t guy how’s. It going listen, we’re in the middle of what i call a pc hardware, drought and it stinks right, it’s awful it’s, very hard to find parts right now. But but don’t worry our good buddies over at lenovo um. They got the hookup right if you’re in the market, for a budget pre built, listen. I think this one is gon na catch. Your eye today, we’re gon na, be taking a look at this right here. This right here is the lenovo legion tower 5. I this is a 28 liter, beast yup that’s right 28 liter, beast let’s talk about the specs of it. So in this we’ve got an i5 10 400. That is the six core 12 thread intel part. It’S got the v460 chipset. H460. I’M. Sorry it’s got 400 watt gold power supply, it has the 1660 super and it comes with eight gigs of ram now in some of this b roll you’re going to see that it features g skill, ram that’s, because i put it in there just to take pictures With and because i wanted to do some testing to see how the one stick of eight gig compares to the two sticks of eight gigs, so that you have single channel versus dual channel all right and it comes with a 250 gig ssd and a one terabyte Hard drive, wi fi, all that and rgb all of this for a fantastic price point of 849 that’s insane.

If you’ve been here on the channel with me before, we checked out the hp omen that featured the ryzen 5 3600, as well as the 1660 super. Eight gigs of ram and the same you know 250 hard drive, ssd and one terabyte hard drive, so the specs are a little bit the same. However, the cases are different. This case here as you’ll see in the b row, is mostly plastic. Now the inside’s metal, but the outside is plastic, the um the doors you know the outside panels bring this up close to you, so you can see it. These are pretty flimsy. This is not glass. This is a plastic or acrylic. Unlike the glass that’s on the omen, so it does say legion on the side there it’s pretty cool, get some glare, and so these are pretty flimsy. However, these side panels, they come off easy, real, easy, a lot easier than the omen, and the reason for that is because this is like a just a regular pc case. It features you know, thumb screws that you can take out the side panels with for cooling. In this bad boy it comes with and i’m going to pick it up here and show you in the front here: you’ve got two 120 millimeter rgb fans in the rear, you’ve got 120 millimeter fan and you’ve got an air cooler. Let’S see there we go, you can see it better. You’Ve got an air cooler.

The b roll is going to show this better um and i got to say i wasn’t expecting a lot from this air cooler. They did really well. Actually, the cooling in this is phenomenal, believe it or not, you’ve got so much that you can take in from the front here: it’s it’s fantastic. I mean just the amount of air that it’ll push it’s quiet. This is a very quiet pre built as well. It’S really well built and it’s going to be able to upgrade easily, and i think you all are going to enjoy the series as we go through and upgrade this so i’m going to show you. You know what it has with extra ram: listen we’re, going to replace the power supply we’re gon na replace it with a 550 watt gold by sea, sonic it’s got 400 watt in it we’re going to put a 10 600 k in it, because why not? We want to go fast right and then i’m also going to show y’all how to change the motherboard um, because that’s very important. You know if you want to keep longevity out of the system. We’Ll know how it upgrades and we’re going to put in a z490. So that we can get the best out of our 10600k and we’re also i’m, going to show you how to take the motherboard out and stuff and we’re going to look at replacing the cooler we’ve got here, an air cooler from egg cooling and then believe it Or not, this is a pre built that you can put water cooling in that’s right.

You can put a 240 millimeter water cooler in the front of this thing and i’m going to show you how to do it as well. When we change the motherboard out and put in that 10 600 k, this is going to be a balling little system. By the end now you’re thinking, i could probably build a machine for 850.. Maybe if you can find parts. Good luck, good luck! Finding the 1660 super, i dare you to find one you’re, not you’re, not gon na, be able to find one they’re very hard to find um and, of course, you know on the rear here. The panel comes off it’s. Actually pretty nice you’ve got. You know everything that you need there now let’s talk about the ports on the back and on the top on the back you’re lacking in ports. Unfortunately, you’ve got one usb type c, uh, two usb 3 super. You know super speeds, uh. You got another two and you’ve got gigabit lan. You got three audio on the front. You’Ve got your power, your headphone microphone port as well as two usb 3 super speeds, so not a whole lot of of ports there, but it will it’ll get the job done right. So enough of me, rambling, you probably want to hear about stock performance of this machine. Yes, i’m, using my iphone because i can’t remember all these numbers and i don’t use a prompter or anything i’m too poor.

