So we do have the m10 hd full hd, the m10 plus right here from lenovo. This is the two gigabyte model with three gigabytes of ram. We also 32 gigabytes of ram. We also do have the 64 gigabytes of ram with the four gigabytes of rom. On this guy, so we’re going to be comparing these two tablets they’re, actually both 150, so they’re both priced similarly i’m, definitely enjoying these two tablets. But if you guys wanted to decide which one would be the right tablet for you, then i’m gon na help you out a little bit kind of give you some of my thoughts on these two tablets here. So let’s just start off with the build quality. We do have a powered button on the top of the black view and accompanied with the volume rocker right next to it, along with the charging port right at the top. So you get all three of those at the top of the black view and when you turn it around you’re gon na see, we do get dual speakers on the black view, as well as a pogo pin for charged workflow for putting the keyboard attachment on that Device as well as a 13 megapixel camera on the back with a with a flash, it does have a flash on this on this one. This one doesn’t have that flash so really solid materials. We do get that little strip of plastic as well as that full metal jacket, as you can see so white bezels on the front and then on the bottom, there’s, nothing and so that’s, pretty much it for the black view.

Now let’s take a look at the m10 plus the hd, the full hdm10 plus, so we do have a headphone jack at the top. We do have your speaker for your. Both speakers are both sides, so you’re gon na get sound coming from both different sides, whereas the black view is just coming from the bottom. We do get that type c charging on the bottom as well as uh. You know, i did say there’s a headphone jack in there, but we do also get your attachment here for the accessories that they do provide if you do actually buy this with the bundle, so you know there’s some good build quality both of these devices they’re. Also, both uh 19 but 20 by 1200, or something like that so definitely really good when it comes to both of these displays, so they’re going to be really really nice very attractive when it comes to using these screens, they’re really huge. So we get a 10.3 inch display here on the lenovo, whereas on the black view, which is actually a lot heavier it’s 570 grams of weight, as opposed to that 460, which is a lot lighter. You know we also do have a larger battery in the black, where you have a 7480 versus the 5 000 and 1 000 milliamp hour battery. So both of these these devices do charge with the 10 watts. You know fast charging and stuff like that and when it comes to the performance, we are getting a helio p22 coupled with 2 gigabytes 32 gigabytes of ram on this guy.

So you know when it comes to the performance of that helio p22 it’s not going to be a powerhouse it’s not going to be. You know something that you would call a gaming tablet right. This is a budget entry level type, so you’ll be able to play some games you’ll be able to play um. You know, roblox, you know pubg call of duty, but definitely get the four gigabyte model. If you’re looking to buy this one, i definitely think it’s a it’s worth paying. You know like what is it like 20 extra dollars for this one, you can get that four gigabyte model and you’ll get the the better performance out of it. So i just want to recommend that you do do that, but in addition to that 10.3 inch display and that 19 by 20 1200 display it does give you 220 pixels as well on this guy. We do have two stereo speakers as well as dual microphones. So those microphones are inside of this device, so we will be getting those as well right at the top of the device. You will see those two microphones, as well as the sd card slot for expansion. Now you can move your apps to the sd card slot on both of these devices, which i find pretty cool. So i definitely like that now. As far as the black view, we are having the same displays that 19 by 20 by 1200 and 224 pixels per inch, so slightly more, not not too much of a big difference.

But we do get stereo speakers on this guy, as well as the eight mag. The five megapixel camera the uh front, facing camera for your zoom calls and stuff like that and uh, and now, as far as the gaming on this guy it’s, the the tiger 6 10, the tiger 610. I know that sounds weird. You know sock processing chip, but it’s clocked in at 12 millimeters, and it actually performs really good we’re, getting some really good gaming out of this device. I must say i was actually impressed because it has the mali, g52 mp2 and it’s it’s got a really good clock, speed to it. You’Ll notice that when you’re playing pub g with it you’re going to be able to game on ultra high frame rates as opposed to the lenovo, not so much you’re not going to be able to play really like high graphic levels on this one. This is more of like something that you would get for, like your kid or if you get the four gigabyte model, you will be able to gain just as good as you are on the black view. So let’s talk about software updates. Now we do have a new software update on the lenovo. I just got the may 5th update, so you don’t have to worry about getting any updates on the nova tablet. May 5th may 1st, on the google side now as far as the blackvue we’re on june 2020.

