The model we have in front of us is a top spec model. It has the ryzen 9 5900 x processor, the rtx 3080. The 32 gigabytes ram is the top model you can buy and in the uk it retails for two three, nine nine there’s a few things that i wanted to quickly go over with this laptop now. This laptop is one that i’ve kept my eyes on for a very long time. I was literally hitting refresh on their website on a daily basis, trying to get hold of this it’s pretty much any way you can get hold of an rtx 3080. These days, it’s the first laptop i’ve had with the ports on the back, which i was in my mind, always worked better. This has been my daily driver it’s, the 13 inch macbook pro it’s i’ve always been with apple, but mainly because work has always just given me apple laptops. This doesn’t even actually belong to me, but i’ll be kind of like doing a comparison between the two. In terms of build quality, especially considering that this costs eight nine nine and this particular model is the bottom of the range model, and this costs almost this costs over twice as much now. One of the reasons i wanted to make this review is because i saw a lot of reviews from a lot of other youtubers and it’s a little bit difficult with early product reviews, because a lot of these youtubers are given the products um to review.

And when that happens, they tend to really leave out a lot of the negative stuff when i bought that acer and acer laptop a couple of years back. I noticed this because i bought the acer laptop and i was shocked at just how much of the information was left off from all the big youtubers reviews um. This is a unit that i purchased myself so i’m happy to point out a lot of stuff that i feel like has been left out on youtube, which is kind of why i’m reviewing this, i didn’t. I wasn’t really going to do a review of this laptop, but you know let’s dive into it in terms of build quality. The build quality is better on the macbook pro you know like. If you take a listen here, you know this is built very solid unit. This you know there is: there is flex in the chassis um in terms of fingerprints. Well, you can have a look here. I’Ve been using this for a couple of days. You know even though it’s a beautiful gunmetal finish. It does have fingerprints and if you push it with one finger it’s, not the best of build qualities, i’ve seen because it clearly flexes down now, i unfortunately was going to return this unit um the track pad. You meant to be able to click on anywhere now i can click on here, but at the top it takes a lot of force to click.

Now i assume this was because i had a faulty unit um and if you listen here, there’s a big rattle that’s, not me actually pressing the button. The bottom left clearly has a rattle a top quality glass trackpad, like the one on the macbook pro there’s, no rattle at all um. Also, a lot of youtube reviewers seem to say that the chasse was very strong. Now, if i push down, you can see it does create a space between. There is clearly a space there, which a lot of again reviewers really failed to mention um again i’m, not somebody who’s had a lot of windows laptops, but this to me i mean it’s. It’S, a lot of give there’s a lot of flex in everyday usage, you’re not going to notice it. But you know if even if you just push down here i’m, not pushing down hard – and you can see this flexing here, so these are just things that they shouldn’t put you off the laptop. But i feel like a lot of youtubers weren’t overly honest about about that. They also weren’t overly honest about getting inside of this thing now getting inside of this laptop, you need to remove the screws and credit to lenovo if you’re, using phillips head screws that you can remove pretty easily, but i needed to use a pick to go across The sides to undo the little notches underneath that clicking these plastic notches, that click together.

Underneath this i use a plastic pick that came with my ifixit kit and it broke the plastic pick. So you do need a metal pick or something stronger than just a plastic. Pick now, i do truly love how a lot of the ports are in the back. There are usbc ports but they’re on either side of it. The only thing that happened is i plugged in a playstation controller, on the back, and i have this thing on my lap and obviously when you put stuff on your lap. If you pull the screen forward a little bit and it’s balanced on your lap it’s going to do that a little bit and it was – and that was putting pressure on the cable against my leg, so be careful with that. Otherwise, in terms of the laptop itself, my laptop had minimal background bleeding, which was really good the keyboard itself. I, like i don’t love. It feels a bit mushy for me, but again it’s personal preference. I also if it was up to me, wouldn’t have had this um here would have just had this centralized, because i mainly type here and which means both my hands – are kind of like off to the side a little bit. But i must say the palm rejection on this is great. I also noticed on my particular laptop that there was a little bit of a bend to the rgb light here, which um kind of protruded out a bit.

