Earlier today i received this new laptop it’s, a lenovo legion 5, pro 2021 edition with the gpu nvidia rtx 3070 nmd processor, 58, 5800 h, 16, gigs of ram 8 gigs of video ram 16 inches screen. Well, let’s let’s open it up. Really looking forward to these, so let’s get going; okay, all right! So what do we have here? This adapter? Oh big, brick, let’s, see: okay, fancy stickers, mini stickers, laptops let’s, see oh wow, that’s, nice, okay, yes, okay, great nice feel from keyboard; okay, okay! It goes back this match, won’t force it of course, let’s see how much in place. If we manage this tiny little scale, just 5 grams, chive, 2.6 kilos massive brick ways this top okay, one point: one kilo it’s quite heavy and massive seriously: watches 300 watts that’s. What you need to power this laptop, i guess. Okay, everything will turn on without power, of course. So before i look it up, let’s look at the ports, so i think it’s a headphone, usb c standard usb. I think this is the camera. Is shutter we’re gon na shut down the camera from hardware? With this we have vents on the sides, vents on the back. It’S really nice feel okay, then loads of parts in the back which you really like use, sometimes during the way on the side, especially on the right side for me, land, so network cable. This is another usbc which i believe is also works for power delivery and display some standard, usb ports and the hdmi, and then the power cable.

Then you can, alternatively, use also the usbc for power delivery, but it’s more limited than the uh, the native uh charger. So you might not be able to use the video card at full, full speed using this, but it’s good on the go in case. You don’t have an adapter handy so also or if you want to bring it to a different room where you have a usbc adapter like uh, with some other laptops, among which the macbook pro, for instance, let’s connect it to the power okay. Well, in the next couple of days, i’ve tried to run some benchmarks: uh i’ve been uh watching uh videos uh the last few weeks. Looking for more information, this laptop hi there, i’m cortana and i’m here to help okay, a little sign in here – a touch of wi fi there and we’ll have your pc ready for sure. Sorry, no offense let’s do this! Nice very nice cover um, and i was really looking forward to to see more gaming benchmarks, especially some synthetic benchmarks as well. So i’ll do that. You know, for others like me, might be interested and uh yeah. You know by the way i’m based in ireland, so i ordered these uh a couple of weeks ago. I know it said uh, you know it appeared. It was available just for a few days. I ordered it quickly and uh. It came in much earlier than i expected, except it said four to five weeks, but it came in in two and a half weeks.

I believe yeah something like that. Probably less.