Finally, after so many years of waiting a qhd panel. Not only is it a qhd panel, it has an aspect ratio of 16×10 and on top of that it has support for g sync and freesync, and it has a refresh rate of 165 hertz, so let’s get started. What we will do as well in the future is a video on how to upgrade the ssd in the device, as well as a comparison to some other gaming laptops from the yesteryears, as well as my desktop, which has a 9900k and an rtx 20 80.. So my configuration is, as you can see here, a amd ryzen, 7, 5800. So a octa core processor. It has 32 gigabytes of ram. It has a one terabyte ssd and rtx 3070. The afford mansion display. So, as with any good unboxing, we do have some tape and i’m going to use my trusted. Kershaw knife mmm, the smell of electronics, silicon in the afternoon, nothing better. It even beats a good coffee exit all right. So we have here your typical lenovo legion box. Oop haha, i almost had a moment like linus tech tips, where the laptop popped out, so i had to reorientate the box. Let’S take a look. There we go box is open, so let’s first take a look at the infamous accessories coming inside of the laptop. We have one power: cable, your typical standard power, cable, of course – and what else do we have your massive 300 watt? Brick i’ll just show you in comparison, how this looks like to a typical hp style brick.

So here is the lenovo brick itself and here for reference is a typical 150 hp power adapter. So it is quite a bit bigger, so to speak so i’m, not a big fan of that. It honestly is huge, but i guess you need all of that juice. Maybe not 300 watts, but we will see in the power. Consumption should be just under 200, but nevertheless that’s the brick. So just for reference. The typical hp 150 watt weighs 257 grams, a hefty and strong 740, so approximately three times the weight, despite it being only two times in watts. As for the laptop, we have here approximately 2571 grams, so two and a half kilos from heft wise it’s, not that bad, maybe let’s, take a brief look at io on the right hand, side you have your e shutter for electronically disabling your webcam, a usb 3.0 Type a so here we have um your ethernet, your usbc, with power delivery, which is super cool, two usb 8 ports. One has one: has the option to be turned on always or is always on? Oh, you have your hdmi port as well as your another usb, and this one supports the always on and then lastly, your typical lenovo power, connector power, adapter connector and then, if we move on to the other side here is your headphone jack, your usbc one notable Feature here is that both usbcs, so the one on the left here has the one on the left here: do: support uh displayport 1.

4, so that’s for your 4k or higher resolution displays in terms of size. I do have here a macbook pro 16 for reference. So, actually, surprisingly, width wise – they are absolutely cross comparable but of course thickness wise. The macbook is much thinner, but that i guess comes with the comes with the brand, so i’m very happy here to share this first moment of the first opening. So let’s take a look and there we have it. I have to say i wish manufacturers would stop putting these stickers on the left, but hey it is what it is so that’s the laptop. I have to say again, let’s take a look at the profile quite thin and keyboard. Oh that’s, a beautiful keyboard compared to the macbook pro 15 or 16 that i have all righty so that about sums up the unboxing, i will have a few upcoming videos, one with the ssd as mentioned.