One is actually news for the same new for the same price uh, Which is less than 100 bucks uh with taxes depending on your area, is 100 bucks new or used first time. I think my video Im doing the unbox review Music. This is a cord that goes into the board theres your work, 45 Watts. You guys can see that 45 Watts nothing else in the Box. It is kind of uh bulky for size. Is that a couple males here uh the iPad? One series is the name of the: we have USB your memory slots right there, power headphone jack. It looks like type c charge, regular charge, you open it up and were gon na put it Im going to turn it on, which is the power button. Is this circle you might need a charge so with that being said, take this guy. You know, I hope this guy, so we can plug it up its a Intel thats built inside 14 inch HD camera prices with privacy shutter. So you get your privacy and your camera and Rapid charge. As I said, 45 Watts. You always want to make sure you take these Plastics off. Just like that and wait Velcro go ahead and stick this guy in my dear this guy. Well, you guys can see. Lets see, I believe, its also windows, 11. foreign thats, a good background. Please remove so you also want to make sure you remove that if, if youre using the camera make sure you remove that – and obviously this is going to take a few moments to uh.

Just wait or just a moment I like the texture right here and if you look at the keyboard, nice and oop nice and steady keyboard, nice texture make sure you remove that.