. I said we have the power button on the side and it’s almost a little jarring to me, just because i’m so used to think books. Think books usually have the the power button right up here. It doubles as a fingerprint sensor which obviously based on the sticker. So does the one on the side, but it doubles as a fingerprint sensor and what’s cool is that it always scans your fingerprint sensor when you first press it, so you don’t have to touch it again after the pc boots up making it nice and easy just That one touch sign in and um you know, then you don’t have to worry about um. You know an ir camera for i like personally, i think that’s the best way to get in because you just you touch it. The pc boots up and you’re in um over here we do have a uh privacy guard, so we can just do that.

That’Ll open up our webcam, you don’t have to put tape over it or anything. This is not a new feature. Privacy guards have been becoming pretty popular over the last couple of years. Lenovo was one of the first to do it in in its thinkpad, so um yeah we’re, just seeing that everywhere, the keyboard is nice. Now here’s the thing that you got to keep in mind: lenovo’s renowned for the keyboards and think pads and those thing pads have 1.5 millimeter keys. This is shallower it’s and it feels more modern. Like i said and like i said, you don’t, you don’t have a track point here. You know that would be sitting right here. More modern, uh, clickable, trackpad um think pads also have clickable trackers, but they have that physical, those physical buttons at the top, no physical buttons here, because those physical buttons are mainly designed for use with the trackpoint right um. So another thing about this obviously uh iris, xe, graphics, and so this is 11th gen. So that means you’re going to get it’s a second gen, 10 nanometer processor from intel and um. You actually get some power here and if we take a look at what’s offered in here, it’s going to be a core i7 1165 g7 uh, which is good. You know – and it comes with iris, xe, graphics, right, core i7, 1165. G7. 16 gigs of ram uh. This one has 512 gigs of storage as well, so with iris xe you can uh play full hd games, you can you could you could do some video editing on this machine? In fact, it’s really cool that intel has started, focusing on integrated graphics, which it didn’t do in previous years and honestly, like i look at some of these tiny, tiny little pcs and i look at what you can do with them with integrated graphics that i would Have sworn just a couple years ago that you would need dedicated graphics for it’s, really cool all right, so that is the thinkbook 14s yoga and, like i said it is the first convertible from the thinkbook lineup.

So that means you can obviously use it as a tablet here and that’s. The whole point of having that got ta open this up a little bit to get to it, that’s the point of having that pen inside here. So you can, if you need to you, can just start writing. You know um. Obviously, windows ink is a thing. You can write on photos in the photos app, you could draw roots in the in the maps app. You can take handwritten notes in onenote. All that kind of stuff, so i mean it’s, really designed like most convertibles it’s, designed that you’re you’re, primarily um you’re, primarily using it as a clamshell right it’s, a laptop um. If you were just using it as a tablet, you would probably buy it as buy a tablet, but there are times when you might want to use it as a tablet. So then you can easily just you flip the screen back. You pull the pen out it’s in there, um and and here’s the thing like and that’s. Why? I like the pen garage method, because if you look at like the surface book um, these things are clearly designed to be laptops first, so um, if you’re not using them as tablets. Frequently then, it doesn’t make sense to have a pen magnetically attached to the side because it’s a pain point. It falls off in your bag and you know it sits at the bottom of your bag for months until you actually use it um and then also the battery dies.

Um it’s got a quadruple, a battery which is not at your local drugstore it’s, not rare you’ll find it at a best, buy or something, but it’s got a quadruple, a battery the battery dies and then, when you actually go to use it that you’ve been carrying It around for so long the battery’s dead. You got to change it, so i mean now. This is always with you. It doesn’t get in your way and it’s always charged so it’s, it’s, really cool. This is going to be a really well built device and i’m going to have a great time reviewing. It i’ve been looking forward to this one because i do enjoy think books a lot um and i don’t really want to get my hand on the thinkbook plus. That has the e ink display on the outside.