This now has the 870. We have now ufs 3.1 storage, 128 gigabytes worth of it still the same six gigabytes of ram micro, sd card support and the screen has changed so it’s, 11.5 inches still the same 2560 by 1600 resolution. However, it’s now a fast and smooth 90 hertz. So this import model here i did get from a store called Giztop and i do have, as you can see, the keyboard and the stylus, which i will be covering in this in depth review and inside the box of the xiaoshin pad pro. You will find a 20 watt charger, a type c to type a cable. It has a good length to it and it’s a high quality cable and the build quality of the tablet is excellent. I would rate this as a premium tablet. It is really the same kind of build that you would get from the samsung galaxy tab, s7 plus, for example, so we have a bit of a matte finish here to the middle. Now this is alloy all around it. Now that is super thin. This is only 5.8 millimeters the thickness, and it only weighs around about 480 grams, too so very light. So we have a 5 megapixel ultra wide 13 megapixel main camera and here is a led flash and this is set into the metal here, the lenovo branding. So you can’t actually just remove that antenna line along the top around the outside. The bezels are only eight millimeters, so very slim and i think it’s about 84 screen to body ratio which is not bad at all.

So at the top here, we’ve got two eight megapixel cameras. Now one is for 3d face, unlocking for your biometrics depth of field and then the main one is just used as the camera there face. Unlocking does work really well on this and we have a fingerprint reader on the side which i will show you shortly, but just to demonstrate how it does unlock. So using my thumb that i’ve already scanned, it is quick and i haven’t really had any trouble with it at all, so it does have the biometrics there fingerprint and face unlocking and then looking at the top of it here. We’Ve got two jewelry microphones here the antenna lines because of the alloy build that this has metal buttons at the top and again look at how thin this is. This is crazy, it’s only 5.8 millimeters i with the camera protrude. So you can see it does. Stick out by additional three millimeters there, but hey it’s, not too bad at all and just a premium build to this one. It feels great in hand down the bottom. We have the pogo port, pin connector there and the little holes there for the stays for the keyboard, which i’ll be showing you shortly, and the magnetic stand for this too, as well that it has then our fingerprint reader power button. Another two jbl speakers here on the left and our micro sd card slot, so i have tested this here, which is my 128 gigabyte micro sd card.

It works fine in this, and this is our optional accessory too, which is the keyboard and the stand now. I really do like this key, but i think it’s better than the samsung galaxy tab, s7 plus as keyboard typical lenovo shaped keys, good travel to them and they’re not loud keys at all, and it feels very nice to type on this. My only complaint would be the arrow keys are a little small and the delete. Sorry. The backspace key here i wish was a little bit bigger as well so there’s a few little compromises in this area, but when you’re doing most of your typing and considering the fact that this is an 11.5 inch tablet, i think they’ve done really well so it’s A top keyboard and the touchpad not too bad. It is very, very small, but the finer movements i do find using with the cursor, as you can see now, it’s. Okay, all right it’s not going to jump all over the place. It has a nice smooth finish to it and pressing down. There is a single mouse button there. So we’ve got our media shortcuts here at the top. Brightness controls and we’ve got to cut their lock, and your notifications too, and the stand portion of it. So you get both. Halves is very good made out of this high quality fabric and the plastics used to gain high quality. Nice stiff hinge on this too, and it can go all the way back as so, and even when it’s there, it doesn’t tend to move around and no problem.

Now the magnets are very strong to hold that in place, so it’s not going to just drop off. So it’s not like the horrible solution we used to have previously or you’d have to stick it onto the back of the tablet. No strong magnets. This is a rubberized finish to it. Nice soft finish there so it’s not going to damage the tablet and the back of the keyboard has that same fabric finish to it, which is quite resistant and it doesn’t really show up and damage you can’t scratch this of course. So i do actually like this. So with the keyboard cover case, it is going to then be just under one kilo. The total weight and the thickness now is around about 15 millimeters and our screen. So the big change is. We have now moved over to 90 hertz it’s, the same 11.5 inches. The same 2560 by 1600 and the move to go to 90 is a lot better, it’s very, very smooth and i’m, not doing it justice recording here and only 30 frames per second. Of course, i would need to be recording in 90 or 120 frames per second. So you could actually see how much smoother this really is uh. The screen is showing these lines here, just on camera, by the way. Okay, something to do with the glass and the pin tile arrangement is causing this okay, this analyzing effect, but trust me in person. You do not see this now.

