Normally they are big and heavy, but today i have here the legion slim 7i. This powerful laptop is powered by 10 gem intel core i7 10 750, each with 6 cores and 12 threads, and alongside that intel cpu is the rtx 2060 max q design. But the question is: it offers a heavy duty performance even with a lightweight build right, but with a thinner design. Will this be a hurdle when it comes to cooling, or will it be helpful? My boy madeleine? This is pope from, and this is the review of the lenovo legion slim. Seven eye let’s have a look at the design of the legion slim 7i. The back is made out of aluminum that is very smooth and is in a slight gray color with a matte finish that looks very slick on the corner. It has a silver legion logo that is engraved on the lid and the o will lit up whenever you open the lid or in standby mode, which adds a style, slash gamer feel then there’s. The signature, silver plated lenovo logo located close to one of the hinges. Now the chassis is also made out of aluminum, and it gives a very compact and sturdy feel the build is called the slim version because it is for sure, thinner and lighter than the 7i version. It only weighs 1.8 kilogram and is only 17.9 millimeter thick making it one of the lightest gaming laptops out in the market and due to the aluminum body and thinner screen lifting the screen of the lenovo legend slim7i is hassle free.

You can also open the lid up to 180 degrees flat now for the ports on the right. We have usbc thunderbolt, 3 ports and a nova hole on the left are the headphone and mic combo and a 4 in 1 card reader at the back. Are the 2 usb 3.2 gen 2 ports and another port for the power making the side slimmer while still providing a wired connection for the mouse and keyboards? Now on to the surface design, the keyboard is full size. It is also made out of mac aluminum finish and comes with corsair iq rgb support. It is also customizable through the corsair iq software. You can also set whatever lighting patterns you like and set them into specific profiles at the upper corner of the keyboard. You’Ll see the rgb power button, which also acts as a fingerprint scanner for accessibility and added security as well and speaking of security at the upper corner of the screen. The webcam has a 720p video recording. The quality is satisfactory for video calls streaming and recording, and it has a built in privacy shutter, with an led indicator to notify that the camera is on. Unfortunately, we don’t have an ir camera for face unlock, so you will probably utilize the fingerprint scanner to unlock the device. Lastly, there’s also a wide 2×2 dolby atmos speaker system, that fires really great surround sound, which is solid, bassy and quite enough to fill a small room now for the display.

It boasts a 15.6 1080p with 144hz refresh rate and up to 5ms response time. It is sharp and crisp, and the haulers are very accurate, making the laptop not only for gaming but for productivity as well. Lenovo also offers an optional 4k screen, but with a 60hz refresh ring. Only if i were to choose an option for the display, i would choose the fullhd display, as it has a high refresh rate configuration for a smoother experience. The screen is a lot thinner than the usual height of a gaming laptop, but the chin bezel is quite thick, but i never had a problem with the display and besides, the laptop has an anti glare screen. So using it, outdoors is just fine, since it has a 144hz refresh rate, the gpu should be able to draw 144 fps or higher on most games. The unit we have is powered by an intel core i7 10750h, and it is paired with nvds geforce rtx 2060. Max q design it has 16 gigabytes of ddr4 ram and one terabyte top m.2 nvme ssd for storage making. It slim may compromise the cooling of the laptop. So let me tell you like its bigger brother. It also has a cold front. 2.0 cooling system means it has two wide cooling vents on the back. That extends up to the side of the laptop. The intake grille is located below with great cooling architecture. We tested its capability by enabling better performance and an 80 processor state.

The laptop is quite cool at 49 degrees celsius to 57 degrees celsius in light use, while gaming it has a 98 fps average in valorem with a temp of 64 degrees celsius, then 80 processor, state and best performance and max in game graphics. Settings valorem could go up to 155 fps max, but at 90 degrees celsius, which is quite hot. It still needs to have an external cooler as the temperature rises. When we play aaa games the good thing, though it is quite stable and it is based on the humidity. This means that there’s still room for it to breathe and the throttling is not noticeable. Fps games are best played on a 144hz screen and since the most popular first person, shooting game doesn’t require much power. The novo legend, slim 7i, is one of the powerful laptops to handle the 100 photo. Perhaps gaming for the benchmarks here are the results. As you can see, there is no throttling occurred, which is good even with the southern rice and temperature. As for the battery, it has a 71 watts with rapid charge support. Now again, the cooling system and power pulls more juice to the battery for it to cool the device properly. While giving the performance, we recorded up to 4 hours of heavy usage on the lenovo legion slim 7i, which is quite acceptable and it can go up to 8 hours of normal usage for a suggested retail price of 995.

, the lenovo legion slim 7i isn’t. Simply for gaming, yet for editing 1080p up to 4k clips as well, which makes it an all rounder beast. The only trade off for us is that the fans get loud wins threshing system due to intense gaming. The build may decrease the stability of this gaming laptop, but we didn’t encounter it. The battery for us is quite lower than expected, but acceptable since it gives rgb and quite efficient cooling power despite the slim build overall. The lenovo legion slim 79 is a handy laptop. It is lightweight with a savage performance, great for broad productivity and gaming. In addition, it’s incredible rgb. So what do you guys think? Is it worth the price? Let us know in the comment section below. Thank you guys for watching be sure to subscribe and also don’t forget to visit for more tech, news reviews and comparison of the latest device.