I hope this video will button will be able to enlighten you to be able to know what to do if you’re trying to get a chromebook, or maybe you get this specific chromebook and you want to know more about it. I think you click the right video. So let’s get right into the video right now, Music. So hey guys, how are you doing what’s up what’s popping? My name is esdema, as i said. So. This is the lenovo chromebook dlc lenovo is a very good company. They make different good products and um yeah. The recent product we just launched, i think, even today, is um a gaming phone which is really really good. I’Ve watched everything i live streamed it on my channel. I hope you guys were able to watch that and it’s a really nice smartphone lenovo company. They are good and i didn’t know they were making smartphone until recently like even today, i didn’t know they were actually into smartphones because fine, i know they were into smartphone but flagship smartphones. I think they are just starting that. So this is the lenovo chromebook, which is the best budget scrolling book ever because it’s actually a tab, but due to the fact that you can use this makes it a laptop kind of like a chromebook which is really nice and really good. So we’re going to talk about five things, because i want to rush my time. I just have eight minutes so talking about the screen.

The screen is: okay, perfect, good, not super crisp, because it’s just another single panel, yeah it’s, really really really dope. The screen is really really dull and it is not bright, especially when you’re in the sunny environment like taking this out, you might not be able to see it even from this lightning said. I guess it would be even difficult for you guys to see because of his dad, though he’s not really bright. I think it’s just 400 net, so um fine for the price range. There are many factors which i will keep hiding, that is, for the price range because for them to include this and some other features to the chromebook, i really love it. Talking about the camera. The camera is not best out there it’s, just the new drinks type of camera, because it’s a 8 megapixel camera at the back and um the web. The webcam is like a 3 megapixel camera, which um is not super creeps, and the thing i hate about it is that um there are some features that are there, that it claims to be doing, but it’s not been talking about some portraits. He said it could shoot perfect portrait, but i tried it not just for people to take portraits even portrait boats with the front and the back camera, but none of them was working because portrait should be able to blow out the background and sharpen out my face. But it couldn’t, so i think it’s just a feature which is just written there for glim’s sake.

Maybe they missed a clicker today or something another good features you might like again is that android 11 is going to come to this chromebook. I said it’s in the news which i do every morning so watch out for android 111, so that it’s gon na give your um um your chromebook, much more versatility when using android apps on some other android stuff. With your chromebook talking about um the charging speed. It’S not that fast it takes an hour and 30 minutes to get fully charged. I tested it from zero to 100, so you take you like an hour it’s, a 10 watt super fast charger, which is okay and um. It charges well and even charges other devices, because it’s type c and the only part which is at this body of this tab is actually the type c charger which is right here so there’s, no other parts which you can plug anything. This is not really heavy. Like when you just add this that’s, what makes it heavy it’s just really light and um yeah, i guess it’s perfect it’s, okay, it runs mediatek processor, which makes games and some other things fine. It has a good gpu. That is what i think that is: compensating that’s poor gm cpu that is inside it runs games, super quick and well. The only thing i don’t like is that um. I think some updates from call of duty, which i play is not supported on this.

So, unfortunately, i can download call of duty on play, store so i’m not able to play as much call of duty, as i really want, which is another bad features which i don’t really like about this, because i thought i’d be able to at least play call Of duty and don’t be mixed. Don’T get your feelings mixed, that this is a windows laptop because you might see it’s written laptop because there’s a difference between a chromebook, laptop and also a windows. Laptop and i’ll be doing comparison between this and an apple ipad. So get ready to see that video and all you have to do is to subscribe like and share this video. The last thing, i will say is the build quality. It is fantastic. I love this blue accent with this iron gray, which makes it solid and looks really concrete. I love the battery life. It lasts me two days if i’m, not using it every day and if i use it heavily throughout the day, i don’t have any problem even to the next morning. I’Ll get around 11 still left in this bad boy like i’ve charged this since yesterday morning, and actually it is still at um, 30th percent number one. I don’t really have any much future to use, which is because most of the things i do, i did mainly on my device on my phone on my smartphone and my laptop so it’s, just like a good, essential stuff for me, um yeah.

I guess this will be able to enlighten you into what you want to know about the screenbook. If you have anything more to say – or you want to hear more about this group, all you have to do is to drop it in the comments section below, and i really appreciate to read your comments. Thank you guys for watching, and if you want to see the unboxing video, you can click right up here or you can see it in the description below. If i forget to put it, thank you guys for watching. I love you guys stay tuned and stay subscribed for more about this and i’ll catch.