3 let’s, go Applause, Music Applause and then know about it’s, a windows. 10S mode, okay, so later we’re going to talk about the s mode windows, s mode, okay. So here it is so i got this color blue, abby’s, blue, okay, yeah. Indeed, in this area, you can see the um it’s a charger, one usb and hdmi microphone and this area in a month, another usb sd card and the power button. Okay, so let’s try to open this one Music, one thing about this laptop Music. Before i tell you, the specification of this laptop i’m going to show you first, how versatile is so. This is just the normal normal laptop, but this laptop is bendable right. Just like this, you can use this as normal pad Music, normal ipad or Music. So anyway, the specification of this laptop is cpu is intel and 4020 1.1 ghz 4gb ram storage is 64 gb gpu integrated display is 11.6 hd. Battery is 3 cell. The operating system is windows 10 home in s mode. Okay, we are going to talk about that s mode later. Okay, so model is model. Name is a2 b2 color abby’s blue idea, pad flex 311 outlook and onedrive sofrina complete nato. Once you bought this marination microsoft already so that’s the that’s one of the good thing about this laptop okay, but on the other hand, marina home, um Music, and that is its own uh operating system, which is windows 10 home in s mode s mode s mode.

So windows, 10 in s mode windows, 10 in s mode, is a version of windows 10 that it is streamlined for security and performance. While providing a familiar windows experience to increase security, it allows only apps from the microsoft store and requires microsoft edge for safe browsing. Okay, so this laptop is supported by the microsoft only. It is only allow you to download any of the application from the microsoft store, which is, and that is disappointing, because the reason why we bought this laptop is for our son’s online class and to her that india operating major download that i couldn’t download zoom, makes Me really disappointed. I was like: how are we going to use this laptop, so i tried to search it online. What can i do about it? Okay, so i found out that you can get out of the s mode to a normal windows – 10 home instead of staying on an s mode, not paying the commission downloading application. That is, we need. We chose to get out of the s mode so that this laptop will be useful, because if we cannot download zoom, what are the use of this laptop then again useless for nothing. Of course not. But you must be careful. You should protect your laptop hundred percent from the viruses or any bugs. Once you get out of the s mode, you cannot go back nick and i’m. A gigging lifetime support me microsoft. The good thing about s mode is, it is secured and saved for browsing.

It has its only browser, actually microsoft, edge, ulam, and then it has its own store. My application on its own store, microsoft store now it download so ebooks. It is just limited, limited applications we cannot download. We are not allowed to download any of the google app, such as youtube, chrome, zoom or anything else. That is, google app. So you know, because i didn’t know that this laptop is in s mode. So i have to choose whether to stay on s mode or to get out of s mode me and my husband decided to just get out of the s mode. Download the app download the zoom, app or google play chrome any browser that we want and then just let this laptop uh protected by the antivirus. So if you’re going to ask me if this is um a good laptop yes, this is a good laptop. This is a very on the go, laptop lightweight, laptop and very fast browsing laptop. So magandasha, congratulations! You’Re, going to use it like it’s, a youtube mo or channel mo. I can recommend you this one and especially marina mission sd card. If the 64 gb is not enough for you, you can buy more sd card right and because this is only for our son’s online classes. So 64gb is enough for us, so i don’t think we are going to use this sd card, but we’ll never know so. You know this is very um, a good choice.

For me this is a very affordable and, at the same time, good quality, lenovo, ideapad, flex, 3, Music, Music, that’s it for today guys. I hope you liked this video and my nation until i made a share of saying something: important Music.