A lot of people were criticizing. My review of the previous model, saying: how can you say this screen is good because it’s using pentile arrangement, it’s oled, it is a decent screen, it’s a very good screen and if you look at it really close. Yes, it does not look as sharp as an ips panel and some of the other panels out there now this screen’s, not as good as the tab s7, plus all the ipad pro’s no, but for the price point i still think it’s a very good screen now. Maximum brightness on this one does top out to be 600 nits, officially i’m measuring around 588 nits, which is still very good and i’ve, even probably just got a little bit too bright here at the moment. You can see again the lines there, but this i find to be good now touch response on this particular panel is great i’m, not having any issues with it. It seems to be very responsive to touch and again the 90 hertz is just definitely helping out here with the overall fluidity triggering gestures. Another thing that is absolutely flawless and i have not had any issues with it. So the tablet runs android 11 zui 12.5, because this is the chinese import model. Now google play store is not there originally and you’d expect there’s been a chinese version and it’s exactly the same as the p11 pro this model hardware wise exactly the same it’s, just the software difference now google play is here: it works fine.

I just installed the apk file, the latest one and away we go working. Everything is fine, it has the google framework. The google play store framework was all part of the rom built into it, and performance of this has been very good. So just multitasking has been very, very smooth, fluid excellent, no noticeable lag starters. The 90 hertz is definitely helping and, of course, with the six gigabytes of ram it’s. Actually enough, all right eight would have been yeah better, but eight, i think six is still okay with this one, considering it’s a little bit cheaper, so save yourself a lot of money get this model instead of getting the p11 pro locally, which would probably cost a Lot more anyway, that’s what i would do so here you can see toggle slightly different with the zui and you can adjust the audio there. The brightness and we’ve got pc mode, so pc mode is something that i really do like, and i use this a lot. So i’ll just bring that up now, it’s very quick to load. So it just does this little animation there, pc mode and there we go, allows us to run. Then our applications in windows, depending on our free available amount of ram that restricts on how many applications we can actually load and app support too, as well for this. So you can see that i’ll just bring whatever up here now. Gps wanted to point that out that it does not have gps support this model anymore, which is a slight annoyance, but i don’t think it’s gon na be too much of an issue for most people, so you can see that everything’s gon na be up and running Here you can minimize these various different applications as well.

I’Ll run them in full screen. If you wanted to do so, for example, in an app like uh, where are we sketch autodesk sketchbook, so that doesn’t want to be run in a little window so to be full screen? You can minimize that, and so this is great for multitasking to exit it. You simply just tap here and out of it pc mode and watch how quick this is it’s running in the background, so very, very fast there, when you first power on this tablet, you will be greeted with the following bloatware applications, which are just chinese junk applications That aren’t relevant to us of course, there’s about seven of them, uninstall them, and then you don’t see any chinese whatsoever with the tablet. Oh apart from the app store notifications which i’ve blocked, so they don’t show up to me anymore, and i am on the latest firmware, so it does run android 11, as mentioned a security patch level is april this year, and this is now the antutu score. So i’ll just run through a few benchmarks, with this tablet now so antutu very, very strong performance here as you’d expect for the snapdragon 870. That is excellent and the internal storage speeds ufs 3.1 spec, so no slouch at all when it comes to performance. This is a huge step up, both the chipset and the storage speeds compared to the previous model and that’s one reason to go for it and why it feels so quick now wide vine security level, one cert is present.

