In fact, this is basically the same tablet as that 250 lenovo chromebook duet. So maybe youve heard of that tablet. It was a huge hit and this tablet is basically the sibling of that tablet. It just doesnt come with a keyboard, it doesnt come with the kickstand case or anything like that, but ive also seen a lot of incredible deals on this tablet around this holiday season. In fact, its been a hundred dollars or 99 on the lenovo website and thats a crazy deal for this tablet. Now i dont know if that deal is gon na last. I dont know if its gon na go up to 150 in price, but either way i thought it was a heck of a deal. So i picked one up, so i could review it for you, and so i could help you decide if it is worth your hard earned money. So with all that being said, lets get straight into this review and lets get it going Music. All right. So ive got this chromebook right here and ive got to tell you if you see this device on sale for a hundred dollars and i would even say for a hundred and fifty dollars, i think you should strongly consider buying this over any android tablet. Thats out for under two hundred dollars – and let me tell you why maybe you havent bought a tablet that uses chrome os, and i know that might be a little scary for you.

But the first thing you need to know is: this: tablet can run android apps. So yes, chrome os is built primarily to use, of course, google chrome, so it has a full desktop version of google chrome. So that means you could run this device with extensions thats, not something you can do on an android tablet. You could also have multiple instances of chrome, so that means you could have two or three google chrome windows and you could really put them in split screen in a way that you just cant, do on other android tablets, so thats a really really cool thing, especially For a 100 tablet, but you also need to know that this tablet has four gigabytes of ram again, not something i often see in 100 tablets. This also has a 1080p resolution, its 1920 by 1080, and it has a 400 nit screen. So when we look at all of those specs and you look at this processor – it is a mediatek 8183 and that processor is pretty good. I would say its better than other devices that are selling around 100 and theres one other thing about this tablet. That is a really big deal, because its a chrome tablet its actually going to get updates with chrome os in android tablets. They normally get about one to two years of software support. Sometimes they get even less at that hundred dollar price range. Well, this tablet. It is getting eight years of software updates now thats technically eight years, roughly from when they started to make this tablet or when this tablet released.

But the point is youre gon na get updates all the way through 2028, and that is a fact that has been advertised through google. So when you look at all those factors for a hundred dollars, if youre looking for a budget tablet, this is a great option, especially if you love android, and you love, chrome, os, so lets get into details on this tablet, and i really want to tell you Why i think its a good buy for your average person for a hundred dollars now look even for a hundred and fifty dollars or less, i think its really worth buying. And if we look at this device, youre first off going to notice the design – and it is very, very good because this has a durable build. So if i feel the back of this, it feels really like a spygen case. If youve ever had a case like that, it feels like a good solid case with good construction and thats. What the back of the tablet feels like, which really means its going to be very, very durable. Now this device does not have a lot of ports on it. Okay, so youre gon na see a usbc port here and a headphone, jack and youre gon na see your up and down on your volume and your power button. So theres, no fingerprint sensor or anything like that. You are gon na see speakers right here and on the bottom. You are gon na see a place to connect a keyboard.

Now, to my knowledge, this will not work with the same keyboard that the lenovo chromebook duet uses. However, there is a separate keyboard case and at least when i looked at it, it was on sale for like 30 bucks, even if you dont find it on sale. It retails at 70 dollars its a normal keyboard case. I have not gotten a chance to test that out yet, but just keep in mind that specific case it does not have a detachable keyboard. You are gon na have to keep the keyboard attached to that case. That it comes with now i will say the speakers arent super good on this device. They are a little bit low in volume. But again, what do i expect from 100 bucks? At least i can hear something from the tablet, but when you look at the other things on this device, youre going to be really really impressed, i am shocked at what this tablet can provide you for a hundred dollars when you look at the display quality, because If you look at the tab a7 that device retails for 230 dollars – and this has a better display than that tablet – if you look at the tab – a7 lite that tablet that samsung made that tablet isnt even a 1080p resolution right. This tablet has a 1080p resolution. It also has 400 nits of brightness, which is even brighter than the tab a7, its brighter than the tab s6 light, so its better than all of these other samsung screens.

