You will find three things: a software setup guide or manual, a 135 watt laptop charger and the lenovo ideapad gaming, 3i laptop let’s go to the specifications and features for the dimensions. It has a lot of 359 millimeters, a weight of 249.66 millimeters, a height of 24.9 millimeters and weighs at 2.2 kilograms. The lenovo ideapad gaming 3i is an entry level mainstream gaming device. It has a minimalistic design, but still stylish and you won’t get lots of unwanted attention, which is great. The ideapad gaming 3i is redesigned of the ideapad l340 gaming laptop just upgraded some things to make it a gaming laptop. It is that the most premium gaming laptop because the body is made of plastic. It comes in two colors onyx black and chameleon blue for technical specifications. What we have here is packed with an intel core: i5 10300h with 4 cores and 8 threads, an nvidia geforce, gtx 1650 gddr6 graphics card and 8 gigs of 293 megahertz of ram. This is a 15.6 inch fhd ips screen with hertz of refresh rate laptop the side. Bezels are thin, but the bottom is thick still. It has an immersive viewing experience on the top. You will find your webcam with a privacy shutter. The webcam is not as good as what you expect for this kind of entry level gaming device for the keyboard. It has a full sized layout even for a slim laptop. The case feels great to type and gaming on, because each of the case has a curved dish that allows the fingers to sit comfortably.

It has a blue backlight for the gaming immersion or experience for the ports. On the left side. We have the power input. Rj45, port hdmi, 2.0, a usb 3.1 type, a port, usb 3.1 type c, port, Music and headphone, or mic combo port Music on the right side, there’s only one port, which is the usb 3.1 type, a port. The ideapad gaming 3i has a 45 watt or battery based on other reviews and testing. It lasts up to 6 to 8 hours using mobile mark. I was not allowed by the lenovo team to open the laptop, but based on paper. You can upgrade your ram because there are two suit dim slots available. Also, a wide variety of storage options can be configured with the two m.2 slots and ones at a 2.5 inch hard drive bay. This allows two ssds to be installed or one ssd and one 2.5 inch hard drive let’s go to the software. The lenovo vantage software is home to all your settings and customizations, which can tailor your settings to your liking. Here are the features included in the lenovo vantage software Music, foreign Music. For my gaming experience as a desktop user, i can say it’s hard to play on this laptop at first, but after a few hours of playing i get used to it. The keyboard is ideal to gaming on, even if it’s, not a mechanical keyboard. Sadly, i experience stutters while playing, which is a downer mostly.

I experience it while playing pubg, but other esports games are playable like valorant and dota 2.. Here are my final thoughts. I would still prefer a desktop pc to a laptop if i will do my gaming or editing, but if i need to do these things on the go and i’m on a tight budget, then i will commend you to buy this one it’s, not the best specifications. As you can see, but it’s right on the budget for its specifications and makes the work done a little upgrade to the ram and add an ssd, then it will work like a charm. What you pay for the laptop is the portability you can buy the lenovo ideapad gaming 3i at the suggested retail price of 46 995 pesos at your nearest legion concept, store and thinking tools. The laptop also comes with a 3 year premium warranty.