In this guide Ill. Show you how to upgrade everything in the L340, including the memory, WiFi card, SSD and hard drive, and see what sort of performance differences these upgrades will make.. My L340 comes with an Intel, i5 9300H processor and Nvidia GTX 1650 graphics.. Unfortunately, neither of these components can be upgraded, so you have to buy it with the CPU and GPU that you need originally. Pretty much. Everything else can be upgraded. Though. First lets open it. Up., This is done by simply removing 11 Phillips head screws and then prying around the edges. I've got pry tools from iFixit, but you can use a guitar pick or corner of a credit card in a pinch.. The L340 has a single memory slot and I bought mine with 8gb.. This is a disadvantage, as it means the laptop will not run in dual channel, which gives a performance boost in games. However, we can still increase to say 16gb, which will be beneficial if youre, hitting the limits of 8gb. To remove the old memory. Stick first take off the metal cover. If there is one, then simply pull out the two tabs on the sides and remove the stick. Installation is easy. The stick can only install one way so insert it on a slight angle and push it in until the side clips click in to hold it in place.. Both my old and new stick ran at DDR4, 2400, CL17. So no difference in speeds here, just size.

. The WiFi card that Ive got installed supports up to WiFi, 5 or 802.11ac.. I bought a newer WiFi 6 card for less than 20, so a cheap upgrade for faster network connectivity. Assuming your wireless access point supports it., Not an issue. If it doesnt, though, it will just run at a lower speed, if required. Note that the cables to the WiFi card are coloured differently, these need to be taken off and installed back in the same order., Simply pull off the cables unscrew, the single screw holding the Card in and pull out the WiFi card. Now reverse the process with the new WiFi card. Stick it in the slot with the antenna bits facing up screw it in place and put the cables back in the same position. Next up. Well, look at installing a 2.5 drive. This can be either a hard drive or a faster SSD which ever you like.. Unfortunately, if you buy the L340 from Lenovo, they do not include the mounting hardware or cable to connect the drive to the motherboard in the box.. After contacting Lenovo about this, they quoted me over 200 AUD to get the required parts, so about 130 USD which is more than the price it would have been if I just bought the laptop with an extra drive. If you havent bought yet it may be worth Buying it with the drive just so you dont have to go through this process.. With that said, I was able to buy the drive mounting kit and cable from ebay for about 23 USD.

To install it. You first need to uninstall the M.2 storage drive as its in the way.. The process is similar to the WiFi card, take out the single screw and pull it out.. Underneath the M.2 SSD there is the port on the motherboard to connect the SATA cable that I got with the drive mounting kit. Theres. A little black tab on it, which needs to be pulled up, then place the cable inside with pins facing down and push the black tab down to secure the cable in place. From here, you need to screw the drive into the caddy screw that into the laptop And connect the cable that we just attached to the motherboard to the drive.. This cable carries both SATA and power, so nothing else is needed.. My cable was a little long, so I had to fold it underneath the drive, which should be fine, just dont full on right angle, bend it. For the actual drive Im using a 1TB, Samsung 850 Evo SSD, but you can use whatever you like. At this point. You can reinstall the original M.2 SSD drive if youre, not upgrading, that. Mine was just a small 256gb SSD, so Ive instead chosen to take the opportunity to upgrade it to the MP33 from Teamgroup a 1TB M.2 NVMe drive, which is not only 4 times larger than The original drive, but also substantially faster in both read and write speeds., My smaller M.2 drive, is so small that it has this metal bracket to make it longer.

So it can be screwed in place that wasnt needed with my new one as it was the normal size. Note that if youre installing a new SSD and replacing the original drive, youll either need to download and reinstall Windows or otherwise migrate. It from the old drive to the new drive with a secondary system.. I just went with a fresh installation Windows update, will take care of installing most of our drivers and you can download the Lenovo Vantage software from Lenovo directly, which will apply any other needed updates. Such as BIOS. At this point, weve upgraded everything possible the WiFi, RAM and storage space, so just put the bottom panel back on and screw it in or leave the screws out until you boot up and confirm everything is working that way if theres an issue its Easier to get back inside to double check everything or swap components back if needed, to troubleshoot. Ive already shown the performance difference. The new drives made now lets see if the extra memory actually helped improve gaming performance at all in a few games. Were not expecting an FPS increase as a result of improved storage. It might help load assets in faster though, but for the most part, this is to see if going from 8gb to 16gb made a difference. Shadow of the Tomb Raider was tested with the games built in benchmark tool. Ive got the upgraded machine shown by the red Bars and the stock machine before upgrading in the purple bars.

Between max and medium settings, there was only a 1 FPS improvement in this game. However, at lowest there was an 8 boost. Fortnite was tested using the replay feature with the same replay file used before and after the memory upgrade. Again, the differences were minimal at higher setting levels. However, at low the upgraded L340 was 5 faster in terms of average FPS. Rainbow Six Siege was tested with the games benchmark using Vulkan. The differences were quite small here for average FPS, with a slightly bigger improvement noted to the 1 low performance. In terms of gaming performance, at least for the titles tested going from 8gb to 16gb didnt matter too much. It will, of course, vary greatly based on how much RAM a game requires to operate. Though. Ive attempted to boost performance by undervolting. The CPU Ive done this by 0.1v. Here, however, in this machine with this game, I was actually getting worse. Performance. Outside of gaming weve. Now got lots more and faster storage along with faster WiFi.. You could replace the battery if youre able to buy a new one from Lenovo or elsewhere. Im not aware of larger batteries. For this machine, though, so it would likely just be a case of swapping in a new one if the old one isnt lasting as long as it used to., We could also change the thermal paste. However, I havent done that here, as I want to keep mine stock for a possible future thermal paste comparison.

. Overall, I think the upgrades available here are pretty decent. The downsides are, of course, that the L340 is still limited to single channel memory due to only having one slot. So, even if we upgrade the total size unless youre actually limited by the total space, this is unlikely to help much.. Adding more storage will probably be more useful to most people. Unfortunately, Lenovo makes it expensive to get the drive mounting kit officially, so youll probably be better off looking elsewhere for that, if you didnt buy your L340 with a 2.5 drive., These upgrades should help get some extra life out of your machine. I hope the guide was useful.. A lot of people got the L340 after my previous review, so I thought this may be useful.. Let me know what sort of upgrades youve got planned for your laptop down in the comments and, if youre new to the channel consider getting subscribed for future laptop and tech.