Music, normal price of the new P11 is right around 289 dollars. The Nokia t21 is 2′, so about 50 difference between the two but Ill leave a link in the description of the video with current pricing and more information, because Ive already seen the P11 go on sale and it was just released. The Nokia t21 has 64 gigabytes of storage. There might be a 128 gigabyte version, but not here in the United States at least not yet the P11 at 64 or 128 gigabytes of storage and then four gigabytes of RAM for both tablets. The P11 has an 11.5 inch IPS LCD display, with 2000 by 1200 resolution versus a small, smaller 10.36 inch, IPS LCD display on the t21, with the same 2000 by 1200 resolution up to 120 hertz refresh rate on the P11, only 60 hertz on the Nokia t21. Now to me its pretty obvious, on which one looks better in person, the P11 has a little bit better viewing angles: the colors look, a little more vibrant and the P11 just appears to have a little bit brighter screen when compared to the Nokia t21. But overall both have pretty good displays for a more affordable tablet, its just when you put them next to each other. The P11 definitely looks better. In my opinion, you also get up to 1440p resolution on the P11 when watching YouTube videos. Only 1080p resolution on the Nokia t21 and then both tablets are wide Vine.

L1. So you can watch full HD playback resolution on apps, like Netflix when it comes to battery life after running the same battery drain test on each of them. They both lasted about seven hours before dying now, keep in mind thats at 100 screen brightness and at a more extreme usage. So if you turn the screen, brightness down youll obviously get better battery life. You cant really go wrong with either when it comes to battery life theyre both a little bit above average. In my testing now performance wise youve got a mediatek helio g99 processor in the tab, P11 unisoak, t612 processor and the Nokia t21. If you take a look at the geekbench testing, the P11 is going to be the more powerful tablet I dont know. If most people are going to notice a huge difference, just moving around the software, but once you start doing some more multitasking or playing some more graphic, intense games, you might start to notice that performance difference now. Neither of these tablets are really considered gaming tablets, but I think youll enjoy playing games like pubg mobile or Asphalt 9. But if you are wanting the more powerful tablet, maybe the one with a little better gaming youll want to go with Lenovo software wise. The P11 is currently on Android 12l. The Nokia t21 is on Android 12, which is going to be a little bit different than whats on Lenovo youll, see slight differences between the two youve got the taskbar down at the bottom.

On the P11 and youre going to notice the notification Shades a little bit different, its only on the left hand, side and the way the shortcuts are only on the right hand, side on Lenovo, its just small things like that youre going to notice between these two Now you do have the Google entertainment space left of the home screen on both tablets and then, as far as updates go, the P11 shows its going to get Android 14. The Nokia t21 is also going to get two years or two major software updates, which will bring that up to Android 14, but one advantage you get with Lenovo is youve got productivity mode on the P11, which is going to be sort of like Samsung Dex. Maybe not quite as good, in my opinion, definitely a nice feature to have if you want to be a little more productive, but this one really comes down to personal preference on which one has the better soft Square. One other thing: the P11 also gets the Precision pen too, where the Nokia tablet supposedly works with a pen. I looked on their website Im, not sure what pin theyre talking about, but regardless it doesnt come with one. Now. The Precision pen 2 is not going to be as good as an as per Samsung, but still a nice option to have. You can also get an official keyboard for the P11, where I dont think youre gon na get that with the Nokia tablet.

But there are third party Bluetooth keyboards available good thing. Is you get a headphone jack on both tablets, one advantage for Lenovo. You got a quad speaker setup, where its only two speakers on Nokia pretty obvious in person that the P11 sounds better but heres a quick sample of each just to give you an idea of what to expect. You fade away: Applause, Music, Music. Thank you! Music Laughter, Music. Now the cameras on these two tablets not going to be the best out there kind of what you would expect, though, on tablets in this category, you get an 8 megapixel front facing 13 megapixel on the back for the P11, where the Nokia t21 has an 8 Megapixel on the front and an 8 megapixel on the back, you can go up to 1080p resolution for video recording on both. I might give the slight advantage to Lenovo as far as quality of cameras, but you could probably get away with using either one of these. For video conference calls just make sure you have good lighting, because these are gon na struggle in lower light situations, heres a few samples of each just to give you an idea of what to expect Music um Music. So hopefully this video gave you a little closer. Look at the new P11 by Lenovo and the t21 by Nokia Ive got quite a few comparisons yet for the P11 and possibly a new tablet this week, so youll want to look out for those upcoming videos: Music, Music.

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