I was lucky enough to receive recently. This is a gorgeous looking lightweight business class laptop with a 360 degree screen hinge, which allows the display to rotate all the way around, so it can be used like a tablet. It has the latest 11th generation intel i5 or i7 processor, various storage and ram options, and it comes with superfast wi fi six as standard along the edges. You can see it has fantastic connectivity with usb a usbc thunderbolt, 4 hdmi and it’s a small thing, but for me, it’s really useful to have a micro sd card slot as well. The display itself is a bright full high definition panel with excellent color reproduction and skinny bezels, all protected with corning gorilla, glass and it’s, also great to see tuv low blue light certification, which reduces strain on the eyes after long sessions in front of the screen. As it’s a think book, it’s military ruggedized, but that’s not at the expense of design, the laser etched metal chassis, looks stunning and it comes in mineral gray or abyss blue, but available the two colors. It varies from countries to country primarily built for business customers. This thinkbook also has a number of features. You probably expect to see in our thinkpad product range, so items such as lenovo think shield security, sccn driver support, wmi bioscripting and the legendary lenovo reliability and support now there’s a stylus housed inside the laptop that you can pull out and use to write on the Screen, even when the device is in standby, pulling the stylus out of the thinkbook automatically wakes the system up, and it opens up the smart note app.

You can then jot notes into the smart note app and those notes are automatically synced with microsoft, onenote, which is really clever, and the great thing is this: stylus charges itself every time you insert it into the laptop, so you never have to replace the battery as A yoga laptop there are four distinct modes of operation and we’ll run through them now. Firstly, you could just use it like a laptop. Of course. The keyboard is fast and responsive is great for touch typists. The trackpad is really big and it has a satisfying clicking action. The touchscreen makes it easy to scroll through documents and websites. Next, you can use it in temp mode, which i find particularly useful for presenting information to someone in front of me. Next, you can use it in stand mode. This is useful. If you have limited space like on a train or a plane, you can use your fingers or the stylus to control the yoga. Lastly, there’s the full tablet mode. We see a lot of our customers leveraging this mode when they’re interacting with their clients, and they don’t want a laptop screen between them as a barrier. The stylus allows you to write down notes or annotate documents in a natural way. If you end up using it like a normal laptop most the time, that’s, fine in fact, that’s the beauty of it, there are no compromises in using it. This way you get blistering performance, an excellent keyboard and a full range of connectivity, and these are features you tend to miss out on with the two in one tablet, with a magnetic keyboard.

The thinkbook 14s yoga is a modern, stylish and extremely capable business laptop with the flexibility to use it in multiple environments. No matter if you’re hot desking on the sofa on the train or in front of a customer, the 14s yoga will adapt to your workflow. If you’d, like more information on our second generation, thinkbook range, please contact your lenovo account manager or visit our website.