com. It took about two weeks to arrive and I’ve only just got around to looking at it now, because I have been really busy. So apologies for that. So this one. Why it’s interesting is because it’s got a 16 by 9 inch screen with a 1920 by 1200 resolution, and it sells for about a hundred and fifty nine US and it’s, not a mediatek tablet, so it’s a Snapdragon 650 one that’s, eight cores, two gigabytes maximum turbo Speed and has the audrina 506 GPU three gigabytes of RAM it’s got GPS as well, and there apparently, which is really good. Wireless AC, runs Android 6 and has a 4215 million hour battery, so spec wise. There does look promising now. This one took two weeks to get to me because I used the slow Mouse, so it came with posting our Alvia Amsterdam to me here in Spain and this believe it or not, is my first Lenovo tablet that I have looked at at least on the channel And we have an instruction leaflet – this will probably be well user guide, Android, that is in English, which is good often those are in Chinese, but there’s no need to go through that. You can see what else we get here, so Tab 3 plus that is in Chinese. So is this: if the power supply, so this here is rated to a little hard to see 5 volts to amp that one, so it won’t support quick charging, or at least not this charger.

So I’ll have to test out my quick charge 3 charge of God to see if that’s going to work on it or not, because the Snapdragon 65 does support that and then of course, micro, USB cable, here, they’ve included and there’s nothing else there in the box. Ok, so let’s have a look at the quality of this now normally lenovo products, at least their laptops for me – have been very good to build. They’Ve got on here, so it’s got a different looking material here. The rear of this, as you can see, it’s it’s, not textured, but it’s, just like a stone kind of look to it in fact feels like a rubber is plastic paint job they put on here, there’s a Lenovo logo. Here on this side. Ah, ok that’s, a flap there for the okay from micro, SD card goes in here so good thing. It does have micro, SD card support and it is using a small little slot here. So you need to pull that out. Put your micro SD card in it. Unfortunately, no SIM card that could have had a sim nano SIM there at the top, but maybe other models may introduce that later on in the future. Who knows it would be good to have those, since this really is like a mobile phone chipset so on the rear here, we’ve got a 8 megapixel autofocus camera with an LED flash that looks to be jewel tone I would say below it, which is good.

So, on the right side, we have the volume up and down buttons and power. Here these are made out of plastic. The build quality of them feels alright, they don’t shake around they’re, not loose or anything on the bottom, you’ll find a loud speaker and microphone and the top has another secondary loudspeaker. So we’ve got those Joule old speakers there top and bottom. So it should give some good stereo separation, another microphone here, so we’ll have stereo in the videos, if you record videos using this using the rear, 8 megapixel, camera 3.5 millimeter headphone jack – and this of course is the micro USB in for charging and data. So what’s missing here is micro, HDMI out or mini HDMI out, which is a shame and up the front. We do have a front facing five megapixel camera. This, of course, has a fixed focus and the screen does look to me like it is fully laminated. So, overall, the build quality is quite decent, considering the price its solid, I can’t hear any creaks there’s, no flex in the design there and quite lightweight it only weighs 330 grams and as 8.54 millimeters thick. So what you can see how long it takes to power up small vibrations, so that’s good it even has a haptic feedback motor, which is something I didn’t expect to see on this. So the first boot took approximately 20 30 seconds and we’ve got to go through our setup menu here.

So you can select all your languages now. All the languages it supports are all the ones you get on. Android, 6, so pretty much everything is and covered. Okay, so once you go through the first setup, there are a couple of bloatware applications on here and I’ve, just uninstalled one of them, but you see people got share it, so maybe around five or six black wear apps, and then a few google extras on there That a lot of us, probably won’t, even need or use here there’s, even this application that just runs through the specs of the tablet see you can see here: Explorer Tab, 3, 8 plus and it’s just outlining the specs and a few other bits and pieces there. But overall it’s quite a stock like launcher it doesn’t seem to be too heavy or weighed down with blood work on applications. Now there is a firmware update that it has asked me to install, which I will proceed to do in just a second get that installed and underway before I get all my apps and benchmarks and things on there, and you can see that it is running at The moment Android version 6.0.1 and the patch is from November the 1st 2016. So hopefully, with that update that is going to improve on that and have a more recent patch level. So it’s a little bit dated Android here, it’s, not Android 7 and the free amount of space we get is only six point, two gigabytes, so you’re definitely going to have to use a micro SD card, which I currently have just a 16 gigabyte one installed at The moment now, the system update is in fact a whole new, complete ROM by the looks of it because look at the download side, 435 megabytes now 6 gigabytes of on board storage.

