Let us borrow their tab to a ten tablet to check out today. This is a low end. Android tablet it cost about two hundred and twenty dollars. As you see it, and its best feature by far is its screen: it’s got a really nice IPS display on here 10 inches touchscreen, of course, because it is a tablet, really really nice to look at and especially nice, to read text on it’s 1920 by 1200 Resolution, which gives you 218 pixels per inch when you pack it into something this size, so it’s really good for reading text, because you’re not going to see all the jagged edges of the text or any kind of pixelization and a nice thing too, because it’s got Just a little bit more resolution than a standard 1080p display is that it’s a little bit wider when you’re in the portrait mode. So if you’re, looking at newspaper articles or something there’s, a little bit more text on the screen and it’s a little bit less constricted when you’re in portrait mode now, the performance is a little bit lacking but that’s, mainly because they put so much into the display. You have to take some things out in other places, so it has an MT 8165 processor that’s, a quad core chip at one and a half gigahertz and it’s perfect for the things that a casual user would do reading. You know websites doing some email watching some videos, but some of the higher end games might struggle a little bit on here.

The casual games you like fruit, ninja or something like that will be fine, but when you get into some of the higher end 3d stuff that will struggle on here. But again this is a non gaming tablet. This is more of a casual users tablet either 16 gigabytes of storage for your media, but you can also pop in a micro SD card here on the side and add a little bit more, so you can put up, I think, to a 64 gigabyte card. So you can, you know, put your media on there and not take up. The internal storage has Wi Fi, of course, because that’s the best way to use it if you want to get on the internet supports a GB and n networks, and it also supports five gigahertz Wi Fi, also and it’s, been working great here in my house. Has bluetooth for wireless devices and you can also plug in devices into its charging port here. This is a USB charging port and it supports the OTG protocol. You can buy this 2 cable on Amazon and be able to plug in keyboards game controllers and other things into it. Also so it’s not too hard to add some other devices to it either wired or through bluetooth. You have the volume rocker switch here. The standby button is there and that’s pretty much it for ports there wasn’t much else on here. You do have a headset adapter here at the top on the back.

You’Ve got an 8 megapixel camera. So you can take some pictures. You know it’s nothing spectacular, but it can take a picture if you need to take a picture and here’s a couple of images I took out in my garden, so you can take a look and see how those came out. The speakers are a little bit tinny on here. They do have this Dolby thing on there, so you can adjust some of the the equalizer settings and whatnot to try to get the sound a little bit better, but audio quality isn’t the best out of here. But if you plug in a pair of headphones, it will sound pretty well so let’s take a look now at its performance. Now as a device that is geared towards casual users. It does the things that casual users do quite well, so web browsing is fast and responsive on here. Things really do pop up very nicely very quickly, and the pictures are very sharp too, with the display here, it’s a really nice browsing experience. Overall, I am running the Chrome browser right now, it’s in the desktop mode, so usually it’ll default to the mobile browser, which is a little bit faster. So pretty nice performance for web browsing YouTube and things like that, like Netflix, are also pretty responsive too. So we can pop up a video here, maybe go fullscreen with it and then we’ll pop open and make sure that we’re running at the full 1080p resolution is to make sure yep.

So, as you can see, the videos come up very quickly, they’re, very decent. As far as its frame rates concerns, I think if you’re watching video doing Netflix and YouTube and other things on here, I will do quite well, and while this is not a high end, gaming tablet it’s certainly capable of running games. This is castle of illusion, which is a Mickey Mouse game that I play from time to time on, Android does run pretty well it’s. Certainly playable may not be as smooth as it is on something that costs more or something it has a faster processor, but it is good enough, and this is the kind of performance you can expect out of most of the casual games out there again when you Get into the higher end stuff it’s really going to lag quite a bit, but this kind of game is really the type that you should expect to be able to play on it. And for those of you who like to emulate old game consoles, I found the tablet does very well with the Sony Playstation on backwards, so it doesn’t do the Nintendo 64 very well, but you can certainly run the PlayStation emulator here. This is FPS CISC. I believe and everything back from there, so the old 80s consoles and everything else will work. Fine, but anything above the PlayStation is a little bit problematic. But, as you can see, the PlayStation runs pretty well on here and I like to run the 3dmark benchmark.

Wii is a test of its gaming prowess and it scores nine thousand two hundred and fifty seven. So that’ll put it well above some of the cheaper tablets that come in under 100 or 150, but puts it a little bit below what I saw on the HP stream 7, which is an Intel based Windows tablet, but that one has a smaller display and less Battery life, so this one has it again: the nice 10 inch display very high resolution. The battery is really good on here. I’Ve been using this thing all day, really hitting it hard volleys benchmarks and games and web browsing and everything else and I’m still over half of the battery left. So I think you’re going to get easily a full day out of this thing, if not more, certainly on par with what I’ve seen with other tablets weighs about a pound, so not very heavy, and I think for a casual user who’s just looking to read some Stuff do some email maybe play a game every once in awhile and doesn’t want to spend more than 250 dollars. This is probably a good choice and the display for sure is its best feature, and I think, certainly really nice to look at even for long periods of time.