This tablet is a mid range tablet, but it does have some high end features so i’m going to let you know how high end it is and if you should spend your money on it also, let me know what you think of this new recording space. I know it’s got better audio quality and video quality, though there is some wind and stuff around me off and on so you may hear some stuff like that. So how does this lenovo compare to the galaxy tab, s7 or the tab s7 plus? How good is it, and should you spend your money on it, let’s find out right now, Music, all right, so the first thing i do want to talk about is specs for this device. Now there are three different devices in the us that you’re going to see. If you go to the lenovo store or if you shop around a little bit, you’re gon na find out that there’s one device with only four gigabytes of ram and that retails at 499. If you spend 50 more dollars, you’ll go up to six gigabytes of ram, and if you spend another, 50 you’ll go up to 600 and that will get you all of the accessories like this case here. This kickstand case you’ll also get, of course, the keyboard which attaches, and you will also get the stylus, which is really really cool as well. So the 600 model, in my opinion, is the best value because for only a hundred dollars more, not only do you get all of the accessories, but you also get extra ram as well.

Now all three models have an 11.5 inch display. It is a 2560 by 1600 resolution it’s, a very, very good resolution, now it’s only a 60 hertz display as well so it’s, not 120 hertz or 90 hertz, like you see in some other devices, and this tablet has the snapdragon, 730 g and again, four gigabytes Of ram in that base model and six gigabytes of ram in the two models above it now. This tablet also has an 8600 milliamp battery. That is a monstrous battery it’s one of the biggest batteries i’ve ever seen in a tablet, so it is going to get really really good battery life as well. Now let’s take a look at the design of the tablet on the bottom of the tablet. You’Re going to see right here, this just connects this device to a keyboard. So if you have the keyboard in front of you, all you’re going to do is just pop it on with that magnetic connector. Now, on the side of the device, you’re going to see two speakers here, you’re going to see a fingerprint sensor and you’re also going to see this slide here, which is for a sd card. Now, on the other side of the tablet, you will also see two speakers, and you will see this charging port right here now. If you are using this tablet in landscape mode, you are going to notice that the fingerprint sensor is, on the top left hand, corner and you’re going to notice the volume buttons are on top.

So it seems like a little bit of an odd location, but i did get used to it over time now. This tablet does have some bezels all around and i don’t think that’s a bad thing. If you’re gaming on a tablet, you are going to want to hold on to the tablet a little bit on the corners, so i think it’s just fine to have those bezels. You do see two cameras, though, on the front of the tablet and on the back of the tablet, you see two cameras as well. Now i believe those cameras do help like blur out the background if you’re in video calls and stuff like that. So that is a good feature that this tablet has now. This tablet is extremely lightweight. I absolutely love that it feels lighter than the tab, s7 plus and it’s also made of aluminum, which is really really cool. So i noticed there was a little more weight on the tab s7 compared to previous models, and this actually is super light super thin. So it doesn’t have a headphone jack, but i could sort of see why, just because it is so so lightweight now. As far as the keyboard case and the design on that, you do see this right here, it magnetically attaches to the back of the tablet and it has all types of different angles. So you could really just stick this on the back of the tablet and when you do it just magnetizes now one thing to notice on this kickstand case here you’re going to see on the corners there’s just a little bit of bowing on the corners.

So it’s not perfectly flat. I wish it was, but i have seen on other reviews that they had that minor issue as well. So i think that’s a little bit of poor quality control, it’s, not completely flat all the way across, but it’s not going to come off or anything. It does stick on perfectly fine. Now you are going to notice a lot of angles on this kickstand. So if you are deciding to watch movies or videos, you can have all types of angles to watch, entertainment on which is really really cool, and you also have the keyboard, of course, as well. And if you look at this keyboard, you have a nice track pad compared to something like the tab. S7. The keys just have a lot more travel on this. So i really really like the keyboard here. I think it’s even better in my opinion than the tab. S7 plus keyboard, though that could be a little subjective and the trackpad is very good as well. You also have all these function keys on top with the up and down on brightness and volume, and things like that. So i really really like this keyboard it’s actually really really good quality and even though it’s not as good as other keyboards out there, if you buy a separate keyboard, you’ll, probably find something with a little better travel i’m sure, but for a travel keyboard for a Travel friendly keyboard – this is one of the best that i’ve seen now.

