The pandemic crippled, supply chains and companies kept shutting down. However, 2021 is fulfilling. Our tech needs with the exclusive launch of lenovo legion 5 pro. If you want to know more about this next generation tech, stick on to this video welcome to techspace, we create videos about technology, gadgets and other interesting tech related topics in today’s video we’re, going to be talking about this next level, launch of lenovo with legion 5. Pro with which lenovo went a little over their usual hardware update this video will have a detailed review of this product lenovo legion 5. Pro is the 2021 edition of lenovo legion 5, with much more powerful specs. Better quad fan thermal design. Basically, this laptop has got all that you would want from your gaming. This is a solid gaming laptop that has the capability to run at a super high fps rate, otherwise known as frames per second or the frame rate or number of consecutive full screen images that are displayed per second. When we said this laptop has it all. We meant it legion 5. Pro has the latest of both amd and nvidia excellent cooling. Moreover, for a 16 by 10 inch laptop, it has a 165 hertz display with 2560 by 1600 display resolution. Legion 5 series of 2021 was primarily a hardware update of the 2020 series, however, lenovo jumped on the bandwagon and came up the lenovo legion 5 pro a gaming orient design with a backlit legion logo on the lid, a thicker chassis aiming for higher tier specs.

Not sticking with the changes only to hardware, these guys slightly changed the ip and several other screen options and color options as well. Legion 5 pro has been designed to look refined and minimalistic catching out. An eye. Lenovo has done a great job with its new series of legion laptops before we get into the detail of its display, make sure to drop a like and subscribe to our channel with a display of 16 by 10 inches, which is more significant than your regular laptops. At 15.5 inches due to the design, it creates an illusion of a compact and minimalist laptop. However, it will give you slightly more vertical space. As mentioned earlier, the display has a resolution of 2560 by 1600, which is quad hp, an ips panel, a technology for liquid crystal display, mainly to solve the limitation of twisted manic field effect matrix that displays to run at 165 hertz with a three millisecond response time. It has support for nvidia g sync and amd freezing with an outstanding color accuracy at 100 percent srgb, as well as dolby vision. Support with a display of 16 by 10 2560 by 1600 is so much better as we go into 4k display it’ll push our gpu with so much more pixels. That will in turn, give worse performance and deterioration of battery life as the tighter our pixel matrix goes. The more complex the backlight has to work, moreover, 1080p is just outnumbered nowadays, it’s, just not enough.

No you for the gamers. The legion 5 pro model seems to be inspired by a sports car hood with the ports and vents behind the laptop screen appearing to mimic exhaust pipes. Qhd resolution has been the best thing that happened for this laptop at consumer electronics show otherwise known as ces 2021. As nvidia announced the debut of rtx 3000 series, graphic chips for laptops, especially for 15.5 inch and 17.3 inch displays with qhd, offers the best resolution over full hd. However, window scaling becomes a real issue. As many win32 programs don’t support high display resolutions, a qhd display becomes a much better option for gpus or graphic processing units, as it becomes a perfect middle ground between 4k and full hd. Since the needed hardware is less expensive than 4k, the image is twice sharper with full hd, since the display will run at hertz. The quad hd gaming on this laptop has been an outstanding experience, especially for gamers who’ve, been wanting qhd added to their laptops. Since do you reach this far, we urge you to watch until the end before moving further. Please subscribe to this channel and, like the video specifications, the legion 5 pro will give you an amd ryzen, 7 5800h processor, with 16 gigabytes of ram, which will be running at 3. 200 megahertz increasing the laptop’s capability for drawing 140 watts of power with the nvidia geforce rtx 3070 gpu, and a one terabyte pcie ssd other than lenovo has added three power profiles in this legion 5 pro which will be easily toggled by pressing the combination of function Plus q key all the three profiles are color coded in accordance to the color coding of the profiles.

