This is a little laptop, but it allows you to detach its screen. We’Ve looked at a couple of similar devices over the years here on the channel, but I think this one is probably the best of the bunch that I’ve seen so far doing this for the last couple of years and we’re going to be exploring. What makes this thing tick here in just a second, I do want to mention any interest of full disclosure. This is on loan from Lenovo, so we’re done with this, it goes back to them all. The opinions you’re about to hear are my own. Nobody is paying for this review and no one is reviewing this content before it is posted. So let’s take a closer look now at the hardware, the starting price on this one is 199 dollars, and that includes the keyboard dock. It has an atom x5z. 8350 cherry trail, processor, two gigs of ram and 64 gigabytes of storage it’s got a 10.1 inch IPS display. It runs at 1200 by 800, not the brightest display in the world, but adequate there’s also a version with a 1900 by 1200 display. This one is running with that: lower resolution 1280 by 800 there’s also a version with 4 gigabytes of RAM and 128 gigabytes of storage, and that will cost a little more, and that is what we are looking at today. So there’s going to be a few different configuration options, but the performance you’re going to see out of this one should be pretty close to what you’ll get out of the 200 versions, because they are all running with the same processor really nicely put together here.

It comes in two portions we’ve got the tablet portion here where all the guts of the computer are. This portion weighs about 1.2 pounds or 544 grams. It is running the full version of Windows 10. This is not Windows 10s, so you can install all of your software on it out of the box without any issues. The keyboard dock here is all metal really nicely spaced keys here. The letter keys are full size and it’s very nice to type on at least we’re doing letters and emails and whatnot. But I did have some issues with the number keys because they are smaller and positioned a little off from where they typically are on a normal keyboard. So, for example, your one key, which is usually somewhere over here on a regular keyboard, is nudged over here and I’ve, been having a hard time getting numbers typed correctly when I’m touch typing, but everything else has been fine for doing email and that sort of thing I really like the trackpad on it, really responsive and really really nice stuff from Lenovo. Here and again, I think for one of these detachable cheap computers, which we often see here on the channel. This is probably the best one I have tested in so far as its keyboard is concerned. It will feel a little top heavy though, because all the guts of the computer are in the screen versus the base. Typically, on a laptop, your guts are in the base and the screen is a lot lighter, so it won’t tip over.

But it will feel a little weird in your hand, because most of the weight will be on the screen here, but it seems to hold itself together pretty well. It doesn’t come off its keyboard dock easily. Here it’s got a nice magnet that guides everything back in when it’s time to redock, but it’s also very easy to pull it apart. So they’ve done a nice job engineering. The whole system here to hold itself together pretty well when you are meaning to use it as a laptop, but again you can very easily get it detached for doing all of your work on there. The total weight of the package here is 2.2 pounds with the keyboard where one kilogram, the battery life on it, because it’s running with one of these Adam sherry trail processors is about eight to ten hours if you’re doing casual work with it. So I think you’ll have a really good experience. Just getting work done on this thing, which is what it’s designed for it’s, not so much a gaming device as it is a Productivity device, a good number of ports on here as well. So, on the side here, you’ve got a headphone jack on the tablet. Your volume rocker is over here, along with your power standby switch there’s, a webcam here for doing video conferencing, nothing spectacular, but decent enough to get the job done, and they also included a USB type c port right over here now, it’s going to be a little Limited it won’t do all the things that USB seaports can do on other computers.

This is a data only port, so no video output or power going in here, but it is nice to have this port here, because typically they give you one of these little micro. Usb connectors that requires adapters to get your USB devices connected. This one will take any USB type c data device without issue, but it will not take power or video, but there is an HDMI output right here. This is a micro, HDMI output, so you can plug it into your monitor or television set. It will support 4k resolutions. I believe at 30 Hertz so not great on the 4k, but it is a 200 computer great at 1080p, no issues there and then your power adapter goes in over there. So it’s got the USBC a little different implementation that we’ve seen typically, but it gets the job done and the keyboard dock you get two more USB ports. These are slower USB 2 ports, but you got one here and then one on the other side as well. So it does give you quite a bit of U of USB functionality. At least you won’t get a lot of speed out of those two ports, but good enough for connecting a USB flash drive or something in a pinch and what they also did here on the bottom of the devices. They included a micro SD card slot. You have to pop open this little door here to stick the card in there, so you can augment its onboard storage with a card which you could use for storing media and that kind of thing as well, so all in a pretty nicely constructed little tablet device To even put the speaker’s up front here, so you get decent stereo separation as well and again, I’m.

Pretty pleased with what we’ve got here so let’s take a look now and see how it can perform so let’s kick things off with some web browsing in YouTube. I’Ve got my 1080p 60 video here running and doesn’t seem to be having any issues here. That’S one of the things that the little cherry trail chips do very well is playback 1080p content, especially at 60 frames per second we’re, not dropping any frames, and everything seems to be working quite well there. I do recommend using edge on these videos versus Chrome and I’ve got a video down below. That explains. Why well take a look at some web browsing now and see how well it can get all those things done as well. We are browsing with a wireless AC connection here, 5 gigahertz, so we are on the latest and greatest here. You’Ll notice that it’s not as fast as a I 5 or i7 based machine is, but it is able to pull things up relatively quickly on the web, especially if you are not running to many things in the background, and that is one area where having 4 Gigabytes of RAM does make a difference on these little computers. I’Ll put a link down below to a video that I did probably about a year ago with this same processor, with two different computers, one with 2 gigs of ram and one with 4. And you can see some of the things you can do.