Free is not enough, of course. So luckily, you can setup with Android 6 here to use your micro SD card. As the internal storage, you can store your large games and applications onto your micro SD card, but just a little tip here make sure you use a fast micro SD card. Otherwise, it could be a little bit slow if you use a very lower older spec one. So now taking a look at the screen and detail a little bit here, so it is very nice it’s, fully laminated, so you’re not susceptible to reflections as much as there’s ones that are non laminated, but you’re still going to see reflections there. You can see my studio lights, reflecting all over the place, so that’s still common there, but it’s a bright screen. It outputs are surprising 450 Lux, which is really quite good. Does that it’s viewable outside in direct sunlight? Yes, it does but it’s not perfect, but still a lot better than the non laminated displays. So the blacks are reasonably deep. You can see they’re a little bit gray around here, that’s, not the deepest in terms of blacks here with the screen, but the screen is fully customizable with this, what they call adaptive display option you have here now: it’s, not what you’d think normally an adaptive display Means that it’s got an ambient light sensor, but it’s just to control and tweak things. So this is what they have here on the bottom.

So you’ve got the standard. Reading mode cuts out the blue light to hopefully not keep you awake at night. If you’ve got child mode as well, which tends to tweak things up honestly, I don’t think I would ever use this because it just gets some of these colors completely wrong and then you’ve got custom. So you can sit the other white balance to how you’d like to have it, which is what I’ve done here at the moment. But even I find that just the standard modes, probably the best really, which looks exactly like my custom, almost so tweaking that screen to your own liking is really good, and we have a look at just a couple of sample images here. But things do look. Quite nice on this screen and again for the price I’ve, probably said this a few times already for 159 us. I do believe you are getting a very decent panel on this and really I’m impressed. I didn’t expect it to be fully laminated, so that was a pleasant surprise. Now, in terms of performance, how does the Snapdragon 625 compare to other devices? Well, I’ve never tested this chipset in a tablet form here, but coupled with three gigabytes of RAM it’s, actually reasonably snappy and quick moving around. You can do a bit of multitasking that really isn’t too bad at all, and things like website browsing here, it’s good as fast as my own website here that tends to be a little bit image heavy and you notice that sometimes that when you scroll in here It depends on the screen that doesn’t scroll as fast as I would like just a few little hiccups.

I mean this is not a Snapdragon 805, and that is definitely obvious, but I do find that the performance and also the touch accuracy of the screen is really quite decent. Now, speaking of performance, they do have the typical benchmarks I like to show in my reviews here so we’ll start off now with, and so this is the score. I was expecting a little bit of higher because most antutu devices that I’ve tested out sorry most Snapdragon 65 devices get around 60000, but more or less. This is kind of in the same area. They’Re, perhaps a little slower than expected, and here is the internal speeds of the MMC. So it is a emmc 5 spec here which is good it’s, not the slower 4.5. So we need 270 sequential reads and then the writes may be a little bit slow around 46 and the random reads and writes which is quite important to on the general OS performance on Android 6. Here good scores there and here’s the Geekbench full score. And oh, this is in a couple of problems that I encountered products. The only problem that, at one point I was getting this error – that the connections were timing out will do Wireless and I just had to disable Wireless and then connect up again and that seemed to have fix the problem. But in my couple of days using this, this is really that was the only thing and it hasn’t come back so I’m, not too sure whether that was an issue or not perhaps fixed in one of those firmware updates and the wireless speeds as well.