One thing you’re going to notice on the back of the keyboard itself and also on the back of this kickstand case. Is this fabric so i’m? Not a big fan of that at all because it can get dirty just the other day i was taking out the trash. I had my tablet in my car now, normally it wouldn’t be a big deal. I would take out the trash bring the tablet in and everything is fine and dandy. I could always use some hand sanitizer on the tablet later or something like that, but with this, when you bring it in, if my hands even touch trash, you could imagine that’s going to sink into this little case here. So i don’t like that at all again, i think the fabric is a really bad choice, at least for the bottom of the keyboard. I understand for the back for this nice little kickstand case, but i don’t understand it for the keyboard part. Why would you do that, especially when people are going to set their device down on all types of surfaces right, so not a big fan of it, but hey it’s the design choice they decided to make. So this keyboard is really really good. The travel is phenomenal. It’S got a great design to it, so i love all that, so the fabric is something i don’t like, but when you consider the whole package and how good the keyboard is, it’s, definitely something i can overlook when you consider just how good this keyboard really is.

So next let’s take a look at the display and one thing: you’re going to notice it’s an 11.5 inch screen so it’s, really in between the regular tab s7 and the tab s7 plus. As far as size goes. So it is bigger and i definitely noticed that it was a larger screen than the tab s7, which i really appreciated coming from that. But i also didn’t want something quite as big as the tab s7 plus. So this is really meeting that middle ground between the two and it’s got a great resolution at 2560 by 1600, and when it looks that good. When you have that good of a resolution, there’s not going to be a lot to complain about – and it has 350 nits of brightness 500 nits of brightness when you’re watching hdr content and everything looks phenomenal. In my opinion. Now it is a pin tile display and an oled display as well, so a pentile display. Apparently the text that you’re reading could be a little bit blurrier when you use a part like that. So, yes, the text is apparently blurrier just a little bit than the tab s7 or the tab, seven plus, but it’s, not really something. I noticed on the day to day experience it wasn’t, something that i noticed at all. In fact, everything just looked amazing and one of the first things that happened. When i pulled this out of the box, i looked at the display and i thought it was great great quality.

So i think, if you’re using this for entertainment or if you’re, using this day to day for everyday tasks, i think you’re really going to appreciate how great this display is it’s phenomenal quality. So no, this doesn’t have a 120 hertz display. So if you are using the tab, s7 or the tab, s7 plus, yes, those tablets do have a better refresh rate and when you’re scrolling through things, look a little bit smoother. But this tablet is in a different category. You have to remember that the tab s7 plus, when you factor in the keyboard case it’s over one thousand dollars in retail price, and this you get the case. You get everything all the accessories and the stylus for six hundred dollars in retail price. Now i’ve seen sales on the tab, seven plus, but i’ve also seen sales on this as well, so keep in mind you’re almost getting this tablet for half of the retail price again when you’re factoring in the keyboard case. So if you want a keyboard case – and you want a nice screen and something great for entertainment, but you don’t want to pay all that money. This really is a solid option for you now, when you do notice that this retails for a lot lower than the tab, seven plus considering the keyboard case and all that stuff, you are going to also see that the processor is a little bit lower. It’S, a little worse and that’s just a compromise that they did make with the tablet: it’s a snapdragon, 730 g, so it’s still fast, it’s a good processor but it’s not as fast as the tab, s7 or the tab s7 plus.