So you know that’s november no november 2020 as far as the security, so this one didn’t get any recent updates on it. So i was kind of bummed out about that, but we are in android 10 on this device. We do have may 1st. As far as the google play software update, so you know the the apps will be secure inside of the google play store at least it’s. Just that the app that they provide for your updates on this blackvue tab – 9 it’s it’s – it still hasn’t gotten any updates yet, but the build quality on here is absolutely stunning. It does have some really nice build quality to it. We also do have that nice metal touch to it when it’s cold to the touch. It feels really good, as well. You’Re gon na be able to game on both of these devices. No issues whatsoever by the way, if you’re, enjoying the video so far, uh quick reminder. Do me a favor hit both the like and the subscribe button. I definitely appreciate you for taking care of that for me, so both of these devices are capable of gaming, especially if you get that four gigabyte model on the lenovo and we do it on lenovo. We do have the proximity sensor, light sensor, accelerometer, as well as the hall sensor, so you’re getting those three sensors for the lenovo tab. But when it comes to the you know, the the black view we’re actually getting the gravity sensor for gaming on on the on the black v we’re, not getting the whole sensor or the accelerometer, or anything like that.

So i just want to kind of throw that out there kind of let you guys know that they don’t have the same sensors. We do get a gravity sensor, a light sensor and that’s about it, but it does game. Well, i got ta, i can’t um stress how good this thing gains. You also do get facial recognition on both of these devices as far as the security. So i definitely like the fact that both of these devices do have really good security when you’re using them. Um, the facial recognition is quick on both of these things. You can use them both in with one hand, however, it’s, obviously going to be more comfortable to use the lenovo tab in your hand, with one hand, because it’s got a lighter weight to it, but we do get that 10.3 inches versus that 10.. One inch. So just kind of want to let you guys know that the weight is a little bit heavier on here. You will kind of feel that with one hand usage, so i just kind of want to throw that out there, but they’re both really solid. They you could see the black bezels compared to the white bezels, and the speakers do get really loud on both of these tablets. So i definitely like the fact that they both offer the dual speakers as well, and the software is really good. We do have that. Android 10 software running the show on both of these devices.

So hopefully the lenovo tab m, plus the full hd one does get android 11.. Now that would be pretty cool if it did get android 11, but kind of just want to. Let you guys know my quick experiences with both of these by devices. We do have a led light on the lenovo tab, but we don’t have that on the black view, so just something that i really like, that they included type c on both of these as well for charging. If they do last really long, i would say that the black view lasts longer when it comes to that 7480 compared to the 5100 milliamp hour battery. But the lenovo does charge quicker with that 100 milliamp hour battery and you’re. Getting, i would say, the colors are a little bit more punchy on the lenovo just to be completely 100 honest with you. The colors on the black view are satisfying just not as satisfying as they are well lenovo, but i i definitely enjoy using both these tablets. For 150 dollars, you can’t really complain for the price, so when they they come they’re really good for gaming light. You know light gaming and things of that nature, but the black view will shine in that area. The black view will also shine when it comes to like basically just using the device uh getting from one screen to another multitask, and the black view does have a really nice responsiveness to it.

That i really like the lenovo not so much with the two gigabytes of ram, but if you get the four gigabyte model, you won’t really notice much of a difference when you compare to the black view, so i just kind of want to throw that out there. But that p22 on the lenovo is a little bit older, but i really enjoy it some. You know occasional use, not something not too crazy for gaming or heavy heavy anything that’s heavy duty or more graphically and sense of things of that nature. But i hope you did find any value out of this video. I just wanted to compare these two tablets because they’re similarly priced and they offer some of the same features that you can get for the money. So i definitely thought that both of these tablets were really cool when i was using them and i’m still really enjoying them. I do really enjoy the user experience as well as the performance, as well as the the screen displays, are really good and that metal body on both are really cool. But let me know what you guys think about both of these tablets and i’m gon na get right back with you, but i’m gon na show up in the comment section i’m. Also gon na read all your comments right now. So i’ll meet you right there right now, but do me a favor if you haven’t already subscribe and get notified as well as hitting the like button.