Today, I will close this Gap with the second generation of the tablet: the Lenovo tab. P11 Pro Gen 2 announced in the fall of 2022. a little disclaimer in my review. I have not a model for the Chinese market, not the same Chinese with a kind of global firmware, but the official Global version. Now here we go. The tablet is very lightweight. 480 grams and thin less than seven millimeters, the color is dark. Gray, metal Lenovo never gets tired of using a design trick with two surfaces of the same color but differently cast in the light. The body itself is plastic, although it looks like metal and glass more precisely: a combination of polymethyl, meth, acrylic, simply Plexiglas and polycarbonate. It looks very impressive, but it collects fingerprints and over time can collect scuffs and small scratches. So a case will come in handy foreign. On the back surface, there is the Lenovo logo, the pad with the camera and Flash and the seat for the stylus. By the way, the available case materials were chosen most likely because of the stylus lets go over the sides. Two microphones and volume buttons are on the top side. On the bottom side, there are pins for an optional keyboard on the right side is a fast USBC version 3.2, with support for power, delivery, charging, DisplayPort, 1.4 external monitor connection and audio output on the left side is a tray for a Micro SD card up to One terabyte and a power button in the tray there is no space for a SIM card.

That is, the tablet does not have a LTE modem version on the sides. You can see the holes of four speakers branded JBL. The base is hardly noticeable at this size, but the sound is clear loud with good Volume, Plus Dolby Atmos equalizer with three presets is available and separately note that there is no mini jack for headphones on the front as it is usual for tablets. The screen and the front camera all this is covered by Gorilla Glass, 3.. The framer on the screen is relatively thin, its good that they didnt make it even thinner, or else you would have had to hold the tablet by the screen. The only biometric feature is face, unlocking with the camera. It works well in the horizontal orientation in good light in vertical orientation. It depends, but the fingerprint scanner in the power button present in the first generation of Pro in the second, for some reason removed. This is a serious loss. The screen itself is certainly one of the highlights of the P11 Pro. It is an OLED panel, which is still a rarity among tablets. Apart from Lenovo, only Samsung comes to mind. The diagonal is 11.2 inches. The resolution of 2560 by 1536 pixels of the other characteristics, the brightness with manual adjustment, is 420 nits. The peak brightness with automatic adjustment is 600 nits. The predecessor had, respectively 350 and 500 nits plus 100 coverage of the DC ip3 color space. Of course, there is a dark theme and a choice of color profiles and temperatures.

Brightness is regulated by pwm, but I dont have the tools to measure it so for number lovers, I advise to look for example, in the text review from notebook check. There is support for HDR content of HDR, 10 plus and Dolby vision standards. I specially played a bunch of HDR videos on YouTube. They look cool black is perfectly deep and colors are juicy clips from Tron legacy with dark backgrounds, and lots of neon are very impressive. Theoretically, it should be fine with Netflix as well, why divines DRM level is L1, so there shouldnt be any restrictions on displaying content on streaming services. Of course, there is also an increased refresh rate of 120 hertz. It works everywhere, not only in the system interface. As a result, everything on the tablet feels very smooth. Well, maybe, except for some rare stutters, you can switch to 60 hertz to reduce the battery drain. The second interesting thing about the P11 Pro is the hardware it uses the rare Media Tech companion, 1300t processor. It is a powerful solution for tablets inside there are four cores a 78 and 4 cores a55. The technological process is 6 nanometers built in Graphics, is Molly. G77, my version came with eight gigabytes of RAM and 256 gigabytes of ufs 3.1 storage. Of course, I ran some basic synthetic tests, geekbench to evaluate the processor itself, 3dmark to evaluate the graphics and a throttling test. The performance degradation is noticeable on the metrics, but not in real life.

