Now this is just the regular p11, not the p11 pro and it just released in the united states. It released for 229 dollars and when you look at the spec sheet, you’re gon na say wow that actually fits in very, very well it’s, a very good, affordable device. So i’m gon na go into details. I’M gon na have some close ups and let you know all the pros and cons of this device and i’m gon na. Let you know if you should consider buying it for yourself. So with all that being said, let’s get straight into this review and let’s get it going the tap p11. Maybe you haven’t heard about this tablet. Maybe you haven’t heard much in the us, but this is a really unique tablet that fits in at this price point. So this retails at 230 dollars and it’s very similar to the samsung galaxy tab a7. They both have the same processor, the snapdragon 662. They both have the same resolution in the screen 2000 by 1200. They also both have dual speakers on both sides of the device. Neither device has a fingerprint sensor, so there’s not very much different between the tab a7 and this p11, and when we look at the design, you’re gon na notice that this is made of aluminum as well. You’Re gon na see again two speakers here and your power button. Now you are gon na see a keyboard connector here, so you could connect to a lenovo keyboard that’s a bonus you’re going to see here on the other side, two speakers and your usbc port and right up here, you’re, going to see an sd card slot and You’Re up and down on your volume now on the front of the screen, you are going to notice that when you do have the device in landscape mode, you have the front facing camera up top that’s, very similar again to the galaxy tab a7 and in my Opinion when i think of that samsung tablet, i really think about how it was such a big upgrade from last year and it really came into the space at 229 and that seemed like a great price and a great bargain.

Well, lenovo was coming in at this price point and they’re, bringing a few extra things so for one they’re bringing a display that has a little bit more brightness, so this display it gets up to about 400 nits of brightness. Now the galaxy tab a7. It only has about 329 nits, so this screen it looks absolutely great and i really noticed it as far as the colors. They were very vibrant and good everything looked crisp and clear. So when i was watching videos, everything did continue to look good. I didn’t have any issues at all with the display and then to see this type of brightness as well in a budget device. That is absolutely excellent. So if you’re on that 150 to 200 price range, you might just want to bump up and get something like this, especially if you want a great display now moving on to performance, you’re, going to see excellent benchmarks on this again, this benchmarks, very similarly to the Galaxy tab s6 light so it’s very, very fast and speedy. Now, no it’s not going to be a snapdragon 888 or an 865, or anything like that. So it’s not gon na compete with those higher end models. This is a budget tablet, but this is very good for performance. I didn’t really notice hiccups. If i was just casually using the device, you might just have to wait an extra second for something to load, but i didn’t notice any lags or stutters or anything like that, and one reason for that is four gigabytes of ram, so the galaxy tab a7 only Has three gigabytes, so you are getting a little more performance in this.

So not only are you getting a brighter screen, but you’re also getting that one extra gigabyte of ram and ram just helps you multitask. It helps you go between different apps and things like that. Without them closing out on you, so this is going to multitask very well. I found everything seemed very smooth and very speedy. In my experience now it is a budget device. So remember, gaming is not going to be very high end i found most things would play in low graphics and some things would play in those medium graphics. But it is not a gaming machine, but everything still looks pretty good when i was using it and again, everything seemed to perform pretty well as long as i had my expectations in check. So if you’ve used older budget devices in the past, i think you’re going to be really impressed with this. Now, if you’re used to the highest in models out there, the highest in phones and everything like that, keep your expectations in check and just remember. This is a device that’s good for casual use, for casual reading, for casual browsing and for watching some videos and playing some light games. It’S not meant for the heavy duty users, and if you want that, get the tab s7, but this device it performs great and it has a good battery life as well. This has a 7 700 milliamp battery that’s, even better than a lot of devices out there.

It’S, even better than the tab s5e or the tab s6 for example. So this has a phenomenal battery life. It is very, very good and it is better than the tab a7 as well. So i know you notice i’m doing a lot of comparisons in this review. I’M doing a lot of comparisons to what’s out there and in this review i’m really trying to get you to see something this device compared to other tablets around the same price range. It does give you a much better battery. It also gives you more screen brightness. It gives you a little better performance because it does have more ram. You could also buy an optional keyboard that’s going to attach to the bottom, which a lot of budget tablets do not do so when you consider all of these things, when you consider that this benchmarks, right along with the tab s6 light, and when you consider the Price point that it’s only 229 and i’m sure there’s going to be sales off and on that you’re going to see on this device, you have to think what are the cons? Why shouldn’t i buy this device and one reason i will give you is software updates. Lenovo has been notoriously bad with software updates over their years and normally they only give one software update to their devices. So this device it released on android 10, which is pretty outdated by now already, so i really only expected to get android 11.

now. I expect them to keep up with some security updates off and on over the years, but i don’t think they’re gon na do quite as good as samsung on their very budget devices like the tab. A7 samsung normally does at least one to two updates. Now, when you’re in that budget price range, that really shouldn’t matter all that much especially since you don’t see a ton of software support on samsung’s, lower end budget tablets anyway, now the other thing, this doesn’t have a fingerprint sensor, maybe that’s one other thing to bother. You but other than that. I think this device is absolutely great for this price point. I don’t have a lot of qualms about it at all and a lot of dumb tech reviewers out there will probably complain. Oh, the screen is in 4k or something like who cares these people, they think about 650 devices all day or 800 or a thousand dollar devices they don’t think about the average consumer and what they want in reality. If you want a tablet – and you want something for reading on the couch, you want something for light web browsing and you’re not going to flip out, because you have to wait an extra second for an app to open up in reality. If you look at all those things – and you look at the fact that this does have a bright screen, it is good quality just because it doesn’t match up to the tab s7.

Who cares? This is a 229 device and compared to all the other devices at this price point, this does a great job for the money, so i would absolutely recommend this tablet to you. I think it is a great bargain and i can’t wait for all of you to try it out for yourselves, and i hope you see it on sale too, keep in mind. I was not sent this for free or anything like that. I did buy with my own money to try it out i’m under no obligation to give this a good review. Thank you all so much for your support. I really appreciate it feel free to check the links in the description for yourself, so you could check out to see if there’s any great deals out there. Please give me a like as well on this video and a sub. If you loved this video, i would really appreciate it honestly if you didn’t love this video, you should sub anyway, just because i’m, a nice guy and follow me on twitter as well at digestandroid. I would appreciate that because i really do need quality twitter followers.