Now, if i’m, comparing this tablet to anything, i would compare it to something like the google pixel 4a. So this is like a mid range tablet in speed. So it is a good tablet. Don’T get me wrong. It compares to a lot of 400 phones out there, but it is not the best of the best right. It doesn’t have the best snapdragon out there, but i didn’t personally notice any hiccups in performance. As far as gaming goes, this will game at medium settings on things like fortnite and it’ll, be pretty smooth overall, a lot of games that will game on those medium to high settings. So this is good for gaming, not great it’s good for performance, but when you get a display like this right, that is so good and you also get a tablet with good performance like this. This really makes this tablet a compelling package. Now this does have an 8600 milliamp battery and i’ve got to say that is amazing for battery life. So not only does this have a great display and good performance, but it also has a great battery as well and when you compare it to the tab, seven and the tab, seven plus it’s, going to be right there, even a little bit better. In my opinion, as far as battery life goes, so the battery lasts for a very long time. This tablet also has other great features like dual speakers on both sides. The speakers are very loud.

I hear things very clearly. They are very, very good quality. Now. Another thing i really love about this device is this fingerprint reader it’s phenomenal it’s great quality. So i really really like that as well, because a lot of fingerprint readers when they are in the screen they get affected when you put a tempered glass on the device. So i really like that. I don’t have to worry about that and that the fingerprint reader is right there and it works really well now. I also want to talk about the software experience on this tablet. The first thing you’re going to notice that you’re going to see with pretty much any android tablet is that some apps only work in portrait mode. So that means that you have to hold your tablet in this direction here, just up and down to get them to work, so the best buy app is one of those apps. For example. I really like to use the best buy app to go shopping. I don’t want to have to go to the web page, so if i pull open the best buy app boom, it works great in portrait mode. Now, if i flip it over to landscape mode, it does not work very well now. That is a big problem on this tablet when it comes with this really nice kickstand cover and you’re trying to use the kickstand, and what do you know the best buy app doesn’t work? That means you’re going to have to grab your tablet you’re going to put the kickstand down and you’re gon na have to flip the tablet to use that app.

Now, that is not a good experience overall, but we can’t really blame lenovo for this. This is something that happens to every single android tablet. There are a lot of apps that just aren’t optimized, very well for tablets, but one thing we can give samsung credit for with their tab s7 and their tab. Seven plus, is that they do have multiple apps. That you could download in the galaxy store, one’s called multi star and one is called good lock and those apps do force the apps to work in landscape mode. So that’s an awesome thing to see on that tablet and this tablet just doesn’t, have anything like that. Developed yet so, as far as using the tablet day to day, that was one of the main things that really stuck with me that i didn’t like i have about five to ten different apps that i like to use that only work in portrait mode and when You have your camera up here on the top of the device when your device is built to work in landscape mode. You really need things like that to work, so i wouldn’t blame lenovo for it, but i would say thank you samsung for allowing or whoever made those apps. Even thank you for making those, because that really solved a big problem that lenovo just hasn’t solved. Yet with their software now, another thing you need to consider is: this only comes with android 10. now samsung on their tab s7 and their tab, seven plus line they are giving three big years of software updates.

So i’m talking three big android upgrades and four years of security updates now on this tablet. Here i think we’re gon na get android 11 on it. We may get one big software update, but outside of that, i don’t expect much from lenovo so that’s. Another big issue is software support, because android 11 has been out for quite a while now believe, it’s been almost a year, it’s been at least seven eight months. So the fact that this still has android 10, it doesn’t have android 11. Yet, and even when it does get it by that time, android 12 will probably be out shortly after that right. So this is not great as far as software goes. If you’re someone who cares about software upgrades that’s a compromise that you are making with this device now another mode that this tablet has is productivity mode, and if you pop the tablet on the keyboard it automatically opens, and one thing you’re going to notice – is that You can select all of these different apps and you can open them up and you could resize their windows just like you would on a normal windows computer and it works decently. Well sometimes – and sometimes it does have weird little bugs so that’s just something to keep in mind. There are some minor glitches to it. It doesn’t work the best all the time and keep in mind. Samsung has had years to work on samsung decks and lenovo has not had that time to work on something like this.