Not enough of you all subscribed to my channel. For me to afford a teleprompter, i ran four games. Four at both dual channel and single channel let’s talk about single channel first borderlands 3 got an average fps of 85.. Okay, let’s talk about the temperatures, gpu 69 degrees, that’s, pretty good for a single card, that’s a single card gpu in there and the cpu 60 degrees, that’s, awk, that’s, amazing um, just that you it’s only 60 degrees. Now it is only a 10 400, but still it’s six core six threads that’s, not bad in god, fall at epic settings. We got an average of 40.5 fps and then the temperatures were the same: assassin’s creed, valhalla average of 48. This was on high settings. Temps were the same far cry 5, average of 87 and attempts were the same and that’s at high settings. Let’S talk about you know when, when you look at it, though, with only a single stick, they were a little bit jittery. It was a little bit jittery. It wasn’t bad, so my advice to you would be to go ahead and just you know, grab an extra eight gigs, okay for dual channel for borderlands 3 94 fps, so that shot up by 9 fps god fall. It went to 41, but it wasn’t as jittery is a lot smoother assassin’s creed, valhalla, 48 wasn’t as jittery far cry: 5, 93 that’s a gain of 6 fps and of course it was smoother, and so dual channel does go into effect here now.

Let’S talk about the ram speeds that you can actually use of this machine so with the sock motherboard you’re going to be limited to 2666, okay, it’s, just going to run 2666 with what you put in whether you put in 3200, 3000 3400. It is going to run at 26.66 for ram, as you put in the great thing about this – is that you can put in four sticks, and this does support 64 gigs of ram, so you can put in 64 gigs of ram if you want at 26.66. So that’s pretty good um, the motherboard. It supports 65 watt processor, so it’s going to be a 10 400 and the 10 700. However, you do the motherboard swap, of course you can put in 16. 600K. 10. 700K. 10. 900K with the z490. You, of course you can do overclocked ram, so you can do 3200, megahertz 34. All of that, as well as overclock, your cpu, you can’t, do any overclocking on this, so do take that into consideration, and this is not an overclocking pre built. What this is is this is a pre built you buy it, you put in another eight gigs of ram and boom you’re off to the races and you’re going to have some pretty good performance at 1080p playing the games that you want to play, and you can Actually do virtualization virtualizations enabled on this, so if you’re a dev or something like that, this is pretty good pre built to buy if you’re a dev as well – and you want to do things of that nature.

So let’s talk about some of the the software and the bloatware. There is a little bit of bloatware, of course, as you know, you’re going to be hit with the mcafee and microsoft office and all that junk you can go in take care of it. Get rid of it, that’s, fine and there’s a couple lenovo things on there that they put on that’s junk as well, then there’s, the lenovo software that actually controls this and inside there you can see like the temperature of your cpu. You can see how much disk usage you have left. You can look at your network, i mean this has got wi fi, you can do wi fi booster on it and then, of course you can do lighting, and so there are four zones of lighting in this and you’ve got the front, which is the emblem. You’Ve got two front fans: you’ve got a fan. If you get the tower cooler in here, there’s a fan on it, that’s rgb and you get the rear fan and so you’re going to have several different options depending on which zone it is that you can actually set different uh. You can change colors. You can do breathing, you know each zone has its own set of rgb or controls that you can use per per zone and you can actually set it up per zone. You know if you want to have whatever and then, of course, if you put in a different motherboard you’re going to have the software that’s included with that motherboard, and these are rgb fans there’s an rgb daughter board in the back.

So you can go ahead and use those as well and do all of your rgb, goodness, all of it all the rgb and listen. Listen! If you’ve stuck around this long, you’ve done yourself a favor. You really have you’ve seen an awesome review. I’M, just joking um. All right, so, in conclusion, this is the best budget pre built that i think i’ve ever seen or used here on the channel, and i said that the hp almond was good, but it was almost great this one’s great for what you pay. I mean it really is for 850 dollars, you can’t beat it. You really cannot beat this price. This is fantastic and the upgradability of this machine is excellent. I mean you can put in a new power supply new motherboard um. You know coolers, you can. You know. It’S already got three 120 millimeter fans. You can even do water cooling in this for a pre built, it’s awesome. This is a fantastic pre built if you’re in the market for a pc and you’ve got a thousand dollars right now go buy. This then go down to the links below buy you, some ram and you’re done, and you’ve got everything that you need to be able to play at 1080p it’s fantastic. This is excellent, so go ahead, subscribe hit that bell notification, because you’re not going to want to miss the videos that we do upgrading this thing, i’m, going to walk you through every single step of upgrading this, whether it’s the cooling, the motherboard i’ll, show you how To you know, insert a new cpu and uh power supply all that stuff we’re, going to upgrade it and it’ll be a rolling series until we finish it, probably just like three or four videos to show you how to upgrade it and stuff like that, and then From there we’ll move on, i want to look at a legion laptop for you all um.

However, i don’t know, if i will, we are going to be looking at one of the new alienware aurora systems with ryzen 5000 and radeon 6000 in it we’re going to look at it i’m, going to show you how to upgrade it as well. What you can upgrade on it? It doesn’t use standard parts. You know it has a lot of proprietary junk this one, not so much so go ahead. Hit that subscribe, hit that bell notification leave a comment.