Also lenovo legion, 7 packs with 16 gb and 1 TBSSD, which is an extra boost to the processing power. This video is longer than my usual videos, because i shared different benchmark results: video rendering processing results, gaming experience and much more all the information and results you canfind down below in the video description, so let’s go and explore. If you are living in saudiarabia, then you can place an order from the jarir bookstore website or either visit their branchfor more detail and its price is 7899. Saudi riyal lenovo legion 7 is a windows 10 laptop with a 15.6 inch display, which is the world’s thinnest nvidia geforce rtx 2060 gaming laptop with 10thgeneration core i7 10875 H, processor, 16, gb ddr4 memory and also western digital 1. Tb SSD, which makes this laptop, is so special and amazing. On the left side, we have 1 Thunderbolt 3, one usbtype c connector and headphone mic combo connector. On the right side. We have one usb 3.1port, Novo hole or Novo button. This option is for start the recovery system. On the back side, we have 2 type c, connectors 1 hdmi connection 1 ethernetjack and power in connector lenovo. Vantage application makes it easy to get more out of your legion pc by enabling you to personalize your settings and optimize yoursystem’s performance quickly and seamlessly from lenovo vantage youcan, see the cpu usage graphs, ssd usage and you can alsosee the hardware information. We have three kinds of thermal mode settings which you can find here, like performancemode balance mode and quite mode let’s talk about his multi tasking, abilities, i’m running adobe, photoshop 2020 edition GODS, remastered 3d game and it’s gameplay i’m doing some web browsing as well.

Trust me itis doing multitasking as smooth as butter let’s test the battery performance of legion 7 when thebattery status is 97, it gives you a maximum of 2 hours and 14 minutes, which is not appreciated but depend on the working experience as video rendering and for gaming. Better plug in the powerfor, enjoying the full experience of the laptop rapid charge pro loads from 0 to 50 in less than 30 minutes, spread the sound of the legion 7 laptop with two dual laptop speakers and the dolby atmosspeaker system equipped with the two 4.7 cc. Sound chambers in a successive cinema wave also it hasa 720p hd camera, which is useful for zoom meetings. The legion 7 has a full keyboard with number pad backlit, with corsair iCUE lighting for customizable rgb it’s level under lenovo’s thunderstrikepropriety line, bringing 1.3 mm off key travel and a soft hit when bottom out. The keys do feelgood while typing and they are responsive while gaming mechanical keyboards are alwayspreferred for gaming and at this price, lenovo could have included the option if evenat the slight premium. If you want to learn about rgb lighting, which i have alreadydone just click on the card link, the precision touchpad is big enough for productivity work, but, like the keyboard, it seems lenovo could have done a bit more. The full hd screen resolution 1920 x 1080 combines true and rich color contrast, withsaturation and dolby atmos transports you to new gaming world in a new revolutionary way, and i enjoyed using geforce experience software, which gives multiple options like displaying fps video capture and much more time To see the benchmark results of 3d mark time, spy, cinebenchr20, userbenchmark and pc mark 10 let’s enjoy the experience 3d mark time, spy benchmark, resultgives 6078 scores.

So overall it comes 4th on theranking. It gives 5783 scores on gpu and a 8552 score on cpu whichis. Quite good overall it’s a great score on the cinebench r20 result. It scores 3625 and ranked 4thas well overall, it’s a great result, while on the user benchmark it scores 79 for gaming and other working environment, it gives 99, which is awesome, but on the pcperformance and expectations it gives a 73 score on the pc mark 10. It gives a6375 score with geforce rtx 2060 and intel core i7 overall it’s 83better than all the results. Lenovo legion 7 is an ideal machine for video, editing and itcan easily handle software’s like adobe premiere adobe after effects, but i prefer touse filmora x for video editing. Let’S see the cpu and gpu performance whilevideo, rendering and video render view the geforce rtx 2060 is powered by nvidia, which brings incredible performance and the power of real time ray tracing, which is excellentfor. The latest games and other gpu related works. Being a video creator, it’s importantto know how to work on the adobe, photoshop and let’s see the experience. Howit handles photoshop 2020 edition, finally time to play some games on the legion 7 and what frame per seconds get it while playingshadows of the tomb raider in minecraft dungeons, while playing shadows of the tomb raideri get 72 fps, which is an excellent score on the minecraft Dungeons iteasily give you 144 fps, which is mind. Blowing minecraft dungeons is not a very high end, graphics game.

The most amazing thing for any gamer when you exit the game and then pc is not giving you any loading or slowness experience. Even afterplaying high end graphics game for 1 hour just see the refresh result. The legion 7 displaysfeature stunning visual 4 corner offices, 2 battle stations for cinema, like immersive gaming experience, the legion 7 features a 15.6 inch 1080p display with the 240 Hz refresh rate gaming. On this panel is a visual treat for the eyes. The lenovo legion 7 is looking to be a perfect choice for the gamers who don’t want to compromise on power. The next generation nvidia geforce rtxgpu and core i7 cpu, will give you a wonderful experience on video, editing, gaming and anyprofessional work. Don’T forget you can find the benchmark results and jarir bookstorewebsite down below in the video description for any query about lenovo legion 7you can ask me in the comments section, and i hope this video is helpful for those who are looking for gaming laptop.