Basically it’s. I was searching for uh, probably a few weeks, which laptop i’m gon na buy uh. I was like on the tight budget. I had only like 600 eu euros, which is around 700 dollars, maybe more maybe less like 680 or something so. Basically, i wanted to have a ryzen 5, the latest generation of the cpu. I wanted to have good battery 14 inch display, so that is like really mobile. I can carry around and like i wanted to have a touchscreen, because this is my first laptop with a touchscreen, but i must say, i’m really impressed. So basically, i bought the lenovo flex 5. This is not going to be like review in which you are going to get like all the technical details and everything i’m, just going to say like what i think about this laptop and what is my personal experience? Basically, i am a heavy user of the laptop i’m using i don’t know: photoshop uh, sony, vegas i’m, using of course, chrome all the time i have like i don’t know, 10 20 tabs open at the same time, war document excel and everything you know, use the Standard and the thing is that sometimes i’m, just i just like to play some video games – it’s they’re, not demand games like really high end games. I have on xbox for that and the gaming pc, but like sometimes you just want to you – have one hour spare.

Just to you know, kill sometimes time and i just want to play some video games. So basically, i think that i got. I got everything in this laptop for about 600 euro, which is like crazy, so let’s start with the specification. This is lenovo flex. 5. 14. H, 2 in one laptop, so you can basically use it as a tablet and as a laptop i must say that i i think that is really good. You know us when you read something or are you watching youtube’s or something like that? You know i. I use a tablet mode a lot and the screen is 14 inch, full hd, 1080p touch. We got a amd ryzen 5 4500u cpu. This model that i have it has only 8 gigs of ram, eight gigabytes of ram and hddr4, but it’s in dual channel mode. So basically it’s like four gigabytes times: two: it has 256 gigabyte ssd. You can upgrade the ssd, but you cannot upgrade the memory. So that was my biggest concern if the 8 gigabyte it’s gon na be enough for me, but it is, you know everything is fast. Everything is working good. I have been using this laptop for a week now and probably i in a year i’m, going to change it anyway, so i think that for a year i’m, i’m good. You know eight gigs will gon na be enough, at least for me, but you can buy a 16 gig 16 gigabyte option as well.

Probably is gon na be a little bit expensive, but you know overall, eight gigs is enough and yeah. Regarding the battery. I was searching the laptop it’s gon na last at least eight hours for me, and this laptop can last eight hours so like it’s gon na last the whole through whole day without any issue, and you can charge it like during the night and in the morning You’Re going to have a laptop for the whole day, so uh when it regarding the connection you got hdmi, you got just the normal lap laptop charger hdmi usb 3.0 3.5 slot for the 40 headset touchpad is fine, nothing special, but it do like it’s it’s decent Enough, nothing special. On the other side, we have two usb 2.0 or 3.0 i’m, not sure, and we have a sd card slot and the power button and that basically it but like what do you need more like that’s, like the standard you know so yeah? Regarding the screen, the screen is really nice. I have read the review that the screen is not perfect. It’S not like yeah it’s, not perfect, but for this price it’s like really good trust me. So basically, if you have two or three years old, laptop you’re going to be amazed how this screen looks. Of course you cannot compare this screen with. I don’t know 2 000 euro laptop, but it’s it’s, fine, the only thing that it’s it’s not perfect it’s when you lower the screen like uh light, sometimes it’s, look like too dark.

You know, but you just put it on the max and it’s going to be or or 2 or like 80 percent and it’s going to be perfect. Like so, touchscreen is really responsive. Everything is working fast, so we have a cpu. Cpu is six score. Six threads and i think it’s like more than enough uh regarding the games i’m, going to make a short video of one minute me playing fortnite, but most of the games like league of legends legends cs, go old games like dirk 34. I don’t know like standard shooters are going to work like really good. You know in 1080p, you you can on even on some older game, you you can set settings to the medium. You know so, like it’s, a pretty decent machine. I i i’m usually playing games on my pc or on my xbox, but when i want to play some like short game, like fortnite, i have half half an hour for one game: i’m, just gon na use the laptop and just enjoy because, like i’m, really impressed You’Re you’re going to see the the performance since fortnight, like it’s, it’s, it’s, crazy that you can get like uh this kind of performance for six con 600 euro laptop like so uh. I think that this laptop, like is much stronger than the nintendo switch so and like the game, library is much larger, so okay that’s it. So if you are searching a laptop 40, i don’t know for around 600 euros or 650 dollars.

This is the one to go. It has everything it’s, pretty solid construct like it’s, it’s, it’s, pretty solid. You know, it’s, not it’s, not like premium but it’s decent enough it’s, only one and a half kilogram and there’s no overheating and overall, really good laptop. So now, i’m, just gon na show you of about one or two minutes. I, when i’m playing fortnite and that’s it. If you are planning to buy a laptop, buy this one i’m really impressed yeah. The thing is, i forgot, i uninstalled the fortnite yeah, so basically, i’m, not gon na show you a gameplay but it’s running, really fine. On 1080p, you can get from 60 to 90 fps in performance mode, which is insane, and even the texture details are on medium or high. I think so, really good performance. You can play a lot of games on this laptop and yeah that’s. It thanks for watching this was my honest opinion.