Very good. Here I mean it is wireless AC. Now I can’t get the kind of speeds I can get out of say a desktop or something it’s got the Intel Wireless 80 to 65 chips. It and there would you get my full fiber optic speeds in there, but nevertheless the performance is really good and no issues with the range because of the plastic housing that this has now on to charge times here it takes approximately 2 hours and 30 minutes it’s. Maybe slightly less to fully charge using a Qualcomm quick charge, 3 charger. So yes, it will support it, but the included charger takes around four hours quite slow. So this is definitely a bit faster using quick charge. They do recommend getting yourself. A third party, quick, Qualcomm, quick charge charger just to get in faster speeds out of that now better life just to touch on that a little disappointing, I can squeeze just seven hours now. This has a 4280. I think it is milliamp hour battery. I really expected a bit more hoping for around 10 hours, but I don’t think Tino’s as possible, even lowering the screen brightness to something really dumb. Don’T see it happening, so that is around seven hours of on screen time. Now. One thing we don’t often see in these tablets, in fact, hardly ever as GPS and with a compass. A lot of them do not have Hardware compasses in here, and this does making this tablet ideal for use set up in a car as your dedicated GPS machine.

If, later on, you decide to retire this, you could probably do like a dash mount in your car and it actually works really well to the GPS. On this with the snapdragon 625, I have no problems where they’re getting a lot, no problems with accuracy when driving moving around walking around town. It normally stays between 3 amp 5 feet there. As you can see there, the hardware compass, which is often never on these tablets so great to see so the Lenovo p8 plus has dual speakers, as I point out in beginning, which is really good to see so we’ve got one here on the side and one On the other side, now, if you happen to be holding it here in landscape mode, that you can sometimes block those speakers, but depending if you cup your hands like this, you can probably aim some of that sound towards you to make it sound a little bit Better now, I’ll give you a sample of those speakers in just a second, but these do sound a lot better than the typical kind of crap we get on an 8 inch tablet. Now a lot of those earlier chewie tablets I looked at it would just have one speaker here on the rear and they were so quiet. They had zero based. It just did not sound good at all. This has the Dolby sound tweaking well it’s like an equalizer for it, so with the Dolby. If you go into this sorry, if I hold it down anything, it is, will launch it.

We can adjust the sound, so it’s, basically like an equaliser setting. It’S got a few tweaks in there for music game things like that now, where I’ve noticed it works, the best is when you’re using the headphone jack, which is of course located there on the top now quality out of that jack is quite good, it’s reasonably loud And clear, so: no complaints with that. But let’s have a listen down to how those speakers sound so as he heard from that sample that they do crackle and distort a little bit at a hundred percent volume. But they are so much better than the typical cheaper. 8 inch tablet, so the camera on this we’ve got an 8 megapixel sensor on the rear it takes an average photo. It’S got a bit of focus trouble, but I will give you a couple of samples in just a second, but I wanted to run through the settings we get because there’s actually quite a lot on there. Now we’ve got this video high frame rate, which goes all the way up to 240, which is something we don’t normally see or not on a tablet like this video quality on both the front and back has only 1080p max, even though this chips, it will support. 4K, it seems for some reason they have disabled that now you see down here image stabilization that’s, just electronic image stabilization there and what it tends to do is kill the frame rate.

So you enable that, and the frame rate will just go down to 15 or something flash on the rears, not particularly powerful, but it’s good to have it definitely better than nothing anyway. Let’S have a look at a few samples focus has a bit of a problem, so I mean it’s, not really amazing, quality that’s. Why I’m not going to go into much depth at all with the video performance? You can at least record videos on it, but I think most people’s cell phones will do a lot better job. So this is a sample from the front facing camera. It can shoot up to 1080p just like the rear camera, and I find the quality to be quite good. Considering this is a hundred and fifty US this tablet to be able to shoot in 1080p a lot of even Bibles that are more expensive. This can only do 720p max audio quality seems recently good because of the dual microphones that are on there, and I am indoors here so it’s, not perfect kind of lighting conditions, but again doing a reasonable job and the Skype calls and things like that. I’Ve tested it out, it seems to work perfectly fine. There, no problems. People can hear you well, I can hear them so all in all the cameras on this, I think, are definitely adequate, but I wouldn’t be going outside and loads of photos, anything with a rear camera, at least because the focus is just all over the place.