Okay. This is good, however. I’Ll get on to later on. It looks like amazon and it doesn’t seem to actually run like in full hd. It seems to be more like a standard definition or just hd or low bit rate. Camera 2. Api level 3 support. No gps is mentioned. That does have a hardware compass on board, though, and here we have good wireless speeds. Well, okay, wireless speeds for this chipset. I did actually expect this to be a little faster it’s, not really going to bottleneck or hold the system up. It’S. Just that, with this chipset, i have been able to see well double this speed for maximum speeds, which tend to top out at 400 megabits per second it’s still. Okay, and this right here is a wildlife score which is not bad at all. It’S the snapdragon triple eight now that gets about 35 frames per second on average. With this one – and the best thing too, is that i ran it for the stress test. The stress test showed me that it did not throttle stability. Okay, it dropped point five percent, which is nothing and i’ve noticed this in games that the thermal seem to be excellent, because it’s using the whole tablet back as a heat sink, and it just maintains that performance without any throttling whatsoever. So our battery life nine hours – and this is running a looping benchmark here and for 90 hertz that’s, actually, okay, not too bad, now, i’m able to achieve around 10 hours or so screen on time.

Out of this, depending on what you’re doing, of course, if you drop it to 60 hertz, then you’ll be able to get around 11 12 hours, with your brightness, of course, not being super bright charge time here for the 8 600 milliamp hour, battery was 122 minutes And that was charging at 20 watts now youtube runs just fine now, like any 16 by nine aspect, ratio content, you’re going to have these borders, okay, top and bottom now the maximum play quality matching the screen almost because it is 16 by nine is 1440p, and I find it is fine, it keeps up case is fine, looks good, but i’ll give you a sample now of the audio two from these four jbl six watt speakers they’re, quite good impressive, really for a thin tablet like this video files and ebooks. They look good on this tablet with this screen and yes, when you zoom in very closely, you will see that it’s, not as sharp as say the samsung galaxy, tab, s7 plus or an ipad now the pdf performance. This is a very large file. Here is good, but it will not better an ipad. Okay, an ipad is going to be faster than this ebooks also look great on the screen and for this kind of use. I think the tablet is ideal because it is lightweight so easy just to hold in one hand, while you are reading now, a lot of people have asked before with the previous model.

Netflix amazon, prime video disney plus so we’ve got wide one level one suit. You can see that it’s there and it’s listing hdr. This is adobe vision screen as well, but when you actually run things like, for example, or go into netflix when you start to play well anything really you’ll notice in the beginning, it’s definitely standard definition and then it builds up and the quality does improve. So i believe that netflix, at least to my eyes, it looks like after i’m watching for about a minute or so it’s hd or it’s 1080p. But what i’ve noticed that the data rates are with amazon, prime video, for example? They seem to be quite low, and that is a little annoying there. So just bring that up, and you can see that the data rate very low here only 0.46 gigabytes per hour with streaming now. The ui runs really fast and smooth and fluid and no problems with it, and when you first start it, the same thing happens: okay, you start it up and you look at it and it’s standard definition. Gaming performance no surprise here with the snapdragon 870 that it is very, very good. So this is genshen impact, it’s, a super demanding android game and i do test it out on mostly the phones because it’s very, very taxing on resources. It pushes the chipsets really hard and i’m shocked to see that on the maximum settings, genshen impact just runs so good.

No problems, no major lags occasionally a little stutter or two, but that even happens on the snapdragon triple eight really immersive. With the speakers. The nice large screen is great and then other titles like pub g. So with pubg you can run the ultra hd texture pack, okay and then you get the extreme frame rate or the ultra frame rate. Sorry and if you run just say, smooth hd or hdr, you get the extreme frame rate option, which is 60 frames per second, and the gameplay is great it’s, very smooth, it’s fluid, as expected. Now the best part of this tablet when gaming thermals thermals, are excellent. As i showed with 3dmark, this doesn’t seem to throttle at all. It gets warm on the rear, but nothing alarming, because the whole unibody of this tablet is basically one huge passive heatsink for this tablet. No review would be complete, of course, without the active stylus that this model supports it’s, an optional extra it’s, not included, so it does have the two buttons right here: rubber tip that you can change and replace. They include a spare and it’s called this here. The precision pin: okay, the precision pin two: it works for various other lenovo tech from them, so there’s a rubber gasket right here, type c port to charge it palm rejection, works about a centimeter away from this screen and i will just jot something down right now To check on the handwriting performance here so hello, world messy writing.

