I have an announcement today. Obviously i haven’t been posting for a little long while and this whole 2020 year was really chaotic for me, as far as like figuring out. What i want to do hear me out, though, it’s not going to be until probably may, when i bring the top 10 apps back so anyways here’s the lenovo tab m10, and this is a 123 tablet here. I went to best buy to pick up this ssd for a bunch of my videos that i’ve been recording and not uploading in most of my games, because my other sata drive actually died, but this is two terabytes. I got it for around two hundred dollars. I thought it was a good deal, so i went into best buy rather than ordering on amazon because i needed it then, and there so as i walked towards the ssd. I saw this tablet floating there and i got my attention. Well, it was 123 on amazon by 149 on best buy and they price match without deep diving. When i was there, i was like it’s cheap enough to try out it looks so cool. It looked high end that i wanted to just get it because it looked that good, so i’m going to unbox it here as usual, but this has like two gigs of ram and 32 gigs of rom memory. That’S. Definitely not a problem for me, as i have a different use case for this, that feels cold already to the touch through this plastic and let’s see what else we get so we’re gon na get the ejector tool, the manual type c, a little brick for it.

No that’s it okay. So before i start talking about this lenovo, you guys know lenovo, they make high end products as well and without even touching its bare metal. I already like the way it looks and feels look at that you got one single camera. I do not care about cameras on tablets, i wouldn’t mind. If they, you know totally took them off for the back one reading this sticker says metal design, narrow, bezel 10.3 inch, full hd octa core chip and 8 megapixel rear and 5 megapixel front camera. I can barely hold this tablet with one hand. We have like a little connector docking feature there. It does have a galaxy tab and a ipad look there’s some microphones and there’s the ejector tool. So we can expand the memory that’s nice to know because it does have 32 gigs and then we have the power and then volume buttons there. Now let me hit the power button. There i’m surprised that it has vibration on this tablet right away. The viewing angle from where i’m looking at it stays the same it doesn’t look like it washes out it’s thinner than the iphone. I still can’t turn the brightness down, for its security has face recognition, enable rays to wake for a better experience using facial recognition, record phase face recognition is set okay, so i’m gon na turn this screen off and then raise it to my face recognizing faces. Oh there we go so it took a little bit.

I am in the dark. Maybe this doesn’t do well in the dark, which is kind of expected let’s. Do that again, turn it off and turn it on and there’s my face. Oh and there we go so it recognized me let’s, go into youtube real, quick! I want to hear that speaker, but it seems like it’s smooth for the most part again 123. I have to emphasize that, because this is a long time that i’ve seen a tablet at this price that can perform and look the way it Applause does Music. You do that one more time and i’m gon na throw you across the room Music. So, yes, the sound does come from the right and the left here it just doesn’t sound like it has a lot of bass to it, but it’s loud you can use it bitcoin, oh i’m, doing pretty good on bitcoin there’s, not many apps at all. Pre installed. As you can see, that’s all there is as far as apps go and then bring that down. Let’S go into the settings that is not in dark mode. Clearly display dark theme turn on now. There we go really easy, it’s responsive to the touch as well. Double tap to wake option raise to wake light indicator light, so there’s a led light somewhere around here that i do not see where would be, but there is so go down into the system and let’s just double check to see you see that it is on Android 10, and this will most likely get updates and if it doesn’t android 10 is perfectly fine enough for years to come.

Last thing to do is test that camera. You know what it’s not too bad just off of my monitor so it’s dark in here as well. But looking at that, let the detail i can see and read everything perfectly fine, it’s responsive again swipe over and let’s go over to my face for a selfie of the year, not even joking. I really take pictures of myself look at some detail here to me that looks usable. It definitely looks usable. It has fm radio if you use your headphone jack. This is going to be perfect for people who want something cheapy they can throw around not have to worry if it breaks and kids who want. You know expensive tablets, they’re going to be able to use this and be perfectly fine. I am going to test some stuff on it away from just sitting here at the desk unboxing it, but when the price is this good, this is a normal price that you can get it at it’s, not like a big sale 150, for this is going to Be definitely efficient enough, oh and since i said this is also perfect for kids, there is a kids mode set parental password. We’Ll just do 5050. There you go so you can tap to enter parental controls, tap to exit kids mode. Okay! Tap on that. So you have to put in the password to exit this so you’re not going to be able to get out of this.

You know how kids always like swipe and touch things or they’re. You know they’re just getting out of things they’re going to be able to stay in this launcher tap on that again, you need a password. So if you type in wrong it’s not going to do anything it’s not going to time out because kids, you know they don’t want to lock you out of your own device, okay, that is actually really loud, but it’s, smooth it’s. This is going to be perfect for those kids, okay, that’s, how you go home and then you launch the rest of the stuff, and then you do the 505 vote and we’re out cool. You can tell your kids that this costs 500 and they’ll probably believe it. You don’t have to get an expensive ipad, even though that is the best route to go if you’re willing to you know, spend over 700 on one, but if you just got a budget of under 150 dollars, this is gon na, be the one to get so Yeah, initially with my first impressions, i like it a lot as time goes: i’ll, test, apps and games on it. So i can further give you a full review of how it performs with everything and guys don’t forget that i said top 10 apps and games might return in may and when. If i return those of you guys who care need to, let me know you guys do want to see them and if it does good, like people are liking the videos and watching them.

Then i’m gon na revive the top 10 apps and games of the week. But that’s all dependent if people really like those videos alrighty there, you guys have it.