Uh every edge plus and weve actually done an unboxing of the same uh in a previous video some few months or last year. Maybe so now lets get into the video uh tab, as you can see uh right here. So this is the lenovo tab. Uh m10 fdh plus it is a second generation, and if you talk about it, screen uh. This comes with a 10.3 inch uh screen as well, which uh is a very, very big, its very responsive and uh. If we talk about uh, it is uh 26.162 uh, centimeters and uh. It is uh uh 1920, with by uh 1200 uh pixels uh as well, and if you talk about its connectivity, it comes with wi fi connectivity, uh as well. It comes with both wi fi and lte connecting as well. It comes with a single nano, sim connection which we can put inside the sim, and then we can use to call uh and we can use it as a normal phone and uh. We can use the mobile data, which uh is right here and uh the wi fi option uh as well. If we talk about its storage option, it comes with two storage options, which is a 2gb uh ram, 2gb edition and 32gb. And, as you can see right here and the current model which you are seeing in front of, you comes with the 4gb ram and the 128 gb storage uh as well as you can see right here, and this also comes with many things.

It also comes with the parental support, which is just here in settings uh, along with the digital well being, and you can on the parental supports and kids mode that as well. If you talk about its speaker system, it comes with a doubly atmos speaker. It comes with the speaker, grills down and up as well, and this also comes with a designated app uh right here and we can use it uh right like this uh and we can use it for many things. Dynamic movie music custom – and that is also very nice as well and uh uh. This comes with the cover right here i put with uh it with the cover right here which covers it, and this is a case which is a magnetic case, so we can change the different modes of it like we can put it like this, using a magnet And then we can just flip the tab like so, and we can also put in an uh in this resting position. So whenever we are not using it, we usually put it in this closed position there now without the uh without the case it looks like this. So the case we have put it there and without the case it looks like uh this in the down as well and thats how it looks – and it also comes with a tuv, certified uh eye protection uh as well – and this is the second generation model which Uh, you are seeing uh right here, which uh is uh.

Operating system is an android operating system and if we talk about its rear camera, which is this, this is an 8 megapixel, af rear camera and the front camera is a 5 megapixel uh front camera as well, and this come with an android v9 pi operating system And this comes with a uh mediatek uh helio, p, uh 22 t tab processor, which is 650 megahertz and power v vr, which is a ge8320 gaming gpu as well. This is a 5000 milliamp, which is a 5000 mah lithium ion battery, which comes with this as well and uh. This, as you can see its a good uh device – and this comes with a one year – manufacturer warranty, uh for device and six year, warranty uh as well and uh as you can see its big enough uh its big enough, and it has play store. So you can download all your needed apps from uh there as uh well and uh uh. That is uh also another good thing and one issue which i think i faced from this is: whenever i off it, whenever i use it uh in certain areas, it just randomly just switches off and i have to i use it. I have to open it again and then uh again in that same after that it its getting locked up, uh, so thats also a little annoying and uh. That is also a thing. I dont know why and um the some uh troubleshooting, for it is hard resetting it, but that time it was already long time using it.

So all of the information and data was going to be gone and uh. If you talk about its uh, we talk about its settings. This is its uh settings. As you can see right here. We also have uh uh face uh, face recognition which, as you can see, if youre off the laptop, if i of it uh recognizing faces and itll recognize why youre um uh itll. It works both for horizontal and vertical as well, which is also a good uh thing, and if i talk about its pricing uh in amazon for this same, which is the lenovo m10 uh fdh plus it comes with a cost of almost from 18 926. As of the time recording of this video and uh, you can get it and it and als, and if for the people with uh who likes headphones uh, this also comes with a headphone jack in the top as well. Its narrow uh is good uh, its nice. So uh that was for this video. I hope you enjoyed this video, please like share and subscribe to channel uh.