I managed to push it back in with my thumb and balance it out, but it wasn’t totally level again. You know the issues i’ve had with the trackpad the issues i’ve had with you know the little rgb light. The case is a little bit more plasticky than the youtubers lead you to believe let’s. Take a look at this it’s. It gives it bends pretty easily. I mean i’m hardly putting any pressure on this at all and in terms of this i mean again hardly any pressure at all, and i don’t know if it’s just me whether i’ve just been used to with apple laptops, for example, i’m putting as much force. I can hear there’s zero give if i did this with my thumb, my middle finger, i literally feel like i could snap this thing without a much of a problem um. You know these are things that i think you need to be aware of, especially if you’re coming from apple, that the build quality isn’t as good as it’s been made out to be. There are issues with the trackpad. This is my second unit that i’ve had this issue with um. There is quite a lot of flex in the chasse um, and this is another issue that it brings me up to and that’s that i called lenovo so the way they propose to fix this is i send this laptop back to them. I wait seven to ten days to receive my label to post it back once i’ve posted it back to them, then, within 14 days they will.

Let me know if they have a replacement if they have a replacement. They will then send that out within seven days. So essentially, it’ll be a month before i get another one of these, and i would just order another one and return this, but they don’t have any more on their website, so it just seems i’m either gon na have to return this or just make do with The extreme i mean i’m, the kind of guy who taps the trackpad and that’s just gon na that’s gon na drive me insane over time, and especially given the price of this thing is over two thousand pounds in the uk. It just feels like it feels like a shortcut that you shouldn’t have to take when you’re spending this kind of money. Now saying all this, i will say one thing in terms of performance when plugged in this laptop blew me away. I could play any game. I threw at this on ultra settings without the slightest bit of slowdown. You do lose a little bit of power when you unplug it. However, if you’re going to play this gaming, you know aaa titles. I strongly recommend that you use a electricity, cable um but saying that the fans were not as loud as i expected them to be, which is great um. They do have this annoying whiny pitch to them. That annoying pitch is not the worst but it’s, also not overly great. Now this was 100 when i started.

Recording and i’ve been recording for 10 minutes and, as you can see, it’s dropped down to 88 and a big part of this is a piece of software, and this piece of software is the iq software from corsair. Unfortunately, this seems to drastically drain your battery. On one hand, i’d say great, that lenovo have acknowledged this and hopefully they’ll fix it. But on the other hand, this same issue was on the previous generation of the lenovo legion and they never got around to fixing it. Now you can turn off these lights if you’re going to a meeting which is good, you can also turn off this little y logo back here, so you can turn up pretty much all the lights, which is great um talking about the lights. One of the weird thing is: if you click on white now, i don’t know if the camera can see this, this isn’t actually white. This is kind of like baby blue it’s, not white. It just can’t seem to reproduce white very well on the keyboard. For some reason and the software isn’t the most intuitive one i have had to actually look at a tutorial. So to sum up, i do really love this laptop. It is bigger than i thought it would be it’s heavier than i thought it would be, but this screen is absolutely fantastic. Editing on this 16 inch screen is a dream. It’S it’s great, like even playing video games on it.

It’S great, i don’t feel you know before this add the zephyrus g14 for a while, and i don’t feel like i’m missing out on connecting it to a big screen it’s great, but where does this leave me personally? Customer service is a big worry for me. Now. Don’T get me wrong, even with my apple laptops. I’Ve had an issue six months into owning this laptop. It had a complete motherboard failure needed to be replaced, lost all my work. So that’s, not unheard of. You know that’s not what i’m saying at all, but i feel a lot more confident when i speak to apple than when i call in over and it’s someone in their bedroom. Speaking to me, with kids and dogs barking in the background and kids shouting and screaming, and not being able to hear a word of what they say and then, when i call back they’re essentially saying to me, it could be a month before i get a replacement. So the only option they really gave me was to get this extended service where they come to your house and then wait until that service is up and running and then get them to come and change the trackpad. Alternatively, i could go on their website and just pray that within the first 28 days they get more stock, even though they go on the phone sounded like that, wasn’t really going to be too likely overall, i’m. Very pleased with it.

I mean the weight is insanely heavy compared to what i thought it was, and let me tell you something: the power brick i’d heard how how big it was it’s huge, but you know it needs that power um. You can plug in the charger from the macbook pro, but it gives you a warning on screen that it’s not going to be able to have sufficient charge. I do love the fact that you can disable this camera by just flicking the switch down here. It physically disconnects the camera from the board when you plug in into the back the ports light up, which is great. Another big thing as well is the hdmi port is hdmi 2.1, so, if connecting to an external display, so you get 4k at 120 hertz. So what am i going to do i’m going to keep this i’m going to try and get hold of another unit, because the display is absolutely stunning.