In my opinion, i think this is better than all of those android tablets. As far as the display quality things look really great, and this is a great tablet for multimedia consumption – i think it absolutely is gorgeous. As far as the display now again keep in mind, you are comparing to other devices that are cheaper. Of course, if youre a person who is used to four or five hundred dollar tablets, it is not going to meet your expectations. So just keep that in mind. Now, if you look at other things about this device, the processor okay, this is not the latest and greatest best processor out there, but again when youre looking at budget tablets. This is at the price of like walmart tablets, okay and amazon, kindle tablets that are out there for 100 bucks, and when you compare this in performance, i think this does a very, very good job. In fact, i can open up multiple chrome tabs and its going to work. Just fine four gigabytes of ram is very good for this price range. In fact, most chromebooks out there only come with two gigabytes of ram at this price and again im talking about that sale price now. So if i go through all the gestures and im just using this tablet day to day, everything feels pretty smooth to me now. You are going to have to wait for some things to load, and that is very, very normal, but look.

This has pretty good performance again, very comparable to that lenovo chromebook duet, because this has the same processor. It has the same screen. It has a lot of the same components. The main difference is just going to be the fact that this has a more durable build and it doesnt come with a kickstand or a keyboard case. So if youre out there and youre looking at this device, look its going to have great battery life very, very good for a tablet, or at least pretty good. I would say so, if youre looking at this and youre, comparing it to other tablets out there and youre asking yourself, should i buy this again? If you are a tech, snob and youre used to three or four hundred dollar tablets, dont just buy something because its cheap and then just put it on the shelf. Okay, you want to buy this if youre going to use it and if youre looking for a budget tablet out there and lets say you only have 200 to spend id say. This is a really good option for those of you that are looking for a tablet. Under 200 now there are a few negatives to getting a chrome os tablet right now, for example, you cannot alphabetize your apps. You have to do that manually, which means dragging your apps one by one and thats a little bit annoying now. Another thing youre gon na find is sometimes the android app might not work very well with this tablet.

Not every android app is gon na work perfectly with this tablet. So if you just open up, google chrome, you press the three dots in the right hand: side in the corner. You could press that and you click more tools and you can create a shortcut and if you create a shortcut, you can even open it up. As a new window and what its going to do its going to create basically an app its going to create a web app for you and youre going to be able to use that on whatever website. So, to give you an example, you could go to twitter and you could create a web app and that would work for twitter. You could go to facebook and again use this for facebook, so theres all types of different workarounds that you could use to actually make this a great experience if you are having issues with an android app or things like that, and there are some occasional glitches that Chrome os has you know little software bugs outside of that outside of a couple minor things. I think this is a great android tablet, because its a great chrome os tablet that uses android apps, and it also gives you the benefits of. If you put a keyboard with it, you could maybe use a bluetooth keyboard and a mouse, and in a lot of ways this would be a little small computer, because chrome os is really good for those of you wanting to get a little bit of work done.

So thats, why? I think this device is great for those of you who need to do a little bit of productivity. I think this tablet is great for those of you who want a good screen for a very good price and, if youre, looking again at this budget price. Yes, should you buy this if you are looking under 200, you want a good tablet. If you see this for 150, you see it for a hundred. Maybe you go on ebay and you see it in really good condition for 100 and the seller is reputable. Yes, i would highly recommend this tablet, but if youre used to more expensive tablets, if youre used to 400 android tablets or 500 android tablets and youre really on the fence about this, i would say just get what youre used to if youre a text knob or You want the latest and greatest in tech. Look all of those type of people. You just need to buy what youre going to like, because you dont want to buy this just to put it on a shelf, but this is a great device. In fact, i have someone whos looking for a cheap tablet right now. This is my go to recommendation when i see it for a hundred dollars if youre looking for a tablet under 200 again what a better deal than this and whether the sale price goes up or down a little bit check. Lenovos website check, walmart, im gon na have some links in the description check around check on ebay, and i think what youre gon na find is this tablet, if its under 200, if its 150 or less its going to be a great bargain for you? Thank you.

So much for watching this video and watching this quick review, i really really appreciate it feel free to give me a like and give me a sub if you wouldnt mind that really does help. My channel also feel free to use the links in the description to buy pretty much anything that does help to support my channel. As you can see with this review, i do want to keep it honest about this product and other products out there. I want to help my audience, so you could always leave a comment if you have questions and im very, very happy to go over things with you and go over comparisons to help you find the right product for you. So thank you again.