I will be showing you the lenovo ideapad slim3 uh 14 inch, so the model exact model is 14ada05 and for the specs, so i’ll show you the specs here from the box. So at the end, specs you have the ryzen 3 amd for gig of ram 256 ssd radio, integrated graphics, 14 inch display 2 cell battery and windows 10 home single language. So here is the exact um model here here, so i’ll be showing you just a laptop. So i have my unboxing video. Previously you can watch corner unless aluminum box so basically to lay in the mania and make free luncheon. So the charger is uh but empower yeah. And then you have directly connected nasha the returner. And then you have your dc connector detail, so this is the charger. So the charger is, you can see here, so we can check and so 65 watts charger with the following uh input and output. So the laptop uh you’ll finish i’m, not sure if kita’s uh camera some uh texture and then it is a plastic pill, so glass of plastic and it’s the right side. So you have the following part: hdmi and then that long, usb type a so of course uh. They have indicator uh uh, which usb type a is this one? And then you have your charging connector dc here and the light indicator. So on the right side. So we have the 3.5 millimeter headphone jack and then card reader, so in the mirror, um right side.

So the material of these plastics is, i think, pc plus abs, top and bottom so let’s see when you open the lead laptop, it will automatically turn on. So it turned on shut down and then i’ll show you using so another feature. Uh not only know voice Music, which is here so miranda small switch. You can slide to uh make your camera uh enable, and but you know again, you have a red dot there indicating uh. The camera is black, so you have your security or privacy there. If you need especially uh if you’re in online meeting and then you need to turn off your gum immediately, so you can do this one. So this sticker here, the ryzen 3 sticker, radio and graphics sticker and some of them audio, stylist, design and so on. So both from the cover up to the bottom and between the keyboard, so they have the same texture or feel so i’ll show you now. If i leave the lead, the laptop will automatically turn on and, as you can see in the turn on cha, then it will have the little logo and then you will be already logged in so i don’t have password so that it should not be so for Typings uh keyboard, so keyboard is good enough. Music Applause, i think uh for office uh work, so this can be uh average. So you don’t feel non keyboard, keep the keys are plastic and once you type in uh, you feel narum the moment like a plastic donkey.

So madame damasha yeah, so it’s not the best keyboard pero now so you have to enter here and your box icon or key. So you feel naked yeah. So the layout is good uh, the usual layout uh standard, it doesn’t matter outside the layout and then delete, and the power button is uh separate from the keyboard itself. So this uh laptop specs for me is a already good for a typical office. Work such as word excel typing in browsing and go doing online meetings, so this will be good enough. Uh for gig of ram to, however, the ssd or the memory is on it, it’s only 256. So if you store, if you want to store plenty of files, you need to have external or you should upgrade the ssd basically, even though it has a graphics card, of course you cannot use this for heavy gaming. Casual gaming would do or anything. So this is a budget friendly laptop. It is around 20, so for the 21 000 price. So this one is already good, so budget laptop launcher and the weight is, i know it’s not that heavy it’s prolonged so oriental for this kind of 14 inch laptop in weight, yeah yeah. So you have your charger here, um still and a good way to carry it if you need to create it outside. So, by the way you have also done the logo here, which is uh like a very thin metal but i’m gon na intextunia, or, i think, it’s a very thin metal, material, yeah and then back in openisha.

You also have it inside here and this one. So i’ll try to play some music so to see you if you want to check the speaker so i’ll just connect this one then turn it let’s play some music here so connecting to internet is very uh fast or on my other job. So just please some short music here Music, so you have the specific piece for volume up volume down and then of volume. So if you want to activate the function, t press fn, so you can also uh turn off turn on your camera other than the switch here. So you also have this one. You have your so you can turn off the camera immediately using the Music specific switch here or the slide gear Music, so that’s it uh for the uh sounds, and so you have also the brightness control here. The display connect connecting to this place then disabling and enabling your touchpad. So for me, the keys used here, specific uh keys, special keys, so very useful. So if you want, if there, if you want to turn off the sounds of your laptop, you can directly do that. Just click this button. If you want to turn off your camera directly, so you can click this button and to disable the touchpad. You can click this button, brightness so very useful young, given a keys so guys, if you’re planning, to buy this one, i say as your office laptop.

So i think this is a good choice. If you have a tight budget and you’re planning to have a brand new laptop for your typical office work, so this model would do so guys uh. If this this video helped you, please click the thumbs up, and if you have comments, suggestion or question just put it in the comment section and please subscribe for my next review video. So thank you guys for watching.