There are two things you need to consider number one is the customer expectations? What is it you expect when you look at something number two? Is the customer perception? What is it you get after your expectations and if those two topics are in line with each other, like let’s say they are equal to each other, they have to be equal. Then you are satisfied so when i started looking at the p11 pro the lenovo p11 pro with the keyboard on the pen, all the packaged together, i really i felt like this could be a good competitor right for the top seven or even the top s7 plus And that my friends is basically my customer expectation, so here’s what i did. I actually got the p11 pro. I bought it with the pen and the keyboard, and i kind of set it up, and i also sporadically compared it to the top seven tapas, seven plus. What i didn’t realize is how good the top s7 actually is, and i do know i know, and sometimes you just need to be reminded so that i, what you guys will see coming up now is my real life experience setting up the p11 pro. Have you ever heard of the term ffmb? I think yes ffmb mode. No. Well, then welcome to the club, because i haven’t, but that was the first thing that popped up on my screen. When i turned on the p11 pro, it basically means factory boot mode, but i didn’t expect i expected a nice lenovo, welcome and say hello, jens.

You look beautiful today, you are awesome. You are my new customer, but that wasn’t the case bearing in mind we are just a few minutes in after unpacking, and i want to go one step back before i tell you how i resolved this here. I actually had to go on google to find out how to get rid of this ffbm mode or whatever that bs mode is, but when you actually get it out of the package and you unpack all of it, it actually looks really nice and you look at It it’s, like i, can see this happening, that that looks cool in order to get rid of this mode. You basically have to do either hard reset or a soft reset, and i don’t even know if it qualifies as a reset, because factories i didn’t, even get to set it up. Anyway, i did a reset. I got rid of it and started my setup and then you have the keyboard and the pen, and it all looks really nice all laid out and, as i said, build quality looks really cool. I put the cover on, i put the keyboard itself on and i put it down and i can see it wobbles and i thought okay i’ll just adjust it a bit, so i adjusted a bit and it still wobbles. So unless you are going like this and you look down like that, it wobbles, so it wobbles all the time and i’m, not a happy camper above that, but let’s park this for now, and then i saw the pen right.

I got really excited. I know it’s very childish, it’s, really good, build quality. You have to charge it though it’s different, but then i kind of thought. Where do i put it around the lenovo p11 pro? But you have the options, so you do have options and number one option. Is you put it on the back of the tablet in the case in some sort of adhesive strip, but then you can’t put the cover on so i don’t think that works for me. So i thought, okay – maybe i can put it on the cover that works as well. You put an adhesive on there, but then it’s like a saw thumb sticking out and as soon as you put it in the bag. I can see this coming off so and then you have like, when you take off a sticker, that didn’t work either for me, so you do have the case and the pen and option number three is really to have it as a separate kind of thing. Next to your tablet, so you have the pen in the case in your bag, as well as a tablet and a keyboard cover, and i guess that is the option i would go for. So we keep parking all these things i experienced, but i want to get on to when i set it up. There was some quirks and things i noticed like some crashes. For example, google drive crashed a few times and also one node was get stuck and fortnite gets stuck, but i had to reset the applications or restart the applications and it worked well then afterwards, but there were some quirks.

I also noticed when it came to the battery, and that was an interesting one. So i noticed the battery was showing 51, but only two hours and 15 minutes to go, and you can see this here. It says 11 44 and it told me it will last until 2 pm. So what is a sensible thing to do then? Well, i come back at 2 p.m. Right, so you can see the cn apologies. We had a power cut here and you can see. I came back at 2 p.m, the very same day and it adjusted itself slightly, but it wasn’t there. Yet it told me it’s running out at 8 00 pm tonight and that wasn’t no, not what i expected. So what else can you do you leave it right? I left it until the next day i didn’t touch it. Nothing was running in the background. I wanted to see come back at 2 pm the next day to see what the battery capacity is then. So here we go 2pm next day it looks like it adjusted itself to what it really should be like, and then i also did an update and it’s one of the quirks. When you look at the update itself, there’s actually not much there’s like a huge link. A huge number that you can’t do anything with it. It doesn’t tell you what the update is all about or what it includes so it’s kind of you are updating something and you don’t know what’s happening, and i don’t know i don’t fully embrace that so guys now we’re gon na go in even deeper, so the P11 port display is an oled display and is pointed out by so many reviews.

Apparently it is a pentile display. It is what it is right you can see here, though it supports 60 hertz, which is obviously different to the tarpa 7 line with 120 hertz. However, when i check fortnite, the p11 pro only offered 30 fps versus the 90 fps, you will find on the tab s7, and here i would almost argue the taper 7 display has more contrast. Although there is one thing i really noticed when i opened up excel it almost looked like the p11 pro has a green tint issue, and this may well be due to the display technology Music on the left, the p11 pro and it looks greenish. It looks really greenish in real life, especially when i opened up excel. It was really weird, so i got a type of seven plus out to see if it’s, just maybe some oled differences i didn’t realize before, and no the tarpon 7 plus look very similar to the tarp s7, and this really surprised me when it comes to taking Notes, i think it is great that many companies now offer a package that includes a pen riding on it on the p11. Pro is our cage you can tell it has some luck and you can also see in here that it’s kind of riding on a hard glass that ipad pro experience – and this is very different for the tap s7. As many of you guys already know and to me, there is currently no better tablet out there for taking notes.

It simply is a pleasure. I do want to touch quickly on the keyboard on a keyboard cover because, as i said in the beginning, at first glance, it is a really nice offering in terms of what the p11 pro looks like and the build quality of all the accessories included. However, the keyboard is again is okay, but the trackpad is unusable to me. It feels really like jumping jack. You will spend more time controlling the cursor than just touching the screen and get stuff done. I personally i wouldn’t use it again. It does show the quality of the tap s7, including the offered keyboard. It also shows that we are really used to some pretty high standards. I must say – and we need to be reminded, that what we have already is actually really good voila. This is the p11 pro the selfie camera for video calls. This is the kickstand put in a possible best possible position, so it doesn’t wobble. So it goes back. You have to be careful with your double chin, but what is the sound quality like picture? Quality. I’M. Moving so you can see the adjustment of the light. Let me know in the comments below hola now was the tap seven and you can see the kickstand is a bit better. I’Ll adjust it here and you don’t have this double chin issue? Well, i it’s my issue really, but what is the picture and sound quality like i do like to look better of it, but i have to see the results, but let me know in the comments below Music.

I want to touch very briefly on the battery life, because when we do our netflix review netflix streaming, that is a bit unfair to either device or any device really because we have different refresh rates. Different brightness needs level, so i did full surfing normal working days and there are very similar. I do believe that the lenovo p11 pro has a slight advantage by maybe an hour per day, but you’re talking about between 14 and 15 hours a day for normal working environment for both tablins. So look the best way to explain the lenovo p11 pro is when a company tries to put a lot of good components into one package like here, but really don’t, succeed and they’re kind of stuck between good and so so la la, which then really depends on How you guys, as a consumer, see this, and that goes back to the customer expectation and customer perception right – is this, for you? Is this good or semi good, or is it semi, bad or so so la la and that’s? Basically, what you guys need to decide either way: it’s not blowing me away, unless maybe it’s half price. I can see this happening, maybe for half price, but what i realized is that the top seven and the top is seven plus they have no competition. As of today and the only but listen to this, the only competition it can have will come from within samsung and that’s pretty much it.

So thank you for watching. Let me know in the comments below what do you think to the p11 power says one.