5 chromebook 13 inch screen version of it and i’m gon na do an unboxing, but i will show you the screen and a few other important details with it um. So this is the 13 inch screen it comes with um let’s see it has the setup guide, the warranty that’s in the box and the service info – and this is the box itself – comes with that, and it comes with the power cord and stuff that comes inside. Now, um power cord of course, has the way they do it is they have a usb type c uh power connection that’s great this device right here. It is right here it feels really solid uh. I hold it by the side i’m going like this and it’s around three pounds or so, but it’s not uh, flimsy at all uh. This cost me ‘0 on amazon, um let’s see it is the. It is a chromebook just to make sure that is cleared, which uh you probably know that uh it has the intel um core i3 chip. They do make one with an intel, celeron chip. I would recommend this one because it’s faster can better processing power. So why not go to better it’s an extra let’s see uh. I think it was 379 dollars for the intel celeron. So why not an extra 11 bucks get this one um. I did a good amount of research on chromebooks because i have a macbook air that’s about six years old and it has a solid state drive in it, but it’s starting to it’s getting to the end of its life.

Um let’s take a look at this though uh. The nova here has a usb type c there’s one of these on each end, i’ll show you the other end in a moment. Has that as a usb, so usb type c usb standard usb, then it has. If you want to plug headphones in, you plug them in here, and this is the important thing this comes with 64 gigs of ram i’m. Sorry i said that i keep saying that uh 64 gig of memory in here so for basically their hard drive, hard drive, but it’s a solid state drive um. So right here this is a micro sd slot and i plan on buying a either 128 gig or a 256 gig um micro sd card to put in here and just leave it in there. That way – and i have plenty of storage because i might want to use it offline – where i use videos or documents we’re, not wearing documents, just um, um, word, processing or anything like that – just storage pitches, whatever you want um, so so much of an operating system. Again, it’s a chromebook i’m not familiar with chromebooks i’m used to the app products and microsoft products, so let’s, look at the other side, though so the other side has also has a usb type c right here it has the volume up up and down. It has a power button and this is the locking mechanism. This is just so, you put a little lock on there and then wrap it around a desk or something if you’re in a library or whatever it does you’ll notice there’s holes in the back and the bottom.

It has a fan in it. The fan is it’s a when it does kick on uh. I can hear it a little bit, but not much it’s, very quiet, so that’s great this book. The reason i chose this and i looked at a lot of them for any chromebook under 500 bucks. A lot of times, they’re kind of cheap there’s, always something that i keep reading, reviews about that people don’t like um and anything over 500 bucks, you’re talking, seven eight hundred dollars and you get a real quality one. This one they built – and i think it really is more in the the six seven eight hundred dollar quality um, but for less lenovo did a really good job. With this one um, so anyways one thing to chromebooks here’s one thing: i’ve learned, i saw one that was real cheap, that i said. Oh, this looks pretty good and i wonder why it’s so cheap. It was like 200 something dollars and there was a catch to it. Um they will upgrade they’ll. Give software upgrades gon na go through more of this too. I got ta. Do the screen size, because that was another thing. I got ta measure, okay, so right now, let me show you this. Has i pulled it up? I left it on the screen. This is the screen. Screen’S real nice it’s, a shiny screen. This is a touch screen also, so i can move everything up and type.

I don’t use touch screens because i like getting fingerprints all over it. I get an ipad for that um, but it has that but anyways this will do. Software updates and security updates it’s the benefit of having a chromebook um automatically for you, and it will do that up until 2028.. So you have to check that to make sure the bargain that i was going to buy before this. When i first said, i’ll just grab a chromebook for 200, something dollars, and i said wow. This is a real nice one. Well, i would have only gotten a few years out of it, because it’s updated update, uh, i can’t pronounce it the software updating and security updating would have stopped and there’s a reason why they do that it’s kind of, like my my um, my macbook air it’s Kind of on it last like six years until its last leg, and i don’t wan na – spend a thousand bucks for another one for what i do with it mainly i’m on the web, most of the time um. I do most of my stuff that way and i don’t do any heavy um anything heavy. You know i don’t do any design work or anything like that or any major photo work. Obviously, my youtube channel is pretty basic, so um. This works fine for that um. It does multi task easy and stuff too. I don’t have anything slowing down that, in fact, it’s for you know, browsing around it’s, real, quick, quick, quick, um, so anyways you got to check the date on here.