So i give lenovo props for making it i’m glad. We have an option to be able to use a mouse and a keyboard and use a nice productivity environment like that, but keep in mind this device is not mainly for productivity. Now, one thing that lenovo really did get right is this stylus. It is a phenomenal stylus, so it’s really great quality and it feels a lot more premium even than the samsung stylus and the tab seven or the tab. Seven plus now i’m, not a big artist. I’M, not someone who’s great at drawing or anything. So if you look at my drawings, they’re, not gon na really be any good, but i can say that this does have multiple levels of pressure, so it affects the screen depending on how hard you press it, of course, so you do have that where you could Draw a little heavier or a little lighter, depending on what you need, and it is a good stylus. I can’t really say much else, but i will say that it is affected by the refresh rate on the screen. So if you do have something like the tab, s7 or the tab, seven plus the screen refreshes faster on those devices than it does on this. And that means that you’re going to see a little bit of lag if you’re, drawing and you’re just drawing a line. Back and forth, you’re going to notice that the line is just a little bit behind the pin when you’re, drawing and that’s, just because of the refresh rate, so it’s not a big thing.

I didn’t really notice it a lot when taking notes. So if you are going to use this for taking notes or even drawing, i think you’re going to have a good experience overall, and you have to think about all the flaws with this tablet and realize that this is a mid range tablet. And again, if you’re, comparing a purely retail price, when you consider the keyboard case, that costs over 200 dollars for the tab, s7 plus, when you consider the fact that the tab s7 plus retails at a higher price – and i understand it – has a bigger screen right. But this also has a bigger screen than the regular tab s7. So if we compare this to the tab, seven plus you’re, looking at over one thousand dollars in retail price for that model. Now, if you go to the tab, seven you’re still looking at about eight hundred and fifty dollars in retail price, if you’re, including the keyboard in that and to get this keyboard with this case with the stylus and to get all of these things to get them. For 600 retail price and you’re going to expect some sales sales have come and gone on this tablet as well. They will continue check the links and the description, so you have to ask yourself: should you buy this tablet and i would always say it does depend, and it really does depend on what you think with these cons that i mentioned.

Is it a big deal that you have to use your tablet in portrait mode with a lot of applications and that there’s not a lot of fixes, at least that i’ve seen out there to fix something like that? Does it bother you this fabric on this keyboard case because it could get dirty, and these things are very hard to clean and by the time you clean it, you could make it worse or you could damage the fabric? Does it bother you that this tablet doesn’t have a great productivity mode? I know samsung dax isn’t perfect, but it is a little bit better than the productivity mode in this, and does it bother you that you don’t have the latest snapdragon processor or a 120 hertz screen? Those are the compromises that this tablet made to get to a lower price. So you have to ask yourself those questions. Do those things bother me enough to not buy this and is the price worth it? If you are someone who’s wanting a great entertainment tablet, you want something that still is very good and fast. This is very fast much faster than the tab, s5e or other tablets like that. So if you’re wanting something that’s fast, that feels good. That has a great screen and you want a really good keyboard at a good price. Again i would say this keyboard is even better than the tab s7 keyboard. So if you want all of that, you want a nice stylus.

This has a very good stylus. As long as you don’t care about those cons i mentioned this is a really good tablet. I would definitely recommend it to so many of you and especially if you find it on sale, of course, and sales come and go. You never know, but overall, if we just compare at retail prices alone, i would say this tablet itself is worthy of buying. Thank you so much for watching this video again, please. Let me know what you think of this setup. By the way, i am doing a giveaway right now, so if you’ve made it this far, i am giving away a tablet i’m, giving away a dragon touch max tablet. It retails at about 150 bucks and i’m going to review it in a few weeks and then i’m going to give it away to one person one twitter, follower. Okay, so follow me on twitter at Digestandroid. Follow me there for a chance to win i’m gon na pick a winner at the end of april, and also hey. Give me a like give me a sub. I really appreciate all the support i’m, a smaller youtuber, so it really does mean a lot to me.