There was a time when all kinds of manufacturers were building android tablets, but they never really sold all that well, except if you’re samsung these days, only a few companies still make compelling android tablets, including samsung and amazon, but lenovo thinks it can compete and has released The new lenovo tab p11 pro the tablet offers a premium design, solid performance and more, but at five hundred dollars is it worth buying, or should you spend the only fifty dollars more for the samsung galaxy tab s7 i’ve been testing the tab p11 pro to find Out, if you like this video, please subscribe to the channel, it really helps support my work, and i would appreciate that support Music easily one of the best things about the lenovo tab. P11. Pro is its design. It looks great. The tablet is really quite attractive, with a dark gray. Aluminum unibody look very similar to that of the samsung galaxy tab. S7. It has a nice, rounded corners, it’s relatively slim, and i generally just like the look of it around the edges of the device. You’Ll get volume controls a usb c port and a power button which doubles as a fingerprint sensor on the front is where you’ll find the display and it’s pretty nice you’ll get an 11.5 inch oled display with a 1600×256 resolution and it’s relatively crisp, detailed and colorful. It also offers pretty good viewing angles, so you can see your content, no matter how you’re looking at the device.

Unfortunately, the device does not have a high refresh rate, so you won’t, get the smooth, animations and responsive feel that you get on some similar price tablets. Like the galaxy tab, s7 still, the display should be more than good enough for things like watching movies playing games and so on. The speakers on the tab. P11 pro are solid. The tablet has quad speakers and they can both get pretty loud and offer enough depth for watching movies. Of course, listening through headphones will always offer a better experience, but in a pinch these speakers will definitely do the job under the hood. The tablet is clearly a so called premium mid range tablet. It has a qualcomm snapdragon 730g processor, coupled with either four gigabytes or six gigabytes of ram it’s, not a bad performing setup and actually it’s easily smooth enough for the vast majority of situations, including things like mobile gaming and productivity it’s, not quite as impressive as what’s. On offer by the galaxy tab, s7 or ipad air, which offers flagship performance but it’s still pretty good benchmarks, confirm the fact that it’s, not quite as impressive as the ipad air or galaxy tab. S7. The device’s score on geekbench 5 isn’t, really on par with the likes of the galaxy tab, s7 or ipad air it’s, not bad and again. The tablet should still be able to handle most things that you can throw at it, but it’s likely to slow down sooner than the competition which isn’t good.

The tab. P11 pro has an 8600 milliamp hour battery and it’s easily able to get the tablet through days of use at a time a few times after. The tablet was fully charged and left alone. For a few days, it still had over 90 of its battery left. Even if you use the tablet heavily, you should still expect to get a full day of use from it and usually much more. The camera on the device won’t be nearly as important as it would be on a smartphone and that’s good, because it’s not really all that nice on the lenovo tab. P11 pro you’ll get a 13 megapixel main camera and a 5 megapixel ultra ride. Camera and they’ll. Do the job for most situations, you probably won’t, want to take your tablet out to take actual photos, but in a pinch, it’ll do fine on the front of the device. You’Ll get an 8 megapixel main camera and a secondary 8 megapixel camera for things like depth. Information which is used for the facial recognition technology on the device. Speaking of facial recognition, it didn’t really work all that. Well, i set the system up during the setup process and it rarely detected my face properly and almost never faster than it would take to simply type in my pin code. The fingerprint sensor was only fine too leaving me to usually just type in my pin code to get into the tablet then there’s, the software.

So far, the lenovo tab, p11 pro has been more or less a capable tablet, but software is where it all falls apart. That’S not new for android tablets. Apple has worked hard on refining its software for the ipad line, but android simply isn’t built for tablets, and it shows apps are badly built for the tablet screen size and often the apps on offer are simply the smartphone apps stretched to fit the screen of the Tablet lenovo attempts to fix some of these issues that’s, namely through the so called productivity mode which switches on by default. When you connect the included keyboard and is essentially a desktop like approach. Unfortunately, in this mode, apps load in a tiny window and they won’t snap to the side of the screen or anything like that, if you try and move them, sometimes apps crash in productivity mode, and that happens much more regularly than on other devices in normal mode. The software is still only fine, the device ships with android 10 and it’s a little ugly but it’s relatively easy to navigate if you’ve used an android device before it’s a bit of a shame. Considering the fact that the tablet does offer decent hardware and a really nice design, as mentioned samsung, has kind of been at the top of the android tablet game for a while now, and this tablet poses no challenge to that dominance. I really wouldn’t recommend this tablet to anyone who wants to use their device for productivity.

The lenovo tab p11. Pro is a solid device with a nice design and decent performance, but it’s seriously let down by a poor software experience that makes it difficult to use for more than basic web browsing social media and so on. So what should you get instead? Well, in this price range, the ipad air is easily the tablet to go, for it performs better. The software experience is way better and it still offers a solid edge to edge display. If you really want to stick within the android ecosystem, then the samsung galaxy tab. S7 is the tablet to go for thanks to its better software and better performance thanks so much for watching this video and again, please hit the like button and subscribe to the video. If it was helpful to you, you can buy the lenovo tab p11 pro for yourself using the links in the description. My name is christian and i’ll.