The Lenovo Idea. Patio at Chromebook is easily one of the biggest surprises of 2020 by far at least when it comes to the two in one laptop Market. This tablet laptop hybrid packs, a lot into its tiny frame, functionality, portability and Longevity. So, while its not without its flaws, none of its shortcomings can take away from the value youre getting. This is one of the best Chromebooks weve ever used. If youre a Chromebook skeptic the Lenovo IdeaPad duet, Chromebook just might be the device that wins you over. The Lenovo ideapaduate Chromebook is one of the two in one laptop hybrid, to hit the market in 2020, but where others lack software support or sacrifice portability by loading up on more heavy duty Hardware, the duet manages to strike the perfect balance between functionality, poor ability, longevity And perhaps most importantly, affordability, taking a utility of Googles, Chrome, OS and packing it into a 10 inch keyboard enabled tablet. The duet is absolutely one of the best two in one laptops weve ever seen for its price theres, even a case to be made that its one of the best Chromebooks of the Year, while Chromebooks on average, get about 10 hours of life on a fully charged Battery the Lenovo duet lasted nearly an entire day of looped HD video and not the nine to five workday, plus a commute that people usually mean when they say their battery lasts. All day were talking about an actual, fully rotate the entire freaking planet.

On its axis kind of day, we tried to kill it. We really did. We were really really exhausted by the end, so when the battery finally gave up the last of its charge, 21 hours and 29 minutes after we begin our test, it could very well have been out of pity all that battery life gives you a greater opportunity to Take advantage of the Lenovo Duets full access to the entire Android app ecosystem. On top of all the other Google Apps built into Chrome OS. This were already put the deal well ahead of the competition, but it still has more to offer on the software were front. Chromebooks now come with a downloadable beta version of a Linux virtual machine, so you can use an actual terminal interface and all the Linux software accessible through it simply put you just dont, see this robust of an OS pack into a tablet not until now. Finally, it does all this for less than three hundred dollars as far as Chromebooks and two in one laptops go. This is the best value youre going to find in a portable device of its kind hands down its the computer that lasts decades. Netbooks promised to be, but couldnt quite become, while taking the Chromebook to its next logical stat. Nothing is perfect, however, in the Lenovo do it definitely comes out short in some important areas. The keyboard is the physical embodiment of the touchscreens compact virtual keyboard, so it definitely takes some practice to accurately use it.

Unfortunately, this will be very difficult for nearly everyone accustomed to full size keyboards and for some it might be physically impossible to effectively use the trackpad. Is also lackluster, though functional its responsiveness is noticeably lower than that of a traditional laptops, touchpad which, which are already tricky widgets to begin with, so the trackpads problems become all the more glaring. Our other major issue with the Lenovo duet is the way its magnetic kickstand cover and keyboard attached to the tablet. The two rely solely on magnets to lock them in place, so they will sometimes pull apart from each other during normal use when you least expect it. The biggest shortcomings of the Lenovo IdeaPad you had Chromebook come in its design, the magnetized kicks and cover and keyboard fell firmly secured to the tablet as we tested it, but we still found ourselves pulling the keyboard free without meaning to or pushing the entire back cover Off, while trying to extend a kickstand, these arent earth shattering failures and fixing it is as simple as slapping the cover or keyboard back on, but it happened often enough that we can see some people getting frustrated with it. On paper, the performance of the Lenovo Dia Chromebook lags behind its bigger and more expensive cousins, but nobody is out here trying to play Metro Exodus on a two in one Chromebook when it comes to General web browsing video streaming and basic productivity use, the duet does Exactly what you wanted to do without so much as a hiccup, you cant load up on Chrome tabs with Reckless abandon, but you can still have a handful going at once and not grind everything to a hull.

The Lenovo ideapaduate even manages to put out a very respectable performance when it comes to light to moderate Mobile gaming. This isnt a gaming left up by any means, but if you can play it on your phone or dedicated tablet, you can play it just as well.