The lenovo company gives you the option to either buy this pc in a raisin amd, cpu or either uh intel core cpu. The one i have here right here is with the ryzen amd 3 cpu so before we start just want to mention that nobody has sponsored this video – and i have purchased this item with my own funds. So here we have the lenovo ideapad flex, 5, a 2 in 1, pc and i’m going to unbox it and let’s see here we have got it okay, this might be the instruction paper it’s nicely packed just for now. Yeah you see this solid, it’s beautiful. It may look like it’s made of aluminium but it’s made of plastic. Actually, the operation system on this pc is windows. 10. You have an option to buy it. I think i think this pc even exists in chromebook, but i personally haven’t used it. In fact, i haven’t used any of the chromebook computers, so i don’t know how that is uh but the i think i’m quite satisfied with using windows, computers and i think i’m gon na i’m gon na keep it that way as well. So the color in this pc is, as you can see, it’s graphite, gray, yeah. The logo you see here is the only logo we have on the pc, uh it’s, a silver colored, aluminium made lenovo logo, and at this point we have other than this. We have no logo made by lenovo on this pc.

The speed of this computer, i think, comes up to 3.70 gigahertz, so i’m, just gon na go ahead and open this yeah. You may see it haven’t started yet and we’ll remove this and, as you can see here, uh it’s the ryzen amd 3 from the basin company 4000 series, and it has 4gb of ram inside and 128 ssd memory. If you remove this the bottom side of this pc, you will see that the ssd memory that the ssd card is replaceable, and so i don’t know if, if that’s going to be a cheaper option for you, but if you want you can have it was that With a lower lower memory like 128 – as i have it here here and later – i don’t know replace it with 256 or with a 512 i don’t know, but the rom is not replaceable and the one i have in this piece is 4gb, so it’s quite important For you to to choose the right ram from the beginning, so i’m going to show you right here we have got the power button here. We have got uh ssd ship card plug here. We have got two usb type three here, one two. At the left side, i see we have got the uh, the geology plug. We have got the html plug the usb type c and and then we have got the hands free of the the music plug. One thing i like about this is that you can charge it either through the the charger plug or you even you can charge it through the usb type c plug.

If you have a charger of that type, the reason is called flex is because you can switch this computer like this. You can have it as a display, like this okay, i’m, going to face it too, like this, you can have it like this and use it as a display, or you can flex it all the way down and have it as a tablet, which the reason that I bought this is because i’m going to have it as a tablet, but now i haven’t i haven’t, set it up yet, but when you flex it back, you will get the option to to go from the pc me to a tablet. Instead, so you, you will not have it like this, you will get the option so i’m gon na switch this back, even though i’m going to use it as a tablet, but sometimes it’s nice to have it just as a pc so i’m going to flex it Back to wait to the way it was and yeah the mouse pad is, i think, it’s yeah it’s, not that rough. Actually, i like it it it do sound a little bit when i when i drag it, but i think that is that that’s not gon na be a concern because yeah that’s, not gon na disturb your concentration or anything and let’s see the palm rest. I think the palm rest is a bit rough and so told you before it’s made of plastic, and maybe that is the reason it’s a bit rough, the keyboard it’s actually impact.

I think i like the way it looks the keyboard and the i told you before. I bought this because i want to use it as a as a tablet, but the one time i’m going to use it as a as a pc. I think i’m going to love to use these keyboards so let’s see one thing i don’t like about this pc is according to the description, as you can see, i have i haven’t set it up yet, but according to the description, the keyboard is not lighted, so It talks nice, maybe you you, i don’t, know maybe on in bed, and you want to use this pc and maybe type something or anything yeah. The keyboard is not lighter, so that’s going to make it like yeah. That is the part i don’t like about this pc. I don’t care how cheap it is, and i think everyone agrees with me that, despite the cost of the cost of this pc, the keyboard should be lighted, so i think everyone wants that other than that. As you can see, the display is beautiful. The way it’s shaped. I think i love this display the camera. By the way i wasn’t able to forgot, it is placed at the top of the display, and the one thing i like about the camera or about the display in general is that you have got a privacy shutter right here at the top of the camera. So you can switch it on and off in case of safety, so the red is that you have switched it off and to the right is that you have switched it on yes, so for now, i’m going to have it off so the battery the battery on This pc, according to the description, is up to 12 hours and i think it’s a quite long time before, because if you use this pc uh as i’m going to do for it for a tablet reason or you, you want to buy a pc like on budget For school usage, i think this pc is going to be a perfect example and except the lighting on the keyboard, everything everything else about this pc is significant.

I like it especially the display the privacy shadow on there on the camera and the microphone that is phased up. I like it that we have. I have got two usb plug options. We have another usb type c here we have the hdmi, so we have. We have different options for that for the price that we pay actually and yeah. As i told you this, this piece is going to be perfect for school use it because, as i told you, it keeps up to 12 hours battery time and uh yeah. If you want to use it for school, you don’t need to have the to to bring the charger with you every day, so so that’s gon na be actually good uh. Of course, it depends on the usage if you’re on youtube, if you watch movie every day, so the battery is gon na empty faster, but but if you maybe use it for like using powerpoint school documents, uh other office packages, it’s gon na keep. You like. I think it’s gon na be you’re gon na have the battery for the whole day. I think the charger we haven’t take it out. Yes, here we have about to charge it stay here, yeah, nothing significant about this it’s uh, i see it’s. The power is 700 gigahertz on this uh other than that nothing significant, just plug it in the charger plug and start using it. The price on this pc is a 475 us dollars, and the one with the chromebook is a little bit.

Cheaper is ‘1 but, as i told you before, personally i’m, a fan of the windows pc and i personally recommend this windows pc instead of the chromebook pc, because the charm book is maybe a little bit cheaper. But then you’re going to be more satisfied using the windows instead of chromebook and, as i told you before this one with the ryzen amd3 uh, it comes, it costs only 475 dollar and you can buy this pc either on the ryzen amd cpu. As i told you before, or the intel core cpu so i’m going to leave the link for this pc, both the windows version and the schroemberg version down here in the description. So if you’re interested just click on that and yeah just check it and see. If you like it, it doesn’t matter the chromebook, the the the windows version or maybe you’re interested in another one with the higher cpu or more ssd memory. So i’m gon na leave the link down here in the description and, if you’re interested just go ahead and click on it. So right everybody that’s all for me today, as i told you, i’m gon na, have it as a tablet so i’m. Having like this one. Now so that is all for me today, thank you for watching, and i hope you enjoyed and like this video.