Multitasking with 4 gigs of ram that you may struggle with with 2, but it is able to browse the web here quite well and the tablet mode works nicely as well. My only gripe, though, is that display is a little dim and I also ran the browser bench Org speedometer test, it’s, a benchmark test that simulates using some web based applications and on that test we got a score of 20, not the highest score in the world, But it’s adequate enough and you can compare that to some other atom based devices we’ve looked at recently, namely the GPD pocket, which was an even tinier computer than this one. That has the faster variant of this Atom processor that one came in around 30 or so so it’s, not bad it’s, not going to be the fastest thing out there. But if you’re just browsing the web and using it like a tablet, I think you’ll have a pretty good experience here. If you’re running the Microsoft Office applications, they should run just fine on here. We’Ve got a word running right now, with a fairly involved newsletter. Template everything is rendering in pretty quickly actually especially considering the price point here and it’s also able to reflow text very quickly as well. So I don’t think you’ll have any real problems. Doing spreadsheets and all the other boring office work, and you might want to do on it, and this is not a gaming device, but you can play some games on it.

A lot of casual games like Minecraft do run fairly well on here. This is the Java version of Minecraft, the one that most people still run. I installed a performance enhancer called Optifine on it, it’s a free plug in I’m, getting frame rates around 20 to 30 frames per second, depending on what’s, going on in the scene. So that’s not too bad it’s playable, at least it also works very well as a game streaming device. So if you want to stream games from your xbox somewhere else in your home, you can do that to this machine as well. A steam in home streaming is also another option from a gaming PC that also works nicely, and there are a ton of indie games out on the steam store that are worth checking out. That will also run pretty nicely on this platform, so you do have some gaming options, just not any of the high end triple a titles that just came out and the trademark Cloud Gate gaming benchmark test. We got a score of 1441 and it performs exactly where I expected it to one point of comparison is the voice v book v3 ultrabook, which is a generic overseas brand, but it’s running with that very same processor, same score on that other computer as well. So we’re not seeing any performance degradation here at all now. One thing, though, to keep in mind, is that this did not do as well on this 3d mark stress test, which measures how often the computer will throttle down when it gets too hot there’s no fan on here.

So the only way to a very hot processor is to run it at a slower rate of performance and we got a score of 93 on that test which isn’t bad but it’s, not in the passing territory. For that test, but that’s to be expected with a fanless computer like this they’re, really not designed to be used under load. But I did test Cody, which is my favorite media player, and I was able to run my blu ray MKV movies on it like we. Usually do without any problems here, so you can see. We’Ve got the Star Wars movie running here, no issues no drop frames. Everything seems to be running just fine. I did have it run over a period of time as well and it seems to be keeping up. Well, there was one skip frame here when I just got things started up, sometimes when it kicks on it, does a skip or frame here or there, but it was able to play this blu ray movie very consistently off of a MKV file that I have stored On an external SSD here it is not so good, though at HEB C files. This is a format that a lot of people are getting into now. So this is a 60 megabit per second HEV C 10 bit file, something that a lot of people are starting to get into, especially home theater enthusiasts, and this is unwatchable. So I think you’re going to be fine with mpeg 4 and blu ray, but I would avoid probably going down the route.

The route of HEV C files with this particular laptop but it’ll, be great for most of the media that you might want to play on it. So all in I think this is a very nice little machine for the money I really like to build quality on it. I do wish the the number keys were a little better spaced on the top row there, but that’s my only real gripe with this. I think, for one of these cheap detachable 200 from a name brand, is a good deal and you’ll see performance that I expected to see out of this atom based processor it’s, nothing new, it’s, decent enough to get the job done, especially for web browsing and word. If you saw and a couple of games, maybe along the way, also and nice, and see that they’re packing in on the base level configuration 64 gigs of storage. So that should give you some flexibility for Windows updates and some other stuff. So all in a pretty good deal and worth considering if you’re looking for a very inexpensive Windows, 10 based tablet, that is also detachable, and there are a bunch of configuration options on this one as well. So let me know what you think I did try to install Linux on this. I failed at doing so. There was no way get the computer to select an external drive to boot from and I really went through everything I could find there wasn’t any of those little buttons.

You can push on the Lenovo computers on this one to initiate that boot screen so I’m. Welcome to any suggestions that you have, but I was not able to get Linux operating on this, I do think would be kind of a cool platform for remix OS or some of the other Linux based operating systems out there, but no luck there. But definitely let me know if you’ve got some solutions to that down in the comments and we’ll do a follow up so that’ll do it for the mix 320 from Lenovo – and this is LAN Simon thanks for watching this channel is brought to you by my patreon Supporters, including gold level supporter Cody Faulk, if you want to help the channel you can, by contributing as little as a dollar a month head over to lon TV, flash patreon to learn more and don’t forget to subscribe visit.