This model has been out for a couple of years now and it is running android 9. um. It is still available in the uk uh. You can get it from amazon and uk, both 250 pounds. So um im not going to go too in depth. This review its not its going to be partly for this device, but more around the build quality of um lenovos tablets and um yeah lets get into it anyway, guys, okay, so the smart tab, p10, its um, its got the snapdragon 450 cpu. This particular variants got the 32 gig of onboard storage, three gig of ram uh, its 10 inch 1920 by 1200 ips screen, so full hd plus and, as i say, its running android nine um, its got a seven thousand milliamp hour battery inside and um ive already Unboxed, it guys so heres the device – okay um, getting some better now, okay, guys so its heres, the device docked inside um, the smart speaker uh. So, as it says here, its got, alexa built in um ive had issues setting it up um i cant get it to work with alexa and um. I presume its because its a review unit, but ive done a number of firmware updates and really struggled to get it going, but im sure the consumer. You know released ones um like a brand new one. You bought from a retail store is gon na be fine, but i unfortunately cant demonstrate it uh, but what i can do is to go on youtube and when i can show you the quality of the speaker, hopefully this will come through so its my normal lamborghini Test screens really punchy guys: Music, Music, Music, nice, full hd, bright panel Music, speaker of it thats half way.

It is really loud and then put it any louder, because its 11 p.m. Um yeah, 11 p.m at night and my family are in bed but its pretty loud, okay, so thats the device docs. Well just take it out guys and um. If we do an overhead now, okay guys, so this is the tablet. Undocked ive turned off my studio light because um ive realized that when ive been filming it it um has a lot of reflections on the videos ive been doing so yeah finally learn but um yeah see what you think of these dolby atmos speakers are really loud. Music, Music, okay, guys so the the inbuilt speakers are really nice and um. You know the dock is it does really beef it up? Um id say this is better than the current echo shows speaker. You know and thats what you get in here, really um the build quality as well, its a glass back, um and glass front, but yeah its beautiful guys. Its really really well made and youve got a metal bezel here. Headphone jack usbc, uh, quad speakers, this side, youve got your power button and volume rocker and down here. Is your pogo pins and like two guides that um they go into here on the dock and then yeah? It fits nice and then again, youve got you uh over two quad speakers. So, like i say its not really so much um a review on this device um, i will show you a game: uh, not an intensive game, but what i like to play at the moment so yeah, if this build quality, should go anything by um.

I know the moto edge 20. um lots of retailers. At the moment you get a free, lenovo, um m10 full hd tablet, which i think theyre worth about 120 pounds or 109 pounds, but um thats, quite nice, because lenovo motorolas pairing company, so you know youre getting an extra device for nothing um with the moto edge 20, pro um, sorry moto h20 pro you get free with not the other moto edge 20s and um yeah. You know theyre a flagship device thats cheaper than you know the competition as well, so that should be a good package again, as always, i am not um affiliated with um lenovo motorola. They dont pay me for reviews. They just kindly send me their um review units and um. You know like it helps a channel okay guys. So this is one of my favorite little games at the moment, so um its rum forest rum, so there he is on his bench, the whole forest Music. There you go guys just pause, it turn it down a bit its quite loud, so yeah the good though speakers thats just a little demo of that as well. Oh thats, nice! When you pause it, it goes slow mo. So youve got a chance of getting back into the the game and you know youre not struggling swipe up to jump swipe down to slide so yeah. You know again this game, its very like minion, run or temple run, but yeah nice little fun game to play.

So you know the snapdragon 450, its um, a chip that ive used in quite a few devices and um. You know its a low end snapdragon, but it can still get some stuff done. Its okay, so yeah just a short review on this one, guys its, as i say its, not um, a device that i can really recommend for you. It is on sale still at the moment, but its quite difficult to get hold of, and as i say, i can only find it in um, two stores in the uk, so and, and i couldnt find it at currys um, which are a big retailer Here but im very impressed with build quality and um, i believe the as i say, the m10 full hd is um of similar, build quality, um and yeah. You know im very impressed so, as i say, just a quick one, guys its um, a device that have been kindly sent again by um lenovo and um ive not done a full review. But i thought id just show you off the design language that lenovo are capable of and um. I think theyre up there with samsung um, definitely and um. You know theyve got some nice budget tablets and id id like to test a few more as well, but going off this one, you know, i think they they know how to build them. Obviously, theyve been in the pc game, a long time and laptop game, so yeah um tell me what you think about this.