This is all the Novo k3 links, it is a running, an Atom processor and it is running Windows 8, not the mobile version, but the actual Windows 8. So this little tablet, which is pretty thin and pretty light, is running Windows. 8 software and it’s been working really well. I got it specifically to run my video switcher, which has a pretty involved application that runs on the Windows and Mac, and I had a more limited one for the iPad, but now I can actually use everything that I want to use with it. Just on my little tablet here – and this has really been a great use for it so far, the battery life has been excellent, so I’ve been really impressed with that it’s been on for the last hour or so, and I still have about 85 of the battery Lap left in it, which I was surprised about so that’s been a good thing weight wise it’s, pretty lightweight. It is very thin so it’s about, I think, it’s, probably bout, the same width as an original iPad, maybe a little bit less so not very thick and pretty easy to hold and it’s great for this application. But you know, web browsing might be another story, so let’s pop open that real, quick and you can just see one of the problems I think you might have with it is that the the screen width is really wide but it’s also very narrow.

This is a 16 by 9 display, so you don’t get a lot when you’re in the horizontal orientation and when you switch it. Let me just turn off the switch lock here or is there. It is when you, when you switch it it. You know you can get a lot more on the page and but it’s a lot narrower. So you’re not you know, you’re gaining, certainly a lot more page length here, but you’re not getting a lot more. This way the display is not one of those Retina displays. So it’s not going to be as sharp as it might be on some other tablets out there, including other Windows tablets. But it is, you know you can certainly zoom in, like you would on an iPad or something or on an Android tablet and I’d be able to do that as well. So you might have to do a little bit more scrolling around this because of the the narrow width of the screen here. But beyond that it’s not too bad it’s, not very elegant and how it switches itself around. But I think we can excuse that just because, at least for me, it’s been there’s some usefulness to having a full blown Windows, installation hardware wise. It is running an Atom processor. Like I mentioned, it’s got 64 gigs of storage on board. The only problem I have with it is a lack of input, and this is why so on. The bottom here is a USB port, and this is how you charge the device, so you have a standard micro, USB cable.

It goes to a 5 volt 2 amp charging plug, which is actually what you’d see on most other tablets as well, which is great. You know, because it’s, a 2.1 amps it’s a little bit more than the standard USB. However, when you’re really taxing the device, even if it’s plugged in it will start drawing off the battery, so if you’re doing video editing or you know, photo editing or something that’s really going to draw some some processing power, you might get a warning that says: hey I’M plugged in but it’s not good enough, and I need to pull some power off the battery and I had that happen when I was doing the the big set of updates that I had to do when I bought it. So you know just keep that in mind that you want to keep it fully charged and even if your are plugged in you might have a time where it starts drawing down the battery. Because of that power issue and it’s it’s a bit of a problem, especially if you think you’re going to do more with this and just browse the web or you know, use a pretty low end or low powered application like I’m using so that’s. Something to keep in mind now, if you want to plug a USB device into this thing, that port will then have to be used for that. So this is a cable that comes with it, it’s, a micro USB to USB connector.

You just pop it in here and then you can plug in your USB device and go to town now. The problem is that once this is plugged in, you cannot charge the device at the same time. So if you want to use a hard drive, you’re, either going to have the hard drive plugged in or you’re going to have the power plugged in so that’s something to just keep in mind that you’re not going to have as much flexibility. With this thing, as you might, with a laptop that would allow you to plug in power and have USB capabilities at the same time now one thing you can do with this, and this is where the price tag begins to get added upon is you can get A keyboard dock that Lenovo makes specifically for this device that locks into these little holes right here and what that does is it will plug into the USB? Allow you to plug it into power, but also give you an another USB port or two that you can also plug devices into that USB keyboard also has a battery onboard so it’ll charge up the tablet kind of act like a battery booster as well, so that’s Kind of neat, but it adds cost. So you know this I bought for 285. I think the new one is around the 300 dollar territory. That keyboard dock is like 160 dollars extra, so you know it’s. It starts to compound a little bit and for that matter, this this thing kind of feels like half a PC, because of that because you really don’t have, if you had a few more USB ports on it and the ability to keep power on there.

This thing would have been a real winner, but it’s a little bit short of that so that’s, the USB port. On the side. Here you have volume control a speaker. The stereo speakers are on the left on the right side, so you actually get some separation of sound, which is cool. You have a scroll lock, are a rotation lock button here, so if you hit that it will lock in and lock in whatever position the screen is currently on on the top. You have a memory card slot and you can pop in a micro u.s. micro SD card on the top there. So if you wanted to add a little bit more memory without sacrificing a USB port for that, you can do that on there and on this side, the other speaker and a micro, HDMI port and a headphone jack. So that is pretty much the gamut of what you can do with it I’m. So overall, I think it’s pretty good. I think you know it would be nice for more inputoutput options. The build quality is, you know, kind of plasticy, but you know it. Doesn’T really feel cheap, so I think that’s good. The screen is decent for what it is, and you know really didn’t have a lot of expectations coming into it, and it’s it’s been pretty useful, so I’m happy with it and I’m very happy with it, because I got it for you know again the very specific Use – and you might want to think about that when you start looking at some of these Windows – 8 tablets.

If I get any others, I will certainly review them, but I think this one is going to going to be on this desk for quite a while.