Yes, i know not too bad. Now the latency here with this app, which is autodesk sketch, i think it’s called very good it’s, not bad, but it’s, no apple, pencil, it’s. No s pen i’ve noticed that so drawing straight lines, not a problem. You can sketch right up to the edges of the screen right there and the pressure sensitivity you can see just a little pressing, harder, harder and harder does come through. Clearly, pressure levels are working, it’s, not a bad stylus at all, but it will not beat ns pen or the apple pencil, and this is a sample of what the cameras can do front facing camera. Eight megapixels here 1080p maximum, yes, i’m outside, so the lighting is ideal here, it’s very bright and indoors, it’s. Okay, it has a little bit of grain to it good quality, microphones and overall, i think for a tablet that the quality you can get out of this it’s, not bad at all, but it doesn’t have electronic image stabilization, but you’d normally be sitting this on a Table anyway, so i don’t think that’s a problem at all i’ll swap over now to the rear camera that 13 megapixel one. So we can see how the video quality is for that. So again, no electronic image stabilization and only 1080p, and really they could use better quality. I mean they could give us 4k. They could even apply electronic image stabilization and for 1080p quality it’s yeah.

I don’t think it’s that good it’s, not amazing. Your phone will probably do better than this, so this tablet really does offer fantastic value for money. I think, if you’re after a flagship grade, android 11 tablet so snapdragon 870 great performance, the ui is very fluid super fast. And yes, if you get the input model, you are saving a lot of money, but you do have to install google play store and you’ve got like seven apps in chinese to remove and that’s. Basically it it is not an issue. I thought i would have had more problems. Apart from there is that lee voice thing that’s the only thing that’s there, okay, but there will be a global firmware coming out soon from lenovo and like the previous model, we can just flash it over. The top of this without any problems so keyboard’s great to type on a very good screen. Now i know a lot of people were saying that the screen’s poor uh, without even seeing it just saying that oh yeah, when you look at it it looks blurry. Now the thing is normal, viewing distances, which would be like, for example, like that, okay, i think it looks absolutely fine. This is a good screen, deep blacks, the brightness is there now, if you’re, of course, looking at it like that, which is just crazy, then you notice yeah, okay, it’s, not as sharp as an ips panel. Now the kickstand on this one just to show you that it goes all the way back like so and pressing on it and you press really hard.

Then the kickstand may drop down a little bit, but hey that’s, quite good. So what about the cons? I mean it can’t all just be amazing right. There has to be something for me: it’s well, it’s, nitpicking, really uh. It could have a magnet or a storage place to put the stylus if you were going to be getting that there’s, no way to put it. Okay, so that’s just one very minor little thing: a lot of people won’t be buying that the other one is. There is no lte support or 5g support with this, which would have been nice and there’s no gps support, but i don’t think those two things most people won’t even care about. Apart from that, i mean you’ve got a thin slim, build amazing, jbl speakers, decent battery life, the 90 hertz screen. It really is an all rounded great package, and this one does come highly recommended from me. This, i think, is the best so far for the price. Definitely what you’re getting on offer here from lenovo, so they have pretty much done it there’s nothing. I could really think of to improve that. Just those minor things that i mentioned there. I wanted a thing to point out. It seems that there is the widevine level. One cert but netflix more amazon, prime video doesn’t seem to use a higher bit rate when you’re watching the content. It looks to me like it’s, definitely not standard definition, because when it starts out streaming it looks all blocky and then it goes to hd and it looks like it goes to 1080p, but it’s, just not quite as good as it could be say.