The case heats up very little in total. The tablet is only slightly behind the solutions on the Snapdragon 870.. Yes, the games on Snap will go better qualcomms product, optimization matters, but you dont have to limit yourself to Solitaire or Candy Crush the power of the tablet. Enough for most games go on maximum or close to maximum settings. You may only have to lower the settings to medium in the notorious gentian impact to play comfortably. My favorite Asphalt, 9 ran easily on high graphics settings in 60fps. Pubg gave me the option to use the HDR Graphics precedent frame rate Ultra. The result is smooth gameplay, with no obvious freezes, a couple of words about Communications. The tablet has Wi Fi 6 and Bluetooth. 5.1. Nfc is theoretically there, but is only used to pair the tablet with a stylus in terms of satellite navigation, GPS and glonus are supported. Well, I will mention the presence of the vibrator of the usual type on board. The battery capacity of the tablet is 8000 to 8200 milliampere hours. The predecessor had eight thousand four hundred to eight thousand six hundred milliampere hours. It takes about two and a half hours to charge it from the complete unit of 20 watts. This is enough for about eight to nine hours of internet surfing. Video can be watched for 8 to 12 hours, depending on the brightness. The results are just usual for tablets with this screen. Diagonal lets talk about the cameras.

There are two of them, the main one with 13 megapixels and the front one with eight in good light. You can take pictures. Colors are nice HDR works, but if you look at the pictures on the big screen, it is noticeable that the detail is poor. The main camera in the tablet is still for shooting documents in the office well and an example of video recording maximum quality. 4K 30 frames per second. The quality is good in enough light, the main thing is not to move, otherwise there is no stabilization. Thank you. The front camera behaves. Similarly, if you do not look closely, everything is fine. Even the background in portrait mode is adequately blurred. I will not dwell on the software part of the tablet. This is a classic software from Lenovo based on Android 12., the appearance and the logic of the work as close as possible to the Google original. The full set of applications from the same Google, including the entertainment center on the leftmost screen and kids space. Its hard to say anything yet about future major system updates Android on the tablet is supposed to get two more major updates. All the way up to Android 14. well see its worth mentioning the PC mode separately or, as it is called here, work mode or performance mode depending on the interface language. The system interface starts to look like Windows with a taskbar at the bottom of the screen. Applications run in Windows supports a convenient split screen when the window sticks to the edge and unfolds exactly half the screen.

I recommend connecting a Bluetooth, mouse and keyboard for comfortable use foreign. The ability to wirelessly connect the tablet as an external touch, monitor to your computer. Previously, the Lenovo Project, Unity app – was used to pair it. Now it seems that Lenovo freestyle is pre installed for this. I couldnt test it because the laptop didnt want to log into the app so Ill show you an example from the p12 pro review. Finally, what the first generation P11 Pro was famous for accessories. If Im not mistaken, there was a keyboard and stylus included. The second generation can come in three different versions, depending on the market: a single tablet, a set with a stylus and a set with a stylus and keyboard. I have the second option in my review: its the tablet itself in the Lenovo Precision pen 3 stylus. If anyone noticed during the unpacking at the beginning of the video, there is also a spare stylus tip in the Box, so the Lenovo Precision pen 3 is a fairly functional stylus. It detects 4096 degrees of pressure and tilt angle. It automatically connects to the tablet via Bluetooth and NFC. It is attached to the tablet with magnets, both on the top Edge and on the back on a specially marked place. At the same time, attaching it to the back starts wireless charging of the stylus, its worth praising Lenovo for its software support. For example, there is handwriting recognition, although it is not yet implemented very conveniently there is a pointer that appears on the screen when the stylus has not yet touched it.

There is the notes app which, in addition to its main function, I.E creating handwritten notes, allows the stylus to act as a magnifying glass or to take screenshots of the screen. A couple of third party pre installed applications are also available. These are my script. Calculator too. In the cool Nebo notebook and no one forbids installing something cool for professional, drawing like Adobe Illustrator draw infinite, painter or Autodesk SketchBook from Playmarket, and the stylus has a button that can both call up notes and turn the stylus into a remote control such as controlling The camera or to switch tracks in the player, pricing and conclusions at the time of this video, the Lenovo tab P11 Pro Gen 2, starts at 299 dollars for the most basic version, and so the second gen pro has clearly gotten better in many ways. Brighter screen more powerful Hardware of the unpleasant things I will mention the fingerprint scanner lost somewhere along the way in a modem for mobile internet. Well, the improved screen and processor Now consume more and the battery capacity slightly decreased. Accordingly, the working time is slightly affected, in any case, the sum of the characteristics we get one of the best Universal tablets of the upper middle segment. It has OLED and four speakers for watching movies TV shows and YouTube, and HDR 120 hertz and Powerful hardware for gaming, a functional, stylus and PC mode for work and creativity, and all this is cheaper than Flagship tablets.

Thats been it.