This is the Tab 3, 8 plus, and it goes for anywhere from 150 to 200 on who sent this to the show for us to review. We’Ll be taking a closer look at this in just a second, but I do want to mention in the interest of full disclosure if this did come in free of charge from All the opinions you’re about to hear are my own. Nobody is paying for this review and no one is reviewing this content before it is posted, so let’s take a look now at the hardware. One thing to note is that this is an import device, even though it’s Lenovo, a brand that I’m sure is being sold in your own country’s market places like it is here in the North American market, but this is an Asian device. It does come with English built in at least for me, but this is the device typically sold in China so I’m, not sure what kind of support you might get from your local Lenovo subsidiary. If there are issues down the road, but it is going, of course to be more reliable, perhaps than some of the off brand stuff. We have looked at from gearbest in the past, but just keep that in mind as we work our way through the review here. Beautiful display on this one 8 inch 1920 by 1200 IPS. It looks very, very nice here, a really good resolution match for the screen size here of 8 inches 3 gigabytes of RAM 16 gigabytes of storage, and it also has a Qualcomm Snapdragon, 625 processor.

There is an SD card slot here on the side, kind of a unique thing. You pull out this Lenovo metal tab and then inside of here is a little tray that you load your SD card into I’m. Guessing there are versions of this that have a sim card this one doesn’t, but your SD card goes in here and you slide it right back in and you’ve got yourself, some additional storage, if you need it pretty lightweight and thin, as you can see here so It’S about 326 grams or 11.4 ounces, so not all that heavy and pretty lightweight. Yet it has decent battery life I’m, getting around anywhere from like 9 to 10 hours of constant usage. So it is competitive with many other tablets out there you may have used. So pretty decent on that front now it doesn’t have much in the way of ports because it is kind of basic transportation here. So the top you’ve got a microUSB port here for charging. It also works with OTG cable, so you can connect up some USB sticks or something if you need to from time to time. This is one of the two speakers on the device you do have stereo sound out of this, but the sound is not great it’s. Good enough for watching a YouTube, video or something like that, it is pretty loud, but the audio really lacks a lot of range to it. It is a little tinny, so it’s not going to be great for music listening, but of course you can plug some headphones into the headphone microphone combo jack up here.

This, I believe, is a microphone. There is also one here on the bottom. Next to the other speaker, so audio isn’t, bad for doing web conferences and that kind of thing, but again not so great for music, it does support AC wireless, which is nice to see, and it supports Bluetooth 4.0. So you do have all the latest and greatest there it’s got a 5 megapixel selfie camera here for doing web conferences and that kind of thing, not terrific. There is a light up here, which I believe is the notification light. It is a rather bright light there. You can see when I dismiss the notifications. It went off so it doesn’t blink it just kind of lights up and stays lit until you acknowledge those notifications on the back. Here is a camera with a flash, and this is an 8 megapixel camera, not great for video, as you can see it’s kind of wobbly, but it does do somewhat. Ok with still photographs not going to replace your smart phones. You know expensive a fancy. Camera that’s built into it, but good enough. If you need to take a picture every once in a while decent detail for some of the close up shots, as you can see there, but again nothing that’s going to knock your socks off. So that is the overall hardware let’s take a look now and see how it performs now. This is an Android tablet, but it is running an older version of Android 6.

0 one. The current version, I believe, is eight at the time that I’m shooting this review, so version seven has been out for some time it’s on a lot of devices that we’ve looked at this year. This one is still at 6.01. The security patch level is current up to July 2017 and I am recording this in October of 2017, so not as far behind on security updates as we’ve seen from some of these import devices. But I was hoping it would be a little more up to date than what it is. It is pretty much a stock version of Android here there is one little thing here at the bottom that’s a little different for what I have seen on stock devices. They have the ability to change the color balance of the display here, based on what you’re looking at this is pretty useless. I leave it in the standard mode, but beyond that it looks like it is pretty much a vanilla, Android installation here again just a little bit behind in its update let’s. Take a look at some web browsing we’ll. Look at NASA’s website real, quick and see how this comes up comes up pretty quickly again we’re using the AC wireless here at the studio. So it looks like it is able to do pretty well as a web browsing device. I like reading on these little 8 inch tablets, they kind of remind me of Star Trek a little bit, but they used to walk around with similar devices to get their news and information, so that works pretty nicely here.

Youtube and other media also playback very quickly. On here, we’ve got the YouTube app built in. We can load up – maybe one of my videos or will this pair we go here’s one so we’ll just click on this one here and it will pop up pretty quickly with the ads of course, which I hope you don’t skip will to skip this real quick. So you can see how all of this comes together here so I’m, not too bad of a media experience on here in decent for web browsing and that’s kind of what this is designed to do is really give you a good media and web browsing experience, and It looks like it accomplishes that this is not a powerhouse of a tablet, but it is able to play a lot of Android games pretty nicely here. We’Ve got the Android version of Minecraft running here. It seems to be running at a pretty good clip and typically developers target this kind of processor, something that isn’t wicked fast, but has enough GPU horsepower built in to render this kind of stuff. Another game that seems to be running okay on here is grand theft. Auto vice city, which I can pop in right here and you’ll notice that we jumped right into the game. It was kind of running in the background, and that is one area where having more ram on a tablet really helps. So this has three gigabytes of RAM.

Many we’ve looked at around this price point only have two, so you do get a little more performance here when you’re shifting around from one app to the others. I can pop out of here and maybe go back over to Minecraft and yes, there are more efficient ways to jump in between apps, but you get the idea here. It looks like it knocked Minecraft out, but we can very quickly get back into where we left off so pretty good performance here thanks to its RAM. But if we take a look at some benchmarks, you can see where this one falls into place. We ran the 3dmark sling shot test, which is a gaming benchmark there. We got a score of 844 now compare that to the Nvidia shield k1. That is a 200 Android tablet. Also eight inch one of my favorite tablets of all time that one came in at three thousand two hundred and twenty seven, a huge difference in performance between this tablet from 2017 and the Nvidia shield tablet that came out about three years ago. A pretty remarkable difference. Actually – and I think what’s happened here – is that most people who are buying android tablets don’t want a lot of horsepower. Don’T need a lot of horsepower and it’s good enough to run a bulk of the android app library, as well as a bulk of the game. Libraries – and that is why we haven’t seen anything even close to the power of the k1 tablet, and it kills me too, because that k1 tablet was only 200 bucks and a really good value and, unfortunately there’s just nothing out there to match it primarily because they’re Just having been apps that have needed that amount of horsepower at their disposal we’re seeing a huge jump in performance year to year on the smartphone side, but at least for android tablets, not a lot of progress there.

So this will not knock your socks off with performance, but if you’re looking for something inexpensive, that can run a book of the apps you’re looking for it might be it. But if you can get an Nvidia shield k1 tablet at a 200 price tag. That is a really good deal, so all in not a bad tablet. I think it’s a better price at a hundred and fifty dollars. If you can find one there right now. The blue one that I have here is 200 the white one. They have same tablet, just a different color is 150. That, I think, is the right price for this just given what it has for horse power very pleased with the display on it not so pleased that it’s a few versions behind on Android. Now I would like to see them update it. Hopefully that happens, but you can’t count on it because a lot of times these big brands will make a tablet and then move on to the next one and not support the old ones. So I want to keep an eye on this over the long term here. But if you’re looking for a cheap tablet, that’s a little better than some of the no name stuff that you might find out, there – probably not not a bad choice, because it is a lenovo device and feels pretty nice in the hand here and performs adequately. For what you might want to do with it, but it is no Nvidia shield k1.

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