Pro good thing is theyre finally, including the precision pin with this one. Current price on this is 699.99 in the united states, but its already on sale for 629.99 youre gon na get the snapdragon 870 processor, six gigabytes of ram 128 gigabytes of storage. Still on android 11, though, it also has a 12.6 inch, 2k resolution, amoled display 120 hertz refresh rate. It also has dolby vision, 400 nits brightness youve also got an 8 megapixel front facing camera. Youve got dual cameras on the back: a 13 megapixel and a 5 megapixel wide angle. You also get bluetooth 5.2. With this one, jbl quad speaker system, theyre, also going to have an optional keyboard that you can buy separately. Plus you get wi fi six. You get a 30 watt, usbc charging brick. You also get a 10 200 milliamp hour battery with this one, usb c to usb c charging cable, so yeah pretty high in specs. With this new p12 pro versus their previous model, they also throw in a headphone adapter, usb c to 3.5 millimeter. Now you get two different versions with this. One is just a micro sd card tray, the other one is the micro sd card tray plus. It also has a spot for a nano sim card. They also throw in an extra tip for the precision pin if you didnt, think these guys are going after samsung. Wait till you see this precision pin 3., i mean i dont know.

If you can get much closer to an s pen i mean it feels pretty nice really nice premium build quality here and then, of course, youve got a spot right there on the back. For the s pen, i mean precision: pin 3. youve got your dual camera setup up there in the corner, along with the flash and then, as you can see, this is super thin, very samsung like and then on the right hand side is your volume buttons dual Speakers on each side, usbc charging port there on the bottom along the top. You get your power button, which also acts as a fingerprint scanner. This has got to be the most premium feeling tablet from lenovo that ive tried so far. Pretty cool animation there for the precision pin as well with the new lenovo pin theyre going to give you some tips here. You can also use the button on the pen to remotely switch between powerpoint, slides music videos take photos, you can start handwriting and its going to convert it to text automatically left at the home screen theyre putting the google entertainment space. I kind of like that. Theyre doing that on some of the other lenovo tablets as well, plus theyre, adding google kid space on this one as well and as you can see, a really nice and vibrant oled display here pretty thin bezels all the way around as well and yeah. I can tell already this lenovo pin is really responsive pen tools over here on the side.

Youve got about pen tools quickly, create new notes, copy text to generate a note, you can use these buttons to create new notes, take screenshots scan documents or turn the pen into a laser pointer or magnifying glass. So, as you can see somewhat similar to what youre going to get with the s pen on samsung, you can also press the button on the pen while tapping the screen to quickly create a new note. You can also copy a note to an input box where you just press and hold the no and then drag it to an empty area to copy the note content to the currently active input box. You can also do a scrolling screenshot with this. So when you swipe left to the home screen youre going to get the google entertainment space, which i sort of like what tablets are doing with this youve got a lot of stuff to watch on the first tab. Theyve got some games that you might be interested in books to read and you can listen to music podcasts, that kind of stuff, as well its using about 18 gigabytes of the 128 gigabyte storage right out of the box. This also has double tapped. Awake raise to wake. You can pick between 60hz and 120hz, refresh rate up in the notification shade youre going to get most of your typical stuff, like wi, fi, bluetooth, auto rotate, auto brightness ring eye protection mode. You got dark theme, location nearby, share productivity mode, youve.

Also got smart, rotate screenshot screen record, you can choose between three different modes on the adobe, atmos, airplane mode notification, free mode battery saver and then youve also got screencast theres, also a few others that you can add like focus mode bedtime mode, lock, screen data saver. You can also invert colors and then do not disturb nice thing is on netflix. You get full hd playback resolution, which youre definitely gon na want on a screen this large and then, of course, you get up to 2160p resolution on youtube. I dont think ive seen this before they have a tablet center. It actually shows you the warranty status, current service and support status. It says: ive got 14 months remaining, looks like its going to end in february of 2023, but they also offer you an option to upgrade your warranty, actually thats, a pretty good idea. Im surprised more companies dont do that, and then you also get productivity mode with this, where its going to turn into sort of their version of samsung dex. Pretty nice feature. Actually, if you have a bluetooth keyboard or if you get the official one from lenovo – or you can just add any bluetooth, keyboard and mouse to this and its gon na just make this feel like a little bit closer to a laptop text, looks really nice and Sharp on this display also something that i felt was a little bit off on the tab. P11 pro nice to see.

Theres really, no issue that i see on this one. Let me give you a quick audio test on this. Just to give you an idea of what the speakers sound like Music, Laughter, Laughter, okay, so yeah the speakers on here – sound nice and loud plenty of clarity, not a whole lot of bass. But again this is a really thin tablet. I think most people are gon na, like how the speakers sound on here. So youve got a pretty simple camera app here. Youve got video photo portrait. Youve also got the wide angle lens there on the back wide angle, lens. Definitely doesnt look as good as the other one. You can also use auto hdr smart document, then for video you get up to 4k resolution on the rear facing camera 1080p on the front facing camera. Then you can choose between different aspect ratios hdr, auto hdr hdr turn it off altogether. Youve got grid lines, smart document. You can also pick from a lot of different filters here, ill go ahead and show you some samples of photos and video. Just to give you an idea of what to expect the quality of photos and video for this tablet are actually pretty decent for a tablet. Anyways, its still not going to be quite as good as most cell phones, especially in low light situations, and the color seems a little bit off on the front facing camera for video. The cameras on here are probably a little better than the other lenovo tablets.

Ive tested just not quite as good as a cell phone for about the same price foreign as expected performance on this tablet is really good in geekbench scores, theyre right up there with the galaxy s21 galaxy, s21 ultra and also as expected. Gaming on this tablet is really good. Really, nice, hd, graphics, high frame rates, the graphics and scenes are going to load pretty quick during most games and just how fast the games load and my testing are really good. Not only is this going to be the closest thing to the more expensive samsung tablets with the s pen performance gaming, its going to make it a really tough decision to choose between this and some of those more popular samsung tablets. Its just really nice to see a high end tablet, not only hardware but also software performance. There could be some improvement with the cameras, but overall i really like what im seeing from lenovo and if you do buy this tablet over something from samsung. I think youre really not going to miss out on much so yeah. Obviously you got to check this tablet out. I think a lot of people are going to be surprised by just how good this tablet is. So if youve made it this far into the video, you may want to say thanks by subscribing and dont forget to give a thumbs up. If this video was helpful, this is brian from fishbee productions.