4. 8 plus. This is an 8 inch android tablet that has 4G LTE built in yet costs under two hundred and thirty dollars, not a bad deal from a name brand manufacturer we’re. Going to be taking a closer look at this in just a second now, this review is being sponsored by pulse comm, they’re, a great service that can come out to your home or office, or even a coffee shop to fix your broken smartphone or other mobile device. That includes screens and batteries, and just about anything else that might be afflicting your phone. The technicians they use are highly vetted and trained professionals, which means that your repair is going to be done right. The first time you set up a time on the pulse, comm website, seven days a week, even holidays, and the technician will be there when they say they will get there and in many take cases you can get them there. The same exact day so check out pulse comm today to get your phone or other tablet device fixed. Now, the tablet we’re reviewing today is unload from Lenovo when we’re done with this, it goes back to them all. The opinions you’re about to hear are my own and nobody has reviewed this content before I uploaded it. So let’s take a closer look now at the hardware. As I mentioned, you can get this for under two hundred and thirty dollars and in fact, on Amazon. Right now, what’s going for about two hundred and fifteen dollars.

It’S got an 8 inch 1900 by 1200 IPS display. It looks great, actually I’m very pleased with the color and the brightness, and the viewing angles are really nice to see this we’ve seen some really nice displays on low end lenovo tablets in the past, and this one continues that tradition of a decent display. It has a Qualcomm MSM, 8, 9 v, 3 processor built in which is good enough for light gaming and web browsing and that kind of thing, but as you’ll see when we get a little further into the review, it won’t be as quick in the graphics department. As the NVIDIA k1, which is still our top achieving Android tablet that’s out there, but for a bulk of the Android library, this is going to be just fine. It’S got 16 gigabytes of storage, but only 2 gigabytes of RAM built in. I would have liked to have seen maybe three or four for better multitasking performance, but again at this price point not bad overall from the name brand manufacturer, it is running android, 7.1 nougat. It weighs about 310 grams or ten point: nine: three ounces, a battery life we’re, seeing at about nine to ten hours, which is about where lenovo is saying you should get with this. I would imagine if you’re running the LTE radio, you might see slightly less battery life with that and likewise, if you’re gaming on it, you might see a little less as well.

Now what you do here to get your LTE going is pop out this little tab here and then there’s a little tray that you can pull out here and what you can put in this tray. There goes my sim card, as you can put your sim card. A nano sim, along with an SD card, to augment its onboard storage – and you just slide all this stuff back in to get that up and running in the United States. It is compatible with every carrier with the exception of Sprint, so that is Verizon t mobile and ATampT and all of the MD and O’s that those carriers work with if you’re, using a carrier that uses Sprint. You’Re going to be out of luck on this one and then this tab here goes back into place and you can very easily get things back up and running. I did run the tablet out to my local coffee shop, where I know I’ve got the best signal in town. I have one of these freedom pop cards, the free service there – and I was getting about seventy five megabits per second downstream in about eleven upstream on it, so that was pretty good for the best spot in town. For me, so overall, I think you’ll have a good wife are non Wi Fi experience with this thing when you are out of the house, that’s it for this side of the device on the bottom there’s, nothing down here either, except a small microphone.

They do have two Dolby Atmos speakers here on the on the bottom, but they’re angled towards you. So when you have it in this configuration here, you’ve got nice. Stereo separation, it’s, not a crazy, deep, sound but it’s. A good stereo sound and I like how they angled these little speaker grilles up at you, so they’re not running to the side of the device they’re actually coming at you, which is what you want for sound here. So that was good to see on that. On. The top here you just have a headphone jack and a USB type c port for charging. I don’t believe this will do any display or any other fancy USB C output, but you can charge some stuff and also plug in some OTG devices. I’Ve got a little USB C memory, stick that I can pop in there and that seemed to work. Fine now, it’s really cool here is on the other side. This is a power button, but it also is a fingerprint reader and it can support multiple profiles. So right now, I’m logged in as me, I’m just going to switch it off real, quick and I’m going to put my other finger here. Just on that switch without pushing it and usually what happens here of course, I’m on camera won’t do it now there it goes it’s going to switch over to the other account that I have on here. So I didn’t even need to push the button or login.

All I had to do was switch it off and just rest my finger on there. It recognized the fingerprint and I was able to switch accounts automatically and go back. This might be really nice if you’re sharing this with a child, they don’t have to have a password or anything they can just take their finger rest it on that switch when it’s off, and it will just boot you right into that account automatically, and you can Switch right back when you’re done it does keep them both loaded in the background and again that might be we’re having a little more RAM might have been helpful. But this was a very cool feature to see on here and I really like having that fingerprint sensor integrated like that, and the only other control on here is the volume rocker on the side, and that is pretty much it a very simple device here. There are some cameras built in you’ve, got an 8 megapixel camera and flash here on the back, not spectacular, but you can get a photo or two out of it in a pinch, so it’s useful for that it will also shoot video at 30 frames per second Running at a 1080p resolution, again, nothing spectacular, but if you’re looking for a quick photo or video to send to somebody or share you’ve, got that option available to you there’s a front facing five megapixel camera as well for selfies and video conferencing, and that kind of Thing performance out of the tablet is pretty decent, it’s, certainly able to keep up with most of the Android apps that you might throw at it.

I hear, of course, is YouTube running, and you can see just how quickly things come up Here. I am on my Wi Fi network right now, but generally I found the performance to be more than acceptable for what most people might do with a tablet, at least in the consumer side of things. So by and large it does seem to be performing as expected. Now I did install some games on here to see how it performs as a gaming platform again it’s, not necessarily a gaming device, but you’ve got a nice 1080p display here. So we’ve got the Android version of Minecraft running quite smoothly here, we’ll pop out of here and run over to GTA vice sity and see how that works, and you can see how quickly things switch around when you’ve got enough room in the RAM here. So overall gaming on it does feel pretty nice. I think you’ll have a good experience with some low end retro game emulators, also like the 8 and 16 bit stuff, you’re – probably able to get the PlayStation 1 to run on here. But this will not be a good platform for running the dolphin emulator and on the 3dmark sling shot test. We got a score of 855, which doesn’t make it a gaming powerhouse, especially in the graphics department, as you can see here, but check out some of its physics scores. It’S CPU is actually competitive with the k1 tablet from Nvidia.

The k1, of course, has an NVIDIA GPU built in, so it does really focus on graphical performance, but CPU performance on this one does pretty. Well, surprisingly, so, and I think, given that you might see some CPU intensive applications run quite nicely on here compared to that tablet and many others, so all in I’m really quite pleased with this tablet. Even the build quality on it is very nice. For the price point, you’ve got a nice glass screen here. They do have a coating on it to cut down on the finger prints. If you really like your blinking notification lights, they got one on there for you as well on the back here. It’S got kind of a rubberized coating over its plastic shell, so it does add a little more quality to the feel here. It really does feel like a very solid device for the price point, and I do look at a lot of low cost tablets here on the channel. In fact, the playlist you’ll see down below in the video description has all of those low cost tablets. We’Ve looked at and a lot of times those lower priced tablets are coming from generic manufacturers and I’m recommending people buy at your own risk and everything. But this one is from a major manufacturer again under 230 bucks with the LTE built in you get a 1 year warranty and some degree of customer support that you may not get from one of those riskier buys so I’m very comfortable recommending this it’s not a Groundbreaking device by any means, but if you’re looking for an 8 inch tablet, that gets your Android stuff done efficiently.

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