You go into the settings and then you have to go down to well. You’Ll figure it out, but you have to go in here and just make sure you check, it will say um so it’s a update schedule and that’s the real important thing. It says this device will get automatic software and security updates until june 2028. So that’s a long time for this one um, the one i will tell you. I was looking at an hp and the only reason i didn’t get that one is because the screen didn’t look good from an angle looking at it from an angle wasn’t that good. So this one um it has a really nice screen. Excellent screen actually it’s better than my macbook air, and it looks good in an angle but that one, the hp that i was looking at the expiration date on that one for the software, where they won’t update it anymore, is 2026.. So got a little more life out of this one. This does have speakers on either side here and here the speakers are just okay, they’re, not as good as my macbook here um but they’re good. They do the job, so um screen’s great it’s, a touch screen. Um track pad track pads good it’s, a little bit different it’s, not quite as smooth little more well it’s, pretty smooth, but not as smooth as my macbook air that’s, like it’s, like a very smooth plasticky thing or glass or whatever.

It is very comfortable to type with it’s the same size keyboard as my macbook air, the screen itself. The screen is, i have a measurement here. I measure a screen by when they tell me it’s a 13 inch. It better be 13 inch, not from this end. To this end, you know i don’t care about the outside. I care about the actual viewing screen itself, so i go here to here and it’s, just over it’s almost 13 and a quarter which is interestingly enough. My macbook, which is a 15 inch screen, which is you, measure the very edge to edge you’re, not the view it’s, not the viewing part of it. So my it’s the same size as my macbook is my macbook air isn’t, a 15 inch screen. You know viewing screen the actual viewing part of it is the same size as this, so that was another um positive thing. Let’S look at some other things. Just gon na do um i’m gon na power off just to i’m, not going over the features or anything on this whoops i’m hitting the volume button power it off um. This is more of an unboxing, so this is what this can do. Also, if you want to use it and again it’s a touch screen, so you can now you can use it like a tablet. This is how it folds up that’s what it looks like. I don’t really i’m, not a big fan of this type, but a lot of people might be holding it.

I can feel the keyboards in the back, oh the keyboard and this thing’s excellent, though by the way um. So i don’t really like that part of it there, but i mean some people. Might i mean? I guess if you use it as a tablet, and you want to use something as a tablet right, it’s great there – you go um, but i like it just using it. This is another device like doing that. I don’t like getting fingerprints on here. I’Ve got an ipad. I can use that for so um anyways here it is so another cool feature tool i want to bring up is the camera on my all my computers. I have i’ve done this for like 10 years um anytime, i have a camera put on it. I put a piece of tape over it, not that anyone’s looking at me anyways, but people can view um there’s been reports. I’Ve read about that people have hacked into computers and actually can hack into the camera part. So the cool thing about this is there’s a little mechanical device here, it’s, not it’s, not through software, so which is, i think, that’s actually a good thing. There’S, a red dot there, which means it’s closed and the mechanical thing here. You just slide it over and now it’s open it’s. It is tough to it’s a little level right here, it’s tough to see but it’s actually um. You have to use your fingernail to close well there.

It is it closed. Actually it does it pretty easy. I just don’t realize there is open close, so the red dots there is red dot dot there. It is there so that’s, pretty good. You don’t have to worry about software or anything with that. I mean i’m sure the software will work fine too, but um. I just like the mechanical thing there. That way, i look at the red dot. I know it’s closed. It slid across so anyways paranoid. I don’t know but that’s about all. There is to this one: oh, the uh processor. I brought this up on so this is an intel core. I3. I would get that instead of the cellular only because you’re gon na get a little more power out of this thing, it’ll be able to do a little bit more. It won’t slow down um, so i have usually i’ll have about six or seven um um. Browser pages open, so that’s, not gon na slow. You down with this uh with this chip in here so so far um my overall impressions are excellent. I’Ve been using it for about a week. I really like it i’m hoping it will take the place of my macbook air. I didn’t want to spend another thousand dollars on that for everything that i do. I could do on this, and this is quicker. The browser is, is quicker. It browses through thing i don’t, know it’s. I guess the operating system is just really quick so for what i use it for it’s working fine.

But if you’re going to use again, you got to figure out what you’re going to use um the computer for so people use it for different things. If you’re going to use heavy gaming things like that, forget it don’t get this um, but if you’re gon na just if you’re doing it does do like games and stuff you download, apps and stuff like that doing, you know general word processing. You know general stuff basic stuff, you use a computer, for this is great this. This, i think, will work out great uh keyboard i’m, really impressed with so even feels good. It feels solid too. They said you can sit, and i can you don’t see anything flexing around or anything like that when i pick it up, so it doesn’t feel flimsy at all so um anyways that’s, it that’s the uh again lenovo chromebook um. This is the uh. I call it just the flex five, but it’s the ideapad flex, 5 chromebook 13 inch screen version. I think they have a 15 inch screen version, but this is fine for me. It works me. So thank you for watching.