Now. They’Re also a couple of things in the settings I do like as a parent, I like the fact that it has kids mode on here. That is very handy, so you can lock down their control their use of the tablet. So if you have, for example, like a three year old or a four year old, you don’t want them running certain applications. You don’t want them to go into YouTube and look at things they shouldn’t be looking at and, of course, you can block that which is good, and then we’ve got this interesting sitting on here too, that I don’t know if people be using on an 8 inch Tablet but it’s handy to have glove mode just increases the sensitivity of the screen by quite a lot, meaning that it will actually work with gloves and things, but not that I’ve tested it. I don’t have any gloves around here in the middle of summer to put on to test that and also made a bit of an era before sorry. I said that it does not have an ambient light sensor. It in fact, does have one right next to the front facing camera and there’s. Also a status LED here that will light up white when you get an email or something like that. You will see that pop up, which is also great for that, so the adaptive brightness is all you need to enable for it to work with that ambient light sensor and adjust the brightness automatically, of course, okay.

So what about gaming performance now let’s have a look and test out a couple of new titles here: well more demanding titles and see how well it runs them. So I’ll start out now with a modern combat 5, which is an older kind of game. But still a lot of chips hid to do struggle running this one. So you can see there is some slowdown now and then, as expected for a Snapdragon says to 5. But overall, this game is very playable and still looks great. What a combat ex playable good frame add on this can handle this demanding new, a title that runs at the native screen resolution a national date. This one is as you’d expect playable at the screen resolution. The audrina 506 can handle this without any problems and what about a demanding title here like World of Tanks, so this is running with a very playable framerate I’ve seen on other Android tablets, it being really really slow here, but you can see perfectly fine it’s running Well, over 30 frames per second now. I have noticed that when you do game for extended periods, that it will get warm in this area just around here on the back, but nothing alarming the only time it starts to get quite hot as when you game and charge at the same time. So Lenovo’s p8 or the Tab 3 8 plus, has surprised me here really nice screen on here. I did not expect to see a fully laminated display on here three decent brightness, two at 450 Lux means it’s, one of the brighter ones that I have reviewed now.

The software on their Android 6 a little bit dated now and that security patch level needs to be looked at. Hopefully, lenovo will be out with some patches soon on there, but the wrong performance is good. Build quality is very decent for 159 us the cameras have some more advanced settings on there that you don’t normally see, but they don’t offer particularly good photo quality. As expected. Really I don’t know anyone that’s really taking serious photos on a tablet, at least not an eight inch budget tablet out of China, but the video quality from it for things like Skype is fairly decent and a lot better than others same goes for the audio quality, Because it does have the dual ray microphones on there now, the other thing there’s the performance in general good for gaming. You will see a few little hiccups and stutters now and then don’t forget, that is the Adreno 506, and this is a Snapdragon 65. So it’s not a powerhouse of the chipset but it’s a lot faster than those mediatek ones that we normally see in these tablets. Here when it comes to battery life, that is probably the biggest disappointment here. It’S only getting around six and a half to seven hours, and that was me really looking after that battery life to get the seven hours of on screen time. I feel that that is not sufficient enough. There’S, a snap tray, sixty five it’s, an efficient chipset.

So why kind of get more? It seems that it’s, the screens to blame the back lights on it seems to just consume, probably a lot more than the likes of what you get from a 5.5 inch mobile phone screen, of course, and that’s normal. But it would be nice if they put a larger battery in here, and perhaps we could get at least ten hours of battery life and there’s the other tiny minor complaint here from me. Personally, I would have loved to have seen a micro HDMI out on this, and that would have really sealed the deal or even further. More would have been, in fact, if they put a 4G modem on here. So we could put a nano SIM in there, as well as that micro SD card. I think that then, with a larger battery would make this the ultimate 8 inch. Snapdragon powered tablet, so really impressive. This one gets the thumbs up from me. I feel for 159. Us you are getting quite a lot. There remember it’s got GPS, a compass, FM radio as well.