The power button will shine simultaneously on the currently selected profiles. The three profiles and the color codes are white for standard blue for quiet and red for performance on performance. Legion 5 pro has successfully been able to beat rog flow x13, which was the most efficient ultra portable on the market. Rog flow x13 got 4441 at 3.45. Gigahertz on the multi thread and a 568 at 3.7 gigahertz on a single thread, whereas legion 5 pro registered 4903 at 3.8, gigahertz on the multi thread and a score of 542 at 4.2 gigahertz on a single thread. After this, when legion 5 pro was compared to a desktop with amd ryzen, 9 ’00 xt, the legion score was 485 at 4.05 gigahertz on single thread, which was much ahead of the desktop score. Talking about gaming laptop it’s imperative that we talk through games on legion 5, pro counter strike global offensive can run at 238 fps and the shadow of the tomb raider can run on the highest setting at 90 fps. All this was due to the rtx 3070 gpu, which enables a great frame rate for running metro exodus at 63, fps and shadow of the tomb raider at about 60 fps. In conclusion, due to the nvidia rtx 3070 gpu, the legion 5 pro will give gamers running stable at 60 fps after dropping the settings to medium or keeping it at high while playing it becomes an issue if the temperature of your laptop rises, but with legion 5.

Pro the temperatures are better compared to creative works on performance mode. The temperature of the cpu consolidates at a range of 90 degrees celsius, which is customarily considered hot, but for gaming it is a reasonable temperature with the gpu setting at around a range of 80 degrees celsius. Interestingly, even though the laptop did heat to an extent previously stated, the heat did not affect the keyboard keys, the keys were cool on touch and the heat could barely be felt. Something unexpected, however, we’re not sure about the same, since the keys were cooler than our expectation or the laptop’s design outnumbers the heat we do have a catch to it too much usage of the laptop’s performance mode will cause the temperature to heat up at 100 degrees Celsius, legion 5 pro provides you with a detachable webcam as an e shutter for its 720p webcam. This nifty feature sounds cool and eye catching, but it’s, not all the laptop has plenty of parts, but at the back of it, making cable management more effortless legion 5. Pro gives you a sound system of fantastic quality with nahimic audio and 2x2w harman speakers, while editing on the davinci resolve 16, the laptop in its performance mode, provided a video of 10 minutes with 1080p resolution in 6 minutes and 42 seconds. However, a 15 minute video with 4k resolution took 16 minutes and 38 seconds when this was compared to a desktop with an amd ryzen. 9 ’00 xt.

Both the type of videos took 4 minutes 55 seconds and 11 minutes 23 seconds respectively. The legion 5 pro’s rendering time was a little slower than a desktop. However, the performance seems, interestingly, not far behind that’s, due to its processor and gpu. However, the laptop’s processor did allow the power throttle or thermal throttle, the entire time as the temperature rose it kept. Drawing power at 65 watts maintaining 4 gigahertz the legion 5 pro standard mode is not far from the performance mode. It can render a 10 minute 1080p video in 7 minutes 3 seconds and a 15 minute 4k resolution, video in 17 minutes 38 seconds, leaving a difference of around a minute. Moreover, the cpu drew power at 50 watts. With that experiment, we suggest that the standard mode is much better than any other laptops. However, the performance mode is not ideal doing creative tasks, apart from the performance mode being not satisfactory. The exterior design with the track pad was placed a little too left, making a disturbance for palm rest, while using wasd cluster. We do see scope for improvements on the thermal throttle and performance mode working on the creativity activity as the power conductivity does not serve the well being of the laptop we’re. A little disappointed with the battery life of the laptop, which is just a four cell battery lenovo, could have added a larger battery for this one according to its usage capacity for being a gaming laptop overall, this laptop is impressive and has almost all the features which A gamer would ideally want in his or her laptops, as mentioned earlier legion 5 pro.

Has it all it’s, an entire package that a solid gaming laptop would offer keeping aside minor developments. We feel this laptop is a fantastic deal considering it comes with an rtx 3070 for such an affordable price. With that we have come to the end of this video. Thank you for watching. If you liked the video give it a thumbs up and subscribe to, our channel don’t forget to turn the notification bell red